“The VillaVerde: a green holiday home for smart travelers, for those seeking peace and quiet, for gourmets, for hikers, for couples, for families and everyone who likes to vacation in beautiful surroundings. Your home away from home. "
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  • 35 Rooms & Apartments
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  • From 150EUR p.P.

The picturesque mountain panorama rises behind the villa

The first attention is paid to the great wooden construction by the architect Matteo Thun

In the heart of Merano, the charming 100-year-old villa is experiencing a contemporary renaissance. With a focus on sustainability and the demands of the modern traveler, a luxurious "home away from home" is created with a lot of personality and amenities. We think the aparthotel concept is contemporary: a great breakfast, all the advantages of a wellness hotel and still the freedom to go out in the afternoon and evening and follow your own plan. Behind the modern concept is the very likeable trio consisting of Mama Heidi and the two daughters Judith and Paula, who give the house a particularly personal aura.


The Italian villa was expanded with a new wooden building by the renowned architect Matteo Thun and the interior architect Christina Biasi von Berg. The elegant wooden construction is arched around the park-like facility with the natural swimming pond, the pool and the sauna. The apartments are very spacious, so that we can have fun with our three children. Hotel life takes place in the area of ​​the historic villa. They also have the best breakfast we've had in a long time! The cappuccino tastes as Italian as we can only expect it to be. There are delicious vegan breakfast options, the pancakes are amazing and the delicious eggs can only come from the happy chickens next door, judging by the taste.


VillaVerde makes it particularly easy for us to have a great vacation. After a fantastic breakfast we spend the day in nature, hike to a mountain pasture for lunch and come back in the early afternoon - on time for coffee and cake. Then one of them storms the pool with the kids while the other sweats in the sauna and then dives into the ice-cold natural swimming pond, that's it, the pure beautiful life! In the evening we first cook for the kids in the apartment (ready-made boxes of ingredients can be ordered at reception), then we go to one of the best restaurants we have ever been able to experience: the Reichhalter 1477 or the miil.


+ Finnish sauna and then a dip in the natural swimming pond

+ Extensive breakfast and reading in the library

+ Visits to restaurants in Reichhalter 1477 and miil

+ Coffee & cake in the afternoon

+ A chat with the very personable owners Judith and Paula


We also notice the focus on sustainability in the garden: pomegranates, almonds, olives and water lilies thrive in the small garden of Eden

We walk through the rooms and each time a whole new world of style and design opens up

The breakfast is a sensation! And there are also many homemade delicacies for vegans

The natural bathing pond is located in the center of the garden and provides wonderful tranquility to doze off in the sun or to revitalize after the sauna.

The pool area, almost too nice to jump in

After the pool there is of course coffee and cake in the afternoon

For aesthetes there are so many wonderful still lifes where colors, design and shape fit together so elegantly

Where to find us


Alte Landstraße, 12, Algund, South Tyrol, Italy

Nearest Airport


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