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The three young ladies from Graz Clarissa, Diana and Johanna run the vintage online shop Dogdays of Summer. Their motto in life and business is: reduce, reuse, recycle.

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Our 24 Hours in Graz

It’s the weekend and our perfect 24 hours in Graz start with a visit to a flea market. The sun is slowly rising and we’re already on our way to snatch the best pieces. We love to go to the flea market in front of the Cineplexx Kino, which takes place on Saturdays and Sundays. The one at the Center West – only on Sundays – is nice, too.

All this bargain-hunting makes us hungry, so at some point we decide to head to the store Das Gramm, which uses no packaging at all, and on Saturdays offers breakfast where nothing goes to waste. Or we get some groceries at the local farmer’s market at the square Kaiser-Josef-Platz and have a wonderful picnic in the city park of Graz. This is a nice thing to do in any season because as they say: there is no bad weather, there is only bad clothing!

Next up is some more shopping and happy strolling along the street Mariahilferstraße, which is home to a wealth of awesome design and fashion stores. We start at the Kunsthaus, where you mustn’t forget to take a look into the Kunsthaus Shop, where you will always find the perfect gift or souvenir. When on Mariahilferstraße we always pop into the store Tagwerk, which reuses old tarpaulins to create bags and backpacks and sells those for a very reasonable price.

In case we need to go to the hairdresser, our favourite salon, Doppelhofer & Steininger, is also nearby. It’s run by two young and super friendly hairdressers with great style.

It’s tea-time already and we’re making our way to Omas Teekanne, the first vintage tea bar in Graz. This beautiful café is not only decorated beautifully, it also offers a delicious vegan menu.

When we’re hungry for culture, we love to go to the KM, the hall for art and media, or the Kiz Royalkino. This is the only cinema in Graz that plays (almost) every movie in its original language. Another beautiful daytime activity in Graz is to get some fresh air at the top of the Schlossberg. If you’ve bought a ticket for public transportation you can also use it (with no extra cost) for the cable car that goes up the Schlossberg, where you can take a relaxing walk with a breathtaking view. The cherry on top: having a sundowner at the Starcke Haus, built sideways into the mountain. Today we stay in the city however, and we’ll definitely have a look into the wonderful concept store Tash Living and get ourselves some coffee at Tagtraum before making dinner plans.

Our all-time favourite dinner restaurant is the Café Erde – we love their vegan burgers, wraps and other delicacies way too much. The restaurant Feinkost Mild is another wonderful option, serving fantastic sandwiches and local beverages in a special, historic location of Graz.

On Tuesdays we love to go to The Office Pub and take part in the weekly pub quiz, where you can also win a little prize. It’s so much fun!

Today we head back to the city park for an after-dinner drink, more specifically a ‘Kardamintspritzer’, at the Café Parkhaus. When it’s warm outside we take our drinks with us and sit down on a blanket beneath the trees. From here it’s not too far to the Stadtpark Forum where cool events and concerts take place on a regular basis.

For accommodation, we can only recommend renting an Airbnb flat, as this is the best way to meet other people from Graz and learn about their favourite hot spots in the city.

Have fun!


Flea market Centre WestWeblinger Gürtel 25, Graz, Österreich

Almost every Sunday it’s treasure-hunting for us at this flea market. When the weather is bad it takes place in the underground car-park.
Flea market CineplexxAlte Poststraße 470, Graz, Österreich

Every Saturday and Sunday, in all weathers, this flea market takes place from 6am till 1pm. Make sure you get there early if you want to find the best stuff!
Das GrammNeutorgasse 7, Graz, Österreich

This is where you can buy groceries without packaging. On Saturdays we love to have breakfast at this forward-thinking and sustainability-oriented store/café!
Local farmer's market Kaiser-Josef-PlatzKaiser-Josef-Platz, Graz, Österreich

Every Styrian delicacy your heart could want is offered here by local farmers. Takes place every day, except Sunday, from 6am till 1pm.
StadtparkStadtpark 1, 8010 Graz, Österreich

The wonderful city park of Graz is perfect for picnics or just for a walk!
Kunsthaus ShopLendkai 1, Graz, Österreich

The shop in the fascinating museum Kunsthaus (international, contemporary art) always has fantastic souvenirs or gifts to take home with you.
TagwerkMariahilferstraße 13, Graz, Österreich

We’re big fans of recycling, which is why we always support stores like Tagwerk, where super cool bags are created out of old textiles and tarpaulins.
Doppelhofer & SteiningerBelgiergasse 6, Graz, Österreich

Three girls means a lot of hair. We let those guys take care of it and they always do a good job!
Omas TeekanneNikolaipl. 1, Graz, Österreich

They love vintage and cake and so do we. No wonder we’re hanging out at this cute café all the time!
Halle für Kunst und MedienBurgring 2, Graz, Österreich

This is where we get our culture fix and marvel at international as well as local contemporary art.
KIZ RoyalkinoConrad-von-Hötzendorf-Straße 10, Graz, Österreich

The place to be on a rainy Sunday afternoon: a cinema where almost all movies are shown in their original language.
SchlossbergSchloßberg, Graz, Österreich

Go up the Schlossberg for a wonderful view of the city and a little fitness boost.
Starcke HausSchloßberg 4, Graz, Österreich

They really have the pole position when it comes to view. Reward yourself with a sundowner and let your eyes wander – we love the peaceful atmosphere up here.
Tash LivingGlacisstraße 65, Graz, Österreich

This is by far the most stylish and cool concept store around.
TagtraumDietrichsteinplatz 7, Graz, Österreich

All the furniture at the beautiful café Tragtraum is bought secondhand or from young designers and can be purchased. Fighting consumer craze on the next level!
Café ErdeAndreas-Hofer-Platz 3, Graz, Österreich

Don’t miss out on their delicious vegan and vegetarian food. The burgers and wraps are insane!
The Office PubTrauttmansdorffgasse 3, Graz, Österreich

A pub with a rustic, cosy flair. Every Tuesday the legendary pub quizzes take place here.
Café ParkhausStadtpark 2, Graz, Österreich

In the summertime, get your drinks here and take them with you outside into the park. Sit down on a blanket, watch the ducks in the pond or the clouds in the sky or play some music with friends. You can obviously also have the drinks at the Parkhaus, which is also nice.
Forum StadtparkStadtpark 1, Graz, Österreich

This is the social hub of Graz, where all the events like performances, workshops and concerts take place.
Feinkost MildStubenberggasse 7, Graz, Österreich

A legendary location and a cosy restaurant serving nice food – check out ‘The sandwich club’. Perfect for meeting up with friends!
‘We love to travel with suitcases half empty so we can fill them with new vintage treasures.’
  • Inside the concept store Tash Living, you will always find a little something special.
  • After a trip to Berlin a few years ago we – Clarissa and Diana – felt the urge to bring some of the vintage spirit to Graz. Thus, the idea of Dogdays of Summer was born!
  • Omas Teekanne is one of our favourite cafés where we love to meet and have chats over coffee.
  • The local farmer’s market at the Kaiser-Josef square is where we do our weekly grocery shopping. Everything is fresh, local and organic!
  • Taking part in the pub quiz is so much fun, we try to be at The Office Pub every Tuesday. A true local’s spot!
  • A must when in Graz: going up the Schlossberg and having a drink at the Starcke Haus while enjoying an incredible view over the city!
  • The guys from the store Tagwerk think like we do – reuse and recycle – and that’s why we love shopping here.
  • Grab some delicious treats at the ‘no packaging’ store Das Gramm!
  • Check out the KM for amazing contemporary art. © Markus Krottendorfer
  • Every Saturday, Das Gramm offers a wonderful and super healthy breakfast.
  • Our first pop-up store in Graz that was open until the end of last year. We’re so proud and very excited where and when the next one will open up again. It will be a spring baby, that's for sure!

Our thoughts about Graz

What do you love about your destination?

Graz has a lot to offer! Every day here gives you the chance to fill the hours of the day however you like, whether that means hanging out at the park all day and enjoying some culture and nature, or doing a crazy bar crawl all night long and feasting at great restaurants. Graz has something for everybody!

What‘s a "must do" in your destination?

Go up the Schlossberg! This sounds like a touristy thing to do, but only recently did we do it once more ourselves and we realised how magical and special it is up there. The atmosphere, the nature and the view are just priceless!

A peek into our lookbook of the 90s high school sports collection. Check it out online –!
Us, from left to right: Johanna, Clarissa, Diana. #girlbosses

Take a vacation into Our life

What’s your background?

We are Clarissa, Diana and Johanna from Graz and we’re the founders of vintage online shop Dogdays of Summer. We’ve always had an eye and the partiality for extraordinary fashion, flea markets and secondhand goods. In February 2014 Clarissa and Diana came back from a trip to Berlin and, having found that the vintage fever had already broken out there completely, we started to ask ourselves why we don’t have any great vintage stores in Graz. Around this time we started thinking about opening such a place for ourselves. We came to the idea of starting an online shop and in September 2014 we went online. Two years later, Johanna joined the team, and together the three of us are preparing to make the jump into the offline world right now – we’re planning to open a physical store in Graz temporarily which we will close down after one or two months to let it pop up in another place again. We’re quite excited about this already!

What is the best moment of the day?

Clarissa: When I wake up before my alarm clock goes off. The time I have left in bed is something I always enjoy immensely.

Diana: It being a cold day outside, while I’m inside having a big breakfast in bed.

Johanna: When the sun is shining and I can have my first cup of coffee on our balcony.

What inspires you?

People! It can be so fascinating to hear what others have achieved and this exchange of stories is always very inspiring to us.

How would a good friend describe you?

Well-assorted vintage online shop with a boho flair and lots of love.

Your lifestyle in 5 words?

Unique, sustainable, fair, vegan and funny.

Which books, newspapers or magazines do you read?

A book we found very inspiring was ‘#girlboss’, a book about a woman’s crazy career. What we also love are design magazines like ‘Kinfolk’, ‘Cereal’, ‘The Heritage Post‘ or ‘Remarkable Magazine’.

Which films blow your mind?

There are so many movies that one has to see, we definitely cannot name them all. A few are ‘The True Coast’, ‘Gift auf unserer Haut’, ‘Cowspiracy’ and ‘Earthlings’.

Person you’d like to sit next to in an airplane?

Clarissa: I’d like to sit next to Dariadaria (, that is our favourite blogger.

Diana: I prefer not sitting in the plane at all, if I have the option it will always be the train or the bus.

Johanna: I really enjoy having nobody sitting next to me so I have more space.

What are your favourite destinations around the globe?

Clarissa: Somewhere outside European border, because unfortunately I have not done that yet. High up on my list are Hawaii and Madagascar.

Diana: I’d love to go to Iceland or Morocco. As soon as I have overcome my fear of flying I will go there!

Johanna: I love to be in tropical climates. That’s where my body and soul feel at home.

Your life philosophy?

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Shop less, think about it beforehand and, when you shop, go for secondhand. Reuse your stuff, appreciate old treasures, revalue old stuff and, as a last resort, recycle.

Suitcase, Backpack or Weekender?

Doesn’t matter, all that counts is that it’s halfway empty so you can fill it with new vintage treasures.

What else should we know about you?

We always have a friendly ear for you and if you want to find out more about us or Graz just text us:

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