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Linda, originally from Austria, is a talented fashion photographer working all over Europe. Here beloved home base is the charming city of Munich.

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24 hours Munich

Let’s say it’s a day off for me, on the weekend. Since I rarely have time between jobs to meet friends, I try to make as much of my free time as possible. I love to start the day by having breakfast with friends and we often choose to go to the White Rabbit’s Room in Haidhausen (only with girlfriends, though – it’s very girly) and have a warm cinnamon bun or pancakes there. I also love Bite Delite for a healthy breakfast (maybe on the go), Daddy Longlegs for acai bowls, or the Gartensalon in the Maxvorstadt.

Now I feel like some shopping and checking out stores. I love the Maxvorstadt, the district around the university. There’s a ton of restaurants and shops I love to go to here. I always find something whenever I visit the stores Kauf dich Glücklich and Edited, but the shop I can also never pass by is Pick and Weight, a vintage store where you pay by weight. It has a huge collection of every kind of vintage clothing, sorted by colour. If you really dig deep, you can find amazing vintage Levi’s jeans and Dolce & Gabbana shoes.

On a warm summer’s day I might treat myself to a scoop of ice cream at Der verrückte Eismacher (they have the craziest flavours of ice cream, like beer or sausage) or a fresh green smoothie from Super Danke!. More sweet treats can be had at the café and pâtisserie Maelu, where every cake is a piece of art in itself. Urban Soup is another little favourite of mine, and has been instrumental in keeping up my energy when power-shopping.

If I’m still up for fashion-hunting, I take a tram ride to the Stachus and stop by The Storey, which is a new shop in the basement of the department store Oberpollinger, where you can find a lot of super cool brands like Ganni, Topshop, The Kooples and more. Stylish men are in good hands here, too.

Nearby you can find the high-class shopping area Luitpoldblock, with stores like Schwittenberg, Aesop or Acne, which are also totally my kind of style.

Shopping madness is over now, I promise. We can have a proper lunch at Gratitude, a fantastic vegan restaurant, or at Occam Deli, which has the most delicious homemade cakes in town.

The best thing about Sundays spent in Munich: The entrance fee for most of the museums is only €1,-. That means Sunday afternoons are devoted to art and culture. Munich is quite renowned for a lot of different museums, which always host great exhibitions. I love going to the Museum Brandhorst, the Pinakothek der Moderne or the Haus der Kunst. There are so many different art periods to experience and to be inspired by, it’s just great!

Before ending my special day, I need to recharge my battery, which means going home or rambling around the neighbourhood where I live, the beautiful district of Haidhausen. This is the French area of Munich, with charming old streets and buildings. I honestly can’t describe how much I love walking around this area. The square Weißenburger Platz, which is right on my doorstep, is always decorated with the brightest and most colourful flowers in the summer months; in the winter, you can find a very cute Christmas market here. A few steps further down the road is the square Bordeauxplatz, where I often sit down at my favourite coffee shop and pâtisserie, the café Noel. My stroll is followed up by my very own favourite tradition: on warm summer days I walk up to the palatial building Maximilianeum, which is a 10 min walk from home, and sit down at the top of the driveway. I enjoy the best view over the city from here, along with the very last rays of sunshine, when the rest of the city is already in the shade.

After the sun has gone down, I’m back in the university district. I like to meet up with friends for some cocktails at James T. Hunt, a cool bar which has a very good selection of its own creations and is quite fashionable. A good alternative is Don’t Call Mama, just across the street.

If I feel more like a fancy dinner, it’s the Spicery for me – a truly fantastic Thai restaurant in Haidhausen – or the restaurant L’Adresse 37, a French gem in the Westend district.

To round off my perfect day with good music and drinks, I make my way to the culture hub Bahnwärter Thiel, a very unusual location for Munich, and hope for one of the cool indie concerts. This place is quite alternative and very unique, as it’s built out of old shipping containers.

So you see, Munich has a lot of different facets, if you are prepared to look for them. Stay curious!


White Rabbit’s RoomFranziskanerstraße 19, München, Deutschland

This café’s interior is pure white, with touches of pink – very pretty and girly. Try the pancakes and cinnamon buns.
Bite DeliteMaffeistraße 6, München, Deutschland

Power food, super smoothies, sandwiches, wraps and extremely good coffee.
MaeluTheatinerstraße 32, München, Deutschland

The perfect patisserie for a cute birthday cake.
Daddy LonglegsBarer Str. 42, München, Deutschland

I fell in love with acai bowls a while ago, and Daddy Longlegs seems to be the only place in Munich where you can get them.
GartensalonTürkenstraße 9, München, Deutschland

Quirky, cool café with traditional German ‘Schnittenbrot’.
GratitudeTürkenstraße 55, München, Deutschland

Delicious vegan food in the university district.
NoelMetzstraße 8, München, Deutschland

Cosy café just around the corner from where I live with a lot of yummy, self-made pastries.
Weißenburger PlatzWeißenburger Platz, München, Deutschland

Walking around the French neighbourhood, with all its beautifully decorated buildings, you’ll suddenly feel as if you’re in a small village.
Kauf Dich GlücklichSchellingstraße 23, München, Deutschland

Clean, minimalistic store with a cool selection of Scandinavian designer brands.
Pick & WeightTal 15, München, Deutschland

A vintage store with a huge selection of clothing. There are no price tags – you pay by weight instead.
EditedAmalienstraße 57, München, Deutschland

Find out about the latest fashion trends at one of the Edited stores in Munich.
Urban SoupRumfordstraße 7, München, Deutschland

Urban Soup serves fusion-style soups, to go, in glass jars.
Der Verrückte EismacherAmalienstraße 77, München, Deutschland

A famous ice cream shop with very unique flavours like beer, Leberkäse and calamari. But of course also delicious classics like chocolate, vanilla and co.
Super Danke!Fraunhoferstraße 32, München, Deutschland

Did someone say detox green smoothies and fresh juices? I’m in!
The StoreyNeuhauser Str. 18, München, Deutschland

The special thing about The Storey is the shop-within-a-shop concept, with very hip brands like Ganni, Topshop, The Kooples, Vans and Opening Ceremony represented.
Luitpoldblock/Aesop/SchwittenbergBrienner Street 11, München, Deutschland

If you like minimalist fashion and pure design, this is the place to shop.
Bahnwärter ThielTumblingerstraße 29, München, Deutschland

This event location was built out of old shipping containers and hosts a lot of indie concerts, club nights and reading evenings.
Occam DeliFeilitzschstraße 15, München, Deutschland

Choose from a full table of homemade cakes at the New York-style Deli place. They all taste heavenly.
Museum BrandhorstTheresienstraße 35a, München, Deutschland

Cool, contemporary art.
Pinakothek der ModerneBarer Str. 40, München, Deutschland

Spend rainy Sundays in this huge Museum, one of the biggest in Europe for modern and contemporary art.
Haus der KunstPrinzregentenstraße 1, München, Deutschland

Another wonderful museum which exhibits contemporary art. You can also watch people surfing on the Eisbachwelle right next to the museum.
MaximilianeumMax-Planck-Straße 1, München, Deutschland

The Maximilianeum is the site of the Bavarian Landtag – it’s a beautiful Neo-Renaissance architecture building, elevated a little above the city’s core, with views. This is also where the last rays of sun go down.
James T. HuntSchellingstraße 32, München, Deutschland

A hip bar, serving great drinks.
Don’t Call MamaSchellingstraße 45, München, Deutschland

Just one of many cool bars in this area. My favourite drink here is the Munich Mule.
SpiceryWeißenburger Pl. 3, München, Deutschland

Exclusive Thai-fusion kitchen in a dark gold venue.
L’adresse 37Tulbeckstraße 9, München, Deutschland

If you like French cuisine, you’ll love L’adresse 37.
MaeluTheatinerstraße 32, München, Deutschland

Great little café and pâtisserie.
‘I am a very life-affirming person, and I get crazy enthusiastic about random things I see.’
  • I can never just walk past Edited – I ALWAYS have to look inside.
  • Occam Deli is a great for lunch, but their homemade cakes are the real showstopper.
  • The Museum Brandhorst is worth a visit for those seeking a bit of culture.
  • Treasure hunting at Pick & Weight is a favourite weekend pastime of mine.
  • This shop‘s name, ‘Kauf dich glücklich’, means ‘shop yourself happy’ – and it usually works for me!
  • If you look closely enough, you can find real designer classics dirt cheap at Pick & Weight.
  • The Storey has all my favourite brands, like Ganni, Topshop, The Kooples (and more!).
  • Grab a delicious soup at Urban Soup and take it home with you.

My thoughts about Munich

What do you love about your destination?

Munich has got a great mixture of big city life and awesome nature in and around the city. I love the huge range of cultural activities it offers. And I love the vibe in Munich, especially during the summer months when everybody chills at the riverside of the Isar, which goes through the city (a famous spot along the Isar is the Flaucher), grabs some beers with friends, and strangers who become friends. It’s just about having a good time.

Which music fits best to your destination?

Indie Rock-Pop.

What‘s a "must do" in your destination?

Watching the ‘Eisbach Surfers’ in the artificial wave in the English Garden.

Take a vacation into My life

What’s your background?

I grew up in the Austrian Alps, in Kaprun/Zell am See. I moved to Innsbruck to study Economics & Management when I was 18 and started a career as an action sports photographer. I travelled with professional freeskiers and snowboarders for a few years, accompanying them to insane winter sport destinations and competitions around the world.
At some point, I got more and more interested in portrait and fashion photography. I decided to go for it and moved to Munich to work for a big fashion magazine. For several years now I’ve been furthering my career and finding my path – I now work as a beauty and fashion photographer all over Europe.

What is the best moment of the day?

Since I’m not really a morning person, and, surprisingly,
don’t drink coffee – the best moment of the day is coming home after a really exhausting day or trip and just chilling on the couch, reflecting on what I created that day.

What inspires you?

Everything. I really get inspired by almost everything. I walk through the day, and take in dozens of impressions that inspire me to create something, or to simply love life. I am a very life-affirming person, and I get crazy enthusiastic about random things I see. It only takes a walk on a sunny day through the forest, or I see a postcard with a nice typography quote on it in a random store. A little cheesy, I know.
And of course I get inspired by music, and people – their minds, their visions and stories.

How would a good friend describe you?

All of them would probably say: Linda is the creative and stylish one. And that I am very loyal and the most patient person ever.

Your lifestyle in 5 words?

Travelling, creating, inspiring, seeking, always challenging.

Which books, newspapers or magazines do you read?

I do read a lot. Or actually, to be honest, I am the person who looks at the pictures first. I especially love: Sleek Magazine, i-D, Numero, Blond magazine, Interview Magazine, Vogue Australia, Vogue France and AnOther magazine.
The book I’m currently reading is A Movable Feast by Ernest Hemingway.

Which films blow your mind?

I quite like films where you can’t guess the ending and you, as the audience, get totally mislead, like in Inception and Shutter Island.
Currently binge watching: The Killing, Prison Break and Homeland.

Person you’d like to sit next to in an airplane?

Brad Pitt.

What are your favourite destinations around the globe?

Amalfi Coast of Italy, Lisbon, London, Stockholm, Iceland, and anywhere you can surf.

Your life philosophy?

Just go for it!

Suitcase, Backpack or Weekender?


What else should we know about you?

For two years now, I’ve been getting a tiny random tattoo in every new country I visit. At some point I may have to rethink this practice... 🙂

Travelling is…

therapy, and the best thing to find yourself. There’s nothing better than to explore and challenge yourself in the most diverse places around the world and get to know new people, new cultures, new visions.

Life is…

fun! And it should be. If it’s not, make it worthwhile!


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