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Although Christoph and Nicole were living in the same area, they needed 20 years to find each other - the love of each of their lives.

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Our 24 Hours in Munich

The perfect 24 hours for Weirdos start with a real hidden spot and of course with music: go to St. Jakobs Platz and step on the golden tiles on the ground – compose your own bell sound and dance to it. Then grab a “Kalbskassemmerl” (slice of veal meat loaf in a bun) at Metzgerei Schlagbauer. They get the fresh delivery at 8:45 in the morning – a time where there’s no tourist group to be seen anywhere in this usually quite busy area. Have them pack it for you in tin foil, head to the very nearby Church of St. Peter, climb all the way to the tower top, unwrap your bun and enjoy the wonderful view over Munich, enriching it with the tasty Kalbskas odour. 

After your morning workout and the well earned healthy breakfast, take a stroll along the still sleepy Kaufinger Straße to visit the Deutsches Jagd- und Fischereimuseum. The museum itself is quite odd and old-school but has kind of a strange charm to it with all its stuffed animals and historic hunting devices in those great white halls. Also some of the special exhibitions prove to be quite ironic and funny and you can’t miss out on the Wolpertinger – a very strange kind of Bavarian unicorn.

All that dead energy might have made you tired, so to brighten up again and embrace life – get a helium balloon! Preferably an ordinary unicorn or smurfette, at BallonCentrum. With your little buddy at hand – ideally wrapped around your hand to avoid loss – Munich is yours to take over: As you are already near it, relax a little while looking at some nice packages and other well crafted body parts of the Greek and Roman sculptures at Glyptothek.

Now you’re already in the mood, so stop by at Chouchou Voyeur and treat yourself or your partner with some hot new lingerie or bedroom toy. Roooaaaaar, you tigers and pussycats!

You must be quite hungry by now, so just walk across the street to Café Katzentempel. Socialize with your buddies (they have real cats there!), but don’t forget to get your helium toy out of the way of the cats’ claws and have a vegan lunch. In the very unlikely event of a cat- or veganism – antipathy go to Café Puck which is just next door and has mainly two-legged visitors and staff and a solid and tasty menu for reasonable prices. (By the way, Türken- and Amalienstraße offer some very nice, also non-weirdo shops that you might want to have a look at.)

For dessert grab your flying (and walking) friend(s) and get some ice cream at Der verrückte Eismacher. Tasty flavors such as Sepia, Guiness, Cheshire Cat, Pregnancy Dream, Pumpkin or Fish Sticks await you there among the usual suspects.

Happily stuffed you can continue your shopping trip at Gärtnerplatz- and Glockenbachviertel: Get there with public transport – if people look at you with your helium balloon, do a dance for them – or by rental bike. Stroll around the Gärtnerplatz area which offers nice small shops, antique stores and hip cafés, you can’t go wrong there.

After a long day on your feet give them a little rest while you watch some trashy but classic B-movies, a strange art film or indie flick at Werkstattkino or Museum Lichtspiele with its daily changing program.

Now after you got back some energy you are ready for the grande finale, starting with the Hofbräuhaus. This tip might seem a bit obvious but its just the best freak show Munich has to offer throughout the year. People of all countries come together to get wasted, in between you’ll find some old Bavarians that have an own storage space at the beer house for their beer mugs and a traditional brass band gives you the soundtrack to the evening. Just get a beer and something to eat, a nice view on the spectacle and enjoy the craziness you are about to witness OR feel free to be a part of it – but NEVER without your helium balloon!

As you are very likely to see things you’d rather want to forget it’s best to end your day with the house cocktail of Pusser’s bar…the Painkiller comes in three strengths for you to choose according to how much of your memory you want to erase. Although this bar is literally around the corner of Hofbräuhaus hardly any tourist finds it (we couldn’t imagine why).

A long Weirdo Day lies behind you, you have seen quite a lot of Munich’s hot and weird spots. Now give yourself a pad on the back, tuck in your helium buddy and finally try out whatever you bought at Chouchou’s shop today! Stay weird!


St. Jakobs PlatzSt.-Jakobs-Platz, München, Deutschland

Munich's Jewish centre in a vibrant district.
Metzgerei SchlagbauerViktualienmarkt, München, Deutschland

Fresh meat of the highest quality.
Church of St. PeterPeterskirche, Rindermarkt, München, Deutschland

Walk up the tower and enjoy the view over Munich.
Deutsches Jagd- und FischereimuseumNeuhauser Str. 2, München, Deutschland

A very traditional Bavarian museum.
BallonCentrumKarlstraße 45, München, Deutschland

Find everything a balloon lover's heart desires.
GlyptothekKonigsplatz 3, München, Deutschland

The only museum in the world exclusively dedicated to antique sculptures.
Chouchou VoyeurTürkenstraße 52, München, Deutschland

Sexy lingerie for an even more sexy stay in Munich.
Café KatzentempelTürkenstraße 29, München, Deutschland

Germany's first cat café offers a vegan menu and real life cats to cuddle.
Café PuckTürkenstraße 33, München, Deutschland

Perfect for a hearty breakfast or lunch!
Der verrückte EismacherAmalienstraße 77, München, Deutschland

Crazy ice cream flavours. Be brave and try one!
Glockenbachviertel und GärtnerplatzGärtnerplatz, München, Deutschland

This vibrant and colourful district has so many nice shops and restaurants to offer!
WerkstattkinoFraunhoferstraße 9, München, Deutschland

A movie theatre that shows very special and artsy movies.
HofbräuhausPlatzl 9, München, Deutschland

It's worth it to see the madness going on here.
Pusser'sFalkenturmstraße 9, München, Deutschland

A cool New York style bar mixing up deadly (good) cocktails.
Museum LichtspieleLilienstraße 2, München, Deutschland

The second oldest cinema in the city, continuously showing The Rocky Horror Picture Show since September 1977. Apart from that, they also show a selection of classics, cartoons, and blockbusters.
‘Is it art or is it arse.’
  • The Museum Lichtspiele is the second oldest cinema in town.
  • When in doubt, put on some lipstick.
  • Stop by at Chouchou Voyeur and treat yourself (or your partner) to some hot new lingerie or a bedroom toy ;)
  • Café Kustermann is actually a big spacious glass and porcelain department store, but also includes a little café with heavenly cakes.
  • Always make time for some romantic kisses in between.

Our thoughts about Munich

What do you love about your destination?

Munich combines genuine Bavarian tradition with Zeitgeist – in a very relaxed manner. The quality of living in Munich is immense.

Well crafted body parts on the Greek and Roman sculptures at Glyptothek.
The Glyptothek from the outside; such as nice and sunny place to sit!

Take a vacation into Our life

What’s your background?

We are both from Austria, from small towns that are actually only 15 minutes away by car.

We went to the same bars, shops, and restaurants for 20 years… but still didn't manage to meet each other until the moment we both decided to get out of the calm and quiet rural idyll and move to the vibrant crazy city.

Munich isn’t generally considered the epitome of wild city life (except for a few days during Oktoberfest) - but it was the perfect step for us. That was in 2006 and since then we moved in together, did the infamous couple shopping trip to IKEA (and survived… more than once!), got engaged, married, got pregnant (all not at IKEA), quit our day jobs, founded our own movie production company, and sometimes use former props as home furniture (yes, a tuba works perfectly as a lamp).

What is the best moment of the day?

After 11 years it is still waking up next to each other, looking each other in the eyes, smiling, and knowing that we’re gonna spend the rest of our lives with the most wonderful person in the world.

What inspires you?

Stories. We love to be entertained and to enjoy all those funny, crazy, emotional, heart-wrenching, weird, and beautiful stories life has to tell, be it in film, music, art, design, architecture, newspapers, or from friends, family, clients or the woman behind the vegetable counter.

How would a good friend describe you?

Well educated, insanely relaxed darlings.

Your lifestyle in 5 words?

Well educated, insanely relaxed darlings.

Which books, newspapers or magazines do you read?

Zeit Magazin, BrandEins, Salon, Novels by Wolf Haas, Sven Regener, Helge Schneider, Friedrich Dürrenmatt…,

Which films blow your mind?

Twin Peaks - an oldie but goldie and so stunning that they’ have shown such weird stuff on TV in the 90s. We're looking forward to the sequel in 2017.
Also Game of Thrones, The Big Lebowski, Fargo (movie and series), The Royal Tennenbaums, The Life Aquatic, Grand Budapest Hotel, Sen and the Mysterious Disappearance of Chihiro, Cheyenne,This Must Be the Place, Flight of the Conchords, Magnolia, Gentlemen Broncos, Napoleon Dynamite.

Person you’d like to sit next to in an airplane?

David Lynch & Spongebob.

What are your favourite destinations around the globe?

Istanbul, Vienna, Corsica, New Zealand, and recently we also discovered skiing holidays in resorts other than our home resort/town.

Your life philosophy?

Is it art or is it arse?

Suitcase, Backpack or Weekender?

Suitcase or weekender.

Travelling is…


Life is…

a fulfilled and ecstatic journey.

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