How can I register to get access to curated 24 hour guides by Local Soulmates?
Register with your username and your email address OR sign up with your Facebook login.


Why did I not receive a confirmation mail from NECTAR & PULSE after registering?
Check in your spam folder, the confirmation mail may have landed there. Otherwise give it one more try or get in touch with us at: info@nectarandpulse.com


Is NECTAR & PULSE for free?
The download of the 24 hour guides will be free for a limited time until we switch to a paid service model. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know when we make the switch well ahead of time.


What are the benefits of registering at NECTAR & PULSE?
Unlimited access to all travel guides by your Local Soulmates.
The ability to print out travel guides or download them onto your mobile device.
Frequently updated travel guides by your Local Soulmates.
Regular newsletter full of goodies and surprises.
The best and most extensive hotlists for unusual destinations.


How can I download the 24 hour guides?
Tap the KML symbol to download tips onto your mobile device. For further instructions click here.
To download the printable version of a travel guide, click on the PDF symbol. Choose whether you want the file to be sent to your inbox or if you want to download it right away.


How can I become a NECTAR & PULSE Local Soulmate?
Apply with an email to: info@nectarandpulse. Tell us a little bit about yourself, your destination and why you’d like to become a Local Soulmate for NECTAR & PULSE. We cannot guarantee that all Local Soulmate applications can be considered.


The destination I am travelling to is not on the list.
We are updating our content pool constantly to provide you with new travel guides for destinations all over the world. If you have a destination in mind that we haven’t covered yet or you think is worth highlighting, let us know! 


Is there a version in another language?
We’re currently working on a German version of our NECTAR & PULSE website, coming 2017.


Where can I find NECTAR & PULSE on social media?
You can find us on Facebook (NECTAR & PULSE) and Instagram (@nectarandpulse). Follow us here to receive all the information you need to keep up-to-date with NECTAR & PULSE, your Local Soulmates, and our wealth of travel-related content.


How can I contact NECTAR & PULSE?
On social media: comment on posts and we will try to answer as fast as possible.
Via email: info@nectarandpulse.com
Via phone: +49 89 159 00 722