Martin Penner

  • Adventurer
  • outdoorsman
  • architect

Martin and his family are all adventure seekers and natural explorers. Their favourite spots to explore are mostly outside of Munich, in the alpine upland.

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24 hours Munich

We start in the afternoon, jump into the car, and leave Munich on A95 or A96. In just a few minutes, we spot the Alps.

Our first stop is Pilsensee lake, where we have a coffee (or a Russn-Halbe plus Obazda) at Seehaus, hang out in the cozy outdoor lounge, and enjoy the great view across the lake with the fabulous mountain range backdrop. The kids play at the waterside and if we want to go for a little SUP ride, “Bavarian Waters” is just next door, with a range of boards to rent. A few minutes later we’re gently afloat on the beautiful lake, paddling to the opposite shore, and looking at the gorgeous lakeside villas and wooden boat houses, wondering which one we’d like most to call our own.

After this, we head along the shore of Ammersee lake to the village of Pähl, park the car at Sternstraße 11 (the one with a weird turtle habitat in the front garden), and look for the sign “ZUR SCHLUCHT”. We start a fascinating hike through the woods into a natural canyon with giant trees, climbing over the ones that crisscross the narrow valley. We marvel at the extraordinary scenery, following the trail along the stream, past an ancient mill house and into the canyon. We end up in an open cave, formed by a waterfall. It’s a magic spot and a great picnic place. Walk behind the waterfall if you dare! It’s a truly hidden gem.

Hiking back to the car, we get hungry and decide to head to our favourite tavern: Landgasthof Lacherdinger in Ascholding. They have a cozy beer garden and a delicious selection of alpine food with a mediterranean touch, like “vitello tonnato and rösti”. The kids quickly place their orders and run to the outdoor playground, the rabbit hutch and, most important, the outdoor pingpong table.

We could go on drinking beers and grappa and even spend the night in one of their rooms – but we decide to head to the “Bavarian sea” and start a one-hour scenic driving to Chiemsee! At the end of the road “Forellenweg” in Prien we find a secluded spot right on the shore, roll out our sleeping bags, and enjoy the quiet beneath the stars. We get up at dawn, go for a run in the neighbouring nature reserve, have an early swim, and watch the sunrise, sitting on the wooden jetty. Absolutely fantastic. A couple of locals show up, this is THE spot for a morning swim.

Now it’s time for a great breakfast! We go to Bagel & Coffee right at Gstadt harbour. They have the most delicious selection of organic food – try their grand “glowing green smoothie”. Excellent! As we hang out in the morning sun, we spot the beautiful Fraueninsel, an ancient nunnery island, and a guy renting wooden rowboats, Mister Heistracher. So we push a boat onto the lake and row.

Local fishermen sell freshly smoked trout from their wooden kiosks along the footpath around the island, a delicious savoury treat. Of course we indulge. We return from our row, sit on the shore, dip our feet into the water and watch sail boats passing by with the alpine panorama in the distance. We feel like we’ve been on a long journey, but in fact we’re on Munich’s doorstep.

We then take country roads back to the city, with enough time for a short stop in Wasserburg am Inn – a medieval place with Italian flair, sitting on a beautiful river bend. We enter the town by crossing a bridge that leads to an ancient gate in the wall. We stroll along the coloured facades and have a Datschi (cake) at Café Obermaier before heading back to Munich.


Seehaus PilsenseeAm Pilsensee 4, Seefeld, Deutschland

A laid back location on the lakeshore, with a cozy beer garden. The garden is shaded by huge oak trees, next to a campground – so you can stay for the night. Gorgeous views of the lake and you can sit on the tiny pebble beach and dip your feet into the water. Great for families!
Bavarian WatersAm Pilsensee 2, Seefeld, Deutschland

SUP Station Pilsensee is a great place to get into stand-up paddling. Pilsensee is one of the smaller lakes in the “Fünfseenland”, the water is calm and shallow near the shore. Guido and his team created an SUP test centre - a vintage caravan with a bunch of coloured flags and a selection of boards for every level. You can hire one on your own or book a coach if you want to.
Pähler SchluchtPähler Schlucht, Pähl, Deutschland

A hidden gem in the Bavarian hills between Munich and the Alps! Bring a picnic and have an adventure on a 1-hour hike into a jungle canyon with a marvelous waterfall. Kids are thrilled to spot a “magician's castle” on the hilltop and an abandoned mill house deep in the forest. The little valley with fallen trees and a nice stream is a vast playground - you can spend the whole day here and forget you're just an hour away from busy Munich.
Landgasthof LacherdingerHauptstraße 7, Dietramszell, Deutschland

A non-touristy “Wirtshaus” in my favorite rural village south of Munich. They treat you like a friend, and serve really great food. The only place where my kids order salad! Nice beer garden, safe playground, cozy “Kachelofen Stubn”.
Secret camping spot in PrienForellenweg, Prien am Chiemsee, Deutschland

Set up your camp for the night at the end of Forellenweg. You are right next to the water and can go for an early morning swim in the lake.
Bagel & Coffee ChiemseeSeeplatz 4, Gstadt am Chiemsee, Deutschland

Most delicious selection of organic and yummy food, try their "glowing green smoothie", excellent!
FraueninselFraueninsel, Chiemsee, Deutschland

An ancient nunnery island accessible by boat.
Wasserburg am InnWasserburg am Inn, Deutschland

Medieval town with Italian flair - the perfect destination for a cup of coffee before heading back to Munich.
Café ObermaierMarienpl. 21, Wasserburg am Inn, Deutschland

Delicious cakes!
PilsenseePilsensee, Seefeld, Deutschland

From Munich to Pilsensee only takes you about 45 minutes.
ChiemseeChiemsee, Traunstein, Deutschland

Also called "the Bavarian sea".
"I love adventures, escapes and nature. And at the same time, urbanity, architecture and design. And most of all: I love being in love."
Der Dantler. An absolute offbet location with excellent food.
  • The lakes around Munich are so beautiful.
  • Nature is our playground.
  • Working as an architect, Martin gets the most inspiration by spending quality time outside with the whole family.
  • Always take time to stop and breathe in the stunning atmosphere.
  • We often jump into our VW bus the night before, sleep in the car and inhale the silence of peaceful mornings.
  • We love Bavaria!
  • Being in the mountains is a very freeing feeling.

My thoughts about Munich

What do you love about your destination?

The marvellous nature of the Bavarian landscapes, all located and reachable within one hour from the city.

Catch the magic hour on a SUP.
Near the water - that is where you will always find us!
A campfire and the happy feeling when we're on our way home again.
Wooden rowboat.

Take a vacation into My life

What’s your background?

I'm 44. I studied architecture and moved to Munich with the love of my life in 1999. We started a family and made our dream come true: to run our own business in this beautiful city, with splendid lakes and magnificent mountains at our doorstep.

What is the best moment of the day?

Making plans at dawn.

What inspires you?

My wife, my kids, my business.

How would a good friend describe you?

Always on the run.

Your lifestyle in 5 words?

Urban, adventurous, global, enterprising, sampling pleasures.

Which books, newspapers or magazines do you read?

The Odyssey, Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts, DIE ZEIT, SZ, The Guardian, Bauwelt, brandeins.

Which films blow your mind?

The Bourne series, Breaking Bad.

Person you’d like to sit next to in an airplane?

Jonathan Ive.

What are your favourite destinations around the globe?

Iceland, Sardinia, Canada, Namibia, South Africa, Mexico, Mauritius, Norway, New Zealand.

Your life philosophy?

Jeder ist seines Glückes Schmied / Man forges his own destiny.

Suitcase, Backpack or Weekender?


Travelling is…

a great way to experience yourself.

Life is…

an exciting ADVENTURE.


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