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These two lovebirds always seem to be too cool for school but are the most warm-hearted people one can have around.

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Our 24 Hours in Nuremberg

We start our perfect 24hrs in beautiful Nuremberg with delicious fair trade coffee from Kaffe Hörna. Along with our cup to-go we each have a cinnamon bun (baked on the original Göteburg recipe) – we are never able to resist these! They also serve really good homemade cereals, cakes and vegan focaccia. Later on we have our second and more hearty breakfast in the trendy neighbourhood Gostenhof (GoHo) at the Café Mainheim. Their funny interior is a pick ‘n’ mix of various furniture. Here we gorge on one of their huge breakfast platters with traditional Nuremberg bread from the bakery Erbel. In the unlikely case that you still haven’t had enough, we’d recommend a piece of their yummy homemade cakes.

After we’re done filling up our energy reserves, we’re ready for some shopping in Nuremberg downtown. Basti likes to check out Bube und König because they simply have the best men’s wear in the city: denims, workwear, shoes and a nice selection of accessories for the modern man with style. Sophisticated and unique fashion for him and her you’ll find at our two other favourite stores Crämer und Co. and Laden 12. The first one has a large selection of denims and downstairs you will find the Newseum which can easily keep up with well-known streetwear boutiques.

Well, we actually already burned off breakfast while power shopping, which means we are ready for some tasty snacks at Café Katz. Even though this place is in the middle of the city centre, it still remains a very laid-back and comfortable atmosphere. We especially like their vintage interior and their cakes. Or if we just feel like having a shot of caffeine we head straight to Di Simo which is a classic little Italian espresso bar, right next to the river Pegnitz.

We’re tired of carrying our shopping bags around, which is why we decide to put on the new clothes immediately before we continue the cultural part of the day. Dressed in our new threads , we kind of have to visit the Neues Museum (new museum). Like the name suggests, this is a wonderful museum for contemporary art with always changing exhibitions. The architecture of the building is very impressive, too.

To watch the sunset we head to the Kaiserburg. We get there by walking all the way through the charming cobblestone streets of the Old Town, passing the Albrecht Dürer Haus (a German Renaissance artist), and up to the castle. From there you have an amazing view of the whole city as well as of beautiful Franconian Switzerland (this area is always worth a visit, especially for the local cuisine).

Afterwards we need a refreshment, which leads us to the Café Bar Wanderer where you sit down on the cobblestones, which are still warm from the sun, and order a typical local beer. By sitting there, you will always hear about the latest Nuremberg gossip, interesting stories about the city itself and about everybody’s late night plans.

But before we go hit the clubs we need a decent dinner, wherefore we go to Kokoro. By the way, Pharrel Williams loves to come here when he is in town. This place has such a nice, tasteful and modern atmosphere and very good wine. Besides that, they simply have the best sushi ever! Okay okay, we might be exaggerating a little but we’d honestly say the best sushi in all of Germany.

Near Kokoro there are several bars, taverns and clubs – you should find out  for yourself what the night holds in store for you. For us is it will definitely be either Blok Bar (Adidas all over the place) or Hinz x Kunz where you usually start early with drinks and somehow are not able to leave, so you end up dancing until dawn. We also might end up at Rosi Schulz where mostly very fine Hip Hop and R’n’B tunes are played or at Die Rakete where people are still dancing when the sun comes up the next day.

You see, there a many opportunities to have a wild and crazy night out, full of dancing and having a great time with your friends in Nuremberg!


Kaffe HörnaScheurlstraße 11, Nürnberg, Deutschland

Their fair trade coffee goes through a special roasting process which adds to the fantastic flavour. Besides, do not forget to grab a heavenly cinnamon roll for the perfect start to any day!
Café MainheimBauerngasse 18, Nürnberg, Deutschland

This is where you get the best breakfast/brunch with lots of special treats, like the locally produced bread or the wonderful selection of cakes.
Bube und KönigObstmarkt 22, Nürnberg, Deutschland

Fashionable men come here to shop for timeless classics with a twist.
Crämer und Co.Breite G. 18, Nürnberg, Deutschland

A large selection of funky street wear and denims. Go downstairs and check out the Newseum, they’ve got the hottest stuff!
Laden 12Vordere Ledergasse 12, Nürnberg, Deutschland

This shop offers many hip and laid-back brands like A Kind of Guise, Samsoe Samsoe or RPL Maison.
Café KatzHans-Sachs-Platz 8, Nürnberg, Deutschland

Lovely interior and delicious cakes.
Di SimoTrödelmarkt 5-7, Nürnberg, Deutschland

Italian flair right by the river Pegnitz. Enjoy some quality espresso here.
Neues MuseumLuitpoldstraße 5, Nürnberg, Deutschland

Make sure to visit Neues Museum which is a place showcasing contemporary and modern art and design in an exceptional space.
KaiserburgBurg 13, Nürnberg, Deutschland

Enjoy the view from here. An especially beautiful spot to watch a sunset from.
Albrecht Dürer HausAlbrecht-Dürer-Straße 39, Nürnberg, Deutschland

Albrecht Dürer was one of the most famous german Renaissance artists and this is where he lived and worked. You can go on a very interesting guided tour through the house and the workshop.
Café Bar WandererBeim Tiergärtnertor 6, Nürnberg, Deutschland

We love to sit down here for a typical Franconian beer and some chit-chat.
KokoroLuitpoldstraße 3, Nürnberg, Deutschland

Best sushi place ever, trust us! The interior is quite stylish as well.
Blok BarKönigstraße 76, Nürnberg, Deutschland

Definitely the place to be - this is where the "scene" meets up!
Hinz x KunzMarientorgraben 13, Nürnberg, Deutschland

"And we danced, and we cried and we laughed and had a really, really, really good time. Take my hand, let’s have a blast!" - Macklemore says it all.
Rosi SchulzLuitpoldstraße 13, Nürnberg, Deutschland

This is Hip hop, this is cool - put on your dancing shoes and get going!
Die RaketeVogelweiherstraße 64, Nürnberg, Deutschland

Fun, small club where the party never seems to end!
‘A good friend would probably describe us as down-to-earth with funny moments of madness.’
  • Kaffé Hörna is where we get our first cup of coffee in the morning. Most important. © Kaffé Hörna
  • Try resisting these - simply not possible! Kaffé Hörna's cinnamon buns are just too good to be true. © Kaffé Hörna
  • You like Basti’s style? Check out Bube&König!
  • Crämer & Co is where you can also find lots of stylish and fashionable clothes.
  • We love the cosy atmosphere of Kaffé Hörna! © Kaffé Hörna
  • Dance all night long at Die Rakete! © Die Rakete
  • Enjoy an exclusive shopping experience at the store Crämer & Co!
  • One of the impressively authentic remodelled rooms at the Albrecht Dürer Haus. © Helmut Mayer zur Capellen
  • This is the "Dürer Hall" inside the Albrecht Dürer Haus. © Stefan Meyer
  • Enjoy fantastic contemporary art at the Neues Museum.
  • A fun place full of variety in the entertainment it has to offer: Hinz x Kunz. © Hinz x Kunz
  • At the Albrecht Dürer Haus you get an impression of how this famous artist lived and worked. © Max Meisse
  • Gorge on the best sushi in the world (well, in Germany) at Kokoro.
  • Blok Bar is where the cool kids meet after sunset. © Blok Bar
  • Let’s get the party started at Die Rakete! © Die Rakete

Our thoughts about Nuremberg

What do you love about your destination?

The city’s diversity, its pleasant residents, all the cool venues, the warmness everybody welcomes you with and the proximity to the stunning nature surrounding Nuremberg (Franconian Switzerland, Fichtelgebirge etc.).

Which music fits best to your destination?

Janet Jackson – That’s the Way Love goes

Editors – The Racing Rats

ZZ Top – Gimme all your Lovin’

"We love the city’s diversity, its pleasant residents and all the cool venues!"
The lovely interior design at the Blok Bar. © Blok Bar
You often find inspriation in the most unexpected places, like in the Blok Bar’s restrooms. © Blok Bar
A Nuremberg landmark – the Altbrecht Dürer Haus. © Christine Dierenbach

Take a vacation into Our life

What’s your background?

Nantou: I’m half German, half Guinean but I was born and raised in Germany.

Basti: I would describe myself as a “echter Nämbercher” (this means I am true Nuremberger, born and raised).

What is the best moment of the day?

Waking up next to each other.

What inspires you?

Music, art, fashion, sports.

How would a good friend describe you?

Down-to-earth with funny moments of madness.

Your lifestyle in 5 words?

Modern, informed, open-minded, friends, family.

Which books, newspapers or magazines do you read?

Biographies, Hypebeast, The Heritage Post.

Which films blow your mind?

Peaky Blinders, Games of Thrones, Soul in the Hole, Goodfellas.

Person you’d like to sit next to in an airplane?

Somebody who has good stories to tell.

What are your favourite destinations around the globe?

Bali, Lisbon, Nice, Copenhagen.

Your life philosophy?

Be happy with what you’ve got.

Suitcase, Backpack or Weekender?

Suitcase and backpack.

Travelling is…

getting to know the world better piece by piece, food, culture, people, landscapes.

Life is…

too short!

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