Stefan Hermansdorfer

  • Cookbook author
  • Beer sommelier
  • Hangover doctor

Stefan lives and breathes Munich. He is involved in many projects supporting local products and start-ups and he is always curious to try out new things, tastes and places.

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My 24 Hours in Munich

I’m having a bit of trouble choosing where to start my perfect 24hrs in Munich, because there is simply too much to recommend in this great city to fill only one day.

Let’s say it’s a sunny Saturday and you obviously don’t have to work. The first thing to do is rent a bike and head to the public bath Maria Einsiedel where you can swim in natural water. Start your day here, with a refreshing swim and an outdoor breakfast. Before entering, buy some tasty things at the local grocery store for a kick-ass breakfast, and don’t forget to take your picnic blanket with you! You’ll have an incredibly relaxing start to a promising day. If the sun starts to get too hot, have a dip in the small stream of running water and drift through the whole area of Maria Einsiedel to cool down.

Around noon, start packing up your stuff and cycle to the smallest beer garden in Munich, the nearby Schinderstadl. Have a Radler (beer with lemonade) and enjoy the cosy atmosphere provided by the tall trees that envelope the beer garden. Next to it is a small wooden bridge leading across the river Isar. The spot on the other side is well known to people who don’t like tan lines…

Now it’s time to have lunch. I’m thinking either Bavarian or Lebanese cuisine. The Asam Schlössl offers nice Bavarian food in an ancient building with awesome wall paintings (no, not graffiti). You can get one litre of ice-cold beer for only €6.66 here. I really like the traditional Bavarian atmosphere and it’s not too touristy either. If you want something totally different from the typical local food, I’d recommend Manouche. Manouche is the most popular food in Lebanon, it’s a kind of pizza with different toppings like Zataar (various herbs) and fresh vegetables. Lebanese people (and me) have it almost every day. To round off the experience perfectly have a Mokka (espresso with cardamom) afterwards. There is no comparable place in Munich, it’s quite unique. The interior, the waiters, the food and the music create such an authentic Lebanese atmosphere – I love it!

Get back on your bike and continue this perfect day by going to the Dreimühlenviertel district, my absolutely favourite district in Munich. Drive through the street Tumblingerstraße and pass by the great graffiti wall. Every day street artists show their new paintings here. But I have to disappoint you thrill-seekers a little – it’s legal to spray paint here. After taking lots of pictures for your social media feed, enter the heart of the Dreimühlenviertel via Schlachthof (meatpacking district). Pop in the Frischeparadies, a grocery store that sells fine Italian delicacies, and get a little snack to go.

As I mentioned before, the Dreimühlenviertel is the place to be. One amazing restaurant, café or bar after another. My top six are: Bavarese, a Bavarian-Italian restaurant. Yol, a Turkish place. Quattro Tavoli, a crazy (in a good way) Italian restaurant (with more than four tables) ;). Röcklplatz, fine dining in an industrial chic atmosphere. Café Tagträumer, a nice café with a cosy living room atmosphere. Make sure to have dinner in at least one of these spots! For now, get yourself a tasty scoop of ice cream at Domori. This is a really small ice cream manufactory specialised in exotic types of ice cream like the calamansi sorbet. If you haven’t heard of calamansi, it’s a mix of kumquat and tangerine with a high concentration of vitamin C – almost healthy so to say. The best place to lick your ice cream now is on the Wittelsbacher bridge while enjoying the view across the river. Munich at its best!

Now you can choose to either go left or right on the bridge (facing East). To your right you will find Türkitch, best and freshest kebab in town, to your left you’re heading to one of my favourite hairdressers called Pirate Haircut, which offer beer next to a great cut.

You’re into shopping but you want to make sure that no animals are harmed? Then Dear Goods, which sells animal- and environment-friendly fashion, is definitely for you. And this is no old-school eco fashion, but rather hip and up-to-date styles and designs.

It’s time for dinner now. In case you’re keen on exploring further check out Piccolo Principe, the Italian restaurant I like the most. Their food is awesome and the interior very warm and welcoming.

Afterwards, take a walk in the direction of Goetheplatz (away from the river), cross the junction there and look for Bar Gabanyi. This place looks quite fancy and posh – well it is – but this is where you’ll drink the best cocktails in all of Munich. Cool concerts take place here every Thursday and, trust me, the entry fee is always worth it. From Soul to Modern Jazz or Street Funk, all types of music genres are played and the shows are always great fun.

Sometimes, I also enjoy staying in the neighbourhoods near the river and just having a few beers in a very relaxed and down-to-earth atmosphere, for example at Rennsalon or Valentinstüberl. If I feel like dancing and listening to cool, underground DJs, I’d head to the tiny club/bar Zur Gruam for a night out.

If I were a visitor in Munich, I would stay at the Bold Hotel. One of its many advantages is that, during the time of Oktoberfest, it is close to the event location (I guess it’s only an advantage if you like that sort of thing though). Furthermore, there is a great bar inside the hotel and they support Munich based products and local start-up brands like “Crew Republic” or “Konterbrause” and you immediately feel like you’re staying at a friend’s place.

I hope you enjoyed my perfect 24hrs in Munich. In case you want to get more information, feel free to get in touch with me.


Maria EinsiedelZentralländstraße 28, München, Deutschland

I call it my "refreshing retreat". A great public bath with natural, running water!
SchinderstadlIsarauen 2, München, Deutschland

This is the smallest but also one of the most beautiful and intimate beer gardens in town. Right next to the river Isar and definitely off the beaten path.
Asam SchlösslMaria-Einsiedel-Straße 45, München, Deutschland

A beautiful old building which serves great Bavarian food and beer.
ManoucheValleystraße 19, München, Deutschland

Fantastic Lebanese restaurant. You have to try their delicious food!
DreimühlenviertelRoecklplatz, München, Deutschland

This is my favourite district in Munich, with its unique Italian flair and all the great places at the little piazza. You really can't go wrong with this district.
TumblingerstraßeTumblingerstraße, München, Deutschland

A wall in the city where everybody with a spray can - artist or not - can leave his or her mark. Great fun and very inspiring!
FrischeparadiesZenettistraße 10 e, München, Deutschland

Go and shop for some delicacies at this gourmet food store or have a quick bite at the bistro.
BavareseEhrengutstraße 15, München, Deutschland

An Italian restaurant with Bavarian charm. A special delight: they prepare lovely picnic baskets for you if you book them in advance!
Quattro TavoliDreimühlenstraße 10, München, Deutschland

Great Italian restaurant run with a Latin sensibility and temper.
RöcklplatzIsartalstraße 26, München, Deutschland

This restaurant has a very unique background: underprivileged teenagers can apply here for apprenticeships and are integrated into an encouraging and hardworking team. All you see in the foreground is fine dining in an industrial chic atmosphere. Great project, great restaurant!
Café TagträumerDreimühlenstraße 17, München, Deutschland

"Tagträumer" means daydreamer and daydreaming is exactly what you'll be up to at this homey retro café.
DomoriKapuzinerstraße 43, München, Deutschland

Heaven for anyone with a sweet tooth. I come here for the ice cream especially.
Wittelsbacher BrückeWittelsbacherbrücke, München, Deutschland

Stand here, enjoy your ice cream and watch the surfers (in the summer) and the beautiful river Isar.
Dear GoodsAm Glockenbach 12, München, Deutschland

Shop for cool, stylish, but above all animal- and environment-friendly fashion here.
Piccolo PrincipeKapuzinerstraße 48, München, Deutschland

Great, authentic Italian food served in a cute and cosy bistro.
Bar GabanyiBeethovenpl. 2, München, Deutschland

A fancy bar which serves great cocktails. Every Thursday night you can listen to fantastic live music!
Bold HotelLindwurmstraße 70A, München, Deutschland

Staying here feels like staying with friends. During Oktoberfest it feels like you meet the whole world just outside the door.
YolEhrengutstraße 21, München, Deutschland

A Turkish restaurant which is very friendly, always busy and serves delicious food. Perfect for an evening with a group of friends.
Café Bald NeuSommerstraße 33, München, Deutschland

Have a tasty snack and a cup of coffee at this stylish café. The atmosphere here is really friendly and familiar.
RennsalonBaldestraße 13, München, Deutschland

Sit at the bar, have a "Tegernseer" (local beer) and chat with people from the hood.
ValentinstüberlDreimühlenstraße 28, München, Deutschland

A hip, homelike bar where an authentic vintage charm prevails.
Zur GruamThalkirchner Str. 114, München, Deutschland

This place is tiny and quite an offbeat location, but has a good vibe and there are always great DJs working the turntables.
TürkitchHumboldtstraße 20, München, Deutschland

This is where you find the best kebab in town and other Turkish delicacies!
Pirate HaircutPilgersheimer Str. 2, München, Deutschland

My favourite hairdresser! Those guys are doing a great job and I love the laid-back atmosphere.
‘There are still parts of the city I haven’t discovered yet, but I’m working on it. I wonder what they’ll surprise me with next!’
  • Working on my cookbook which will be published soon. Can’t wait!
  • A favourite hangout: the natural pool Maria Einsiedel!
  • The Asam Schlössl serves great Bavarian food in a beautiful old building.
  • A typical Wiener Schnitzel is always a good idea!
  • Grab a coffee to-go at the café Bald Neu and keep exploring the city!
  • Or take your time and sit down on the colourful pillows at the café Bald Neu.
  • Check in at the Bold Hotel and enjoy nice drinks at their stylish bar! © Hotel Bold
  • Outdoor art: the graffiti wall at Tumblinger Straße.
  • © Hotel Bold
  • Dear Goods only sells animal- and environment-friendly fashion. Feels good, looks good.
  • Eat healthy and have a huge salad at the restaurant Röcklplatz.
  • © Hotel Bold
  • My favourite bar: Bar Gabanyi. Listen to live music here every Thursday.
  • I really dig the inspiring interior design at the Bold Hotel. © Hotel Bold
  • Have a refreshing "Radler" (beer with lemonade) at the Schinderstadl.
  • © Hotel Bold
  • The restaurant Röcklplatz is great for having dinner in a cool atmosphere.

My thoughts about Munich

What do you love about your destination?

Every city has its own charm and is known for special characteristics. When foreigners think about Munich, they mostly think about beer, Dirndl and “Gemütlichkeit” (cosiness). Fortunately, Munich has so much more to offer, even things and places most people from Munich still don’t know about. There are still parts of the city I haven’t discovered yet, but I’m working on it. I wonder what they’ll surprise me with next!

Which music fits best to your destination?

Bilderbuch, Wanda, Action Bronson, Schlachthof Bronx, Roosevelt, Queens of the Stone Age, Chet Faker, José González.

What‘s a "must do" in your destination?

Have a “Schmalznudel” (fried yeast biscuit) or “Rohrnudel” (oven-baked yeast biscuit) with plums at Café Schmalznudel (next to Viktualienmarkt). It’s one of the best taste experiences you will have in the whole wide world.

This is my biggest passion: food and cooking it!
Brain food! © Hotel Bold

Take a vacation into My life

What’s your background?

I’m a freelance editor, salesman, beer sommelier and I run a company together with three friends of mine. We produce lemonade that cures hangovers. I know, we do not heal diseases, but it feels good to help the people to not wake up with a headache after a hard night out.

What is the best moment of the day?

It depends… some Saturdays in summer I get up very early, leave my apartment and just enjoy the silence outside. Yeah, the morning hours are definitely the best time of the day. Also because I love to have a good breakfast. On weekends there is always an extended version and during the week I try to have breakfast twice a day.

What inspires you?

It’s a changing environment that inspires me, but also friends, family, music, nature, architecture and books. And, of course, travelling. Every trip gives me new inspiration, especially regarding food. I believe that you get to know the country and the people best by trying and dealing with the local food.

How would a good friend describe you?

They would describe me as a ‘still water, running deep’, sometimes impatient, single-minded—especially when it comes to food—and always hospitable and helpful. Not to forget, sporty and kind of creative.

Your lifestyle in 5 words?

Vespa (Italian scooter), kitchen, guitar, beer garden, everywhere.

Which books, newspapers or magazines do you read?

Marc Fischer - Jäger, Heiner Link - Fräulein Ursula, Süddeutsche newspaper and Süddeutsche Magazin,

Which films blow your mind?

Although I do not watch much, there are a few series and films which left an impression on me. Series: True Detective (I love the intro music and the mind-blowing visuals), Breaking Bad and the Argentinian film ‘Wild Tales’.

Person you’d like to sit next to in an airplane?

Josh Homme, Dan Auerbach, Lemmy Kilmister (RIP).

What are your favourite destinations around the globe?

Porto, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Berlin, Cologne, Sardinia.

Your life philosophy?

Don’t think too much about it, just do it.

Suitcase, Backpack or Weekender?


What else should we know about you?

I’m a passionate craftsman and chef and I love to eat (a lot). That’s the reason why I started to write my own cookbook. I’m looking forward to publishing it in October 2016 (hopefully).

Travelling is…

a must.

Life is…



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