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Ekaterina is actually of Russian origin, but has lived in Paris for five years now. Her passion for food, great places and excellent coffee – and the love of sharing her knowledge – is what led her to start her blog, Paris All About.

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My 24 Hours in Paris

I like to wake up early and start the day with a morning run. My favourite path would be along the Seine’s promenade, starting from the bridge Pont d’Iéna, going all the way to the Île Saint-Louis and then back again.

Having worked up a real appetite now, I’m glad it’s time for breakfast – my favourite meal of the day! There are a ton of places I could go to, depending on what mood I’m in and what I’m craving at the moment.

Wild & The Moon is my go-to for a healthy vegan ‘gourmandies’, as they say in French. They serve an amazing selection of cold-pressed juices, all good-for-you smoothies, the trendy matcha latte and golden milk drinks, acai bowls and my favourite – the banana cake! This is definitely the best banana cake in the city, and it’s gluten-free even. Most of the time my eyes pay cheques which my stomach can’t cash and I order way too much, even though I know how filling these dishes can be – packed as they are with with nuts, coconut milk and bananas.

I’m also a big one for avocado toast, the best of which can be found at one of these four spots: Ob-La-Di, Oberkampf café, Fragments, or the newly opened Biglove Caffé which offers a gluten-free version with the Chambelland’s bread (a famous naturally gluten-free bakery). The first three places are quite small, so you may have to wait a bit, but usually no longer than 15 minutes. The last one, Biglove, is always way too crowded, so make sure to get there before 10am, otherwise it might be very difficult to get a table. Why the hassle, you might well ask, but doesn’t it being crowded just got to show how amazing this place must be?

Whenever I’m in the mood for pancakes I go to HolyBelly, next to the canal Saint-Martin in the 10th arrondissement. Once you’ve tried their pancakes with fried eggs, bacon, and maple syrup, you will be a loyal customer, just like I am – trust me. Chances are high you might have to wait for at least 30 minutes, but it’s definitely worth the wait. It’s not popular for no reason. Good news, though: they are opening a second place 500m down the street, so hopefully my info regarding the waiting time is outdated by the time you get there.

The most delicious porridge can be found at the café Bol, whose love for porridge is expressed in their full name, ‘Bol – Porridge bar’. You can go sweet or salty or even create your own version! Their granolas are also to die for.

Ok, I need to stop now. I’ve already gone on for ever, and we haven’t even got passed breakfast. You can tell that breakfast is kind of a big deal for me, right? If you need any more advice on breakfast spots in Paris – drop me a note. 😉

After (a lengthy) breakfast, I feel like going for a walk along the Seine or zigzagging through the narrow streets of Le Marais and across the Place de Vosges to one of my favourite museums: the Grand Palais, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Musée des Arts et des Métiers, Palais Galliera and Fondation Louis Vuitton. I usually check the exhibition schedules every four weeks or so, and map out my plan for the upcoming month.

If I’m at the Grand Palais, I will definitely have an afternoon tea at the interior garden of the Petit Palais, which is just across the street, or, if it happens to be raining, inside the Mini Palais. This place is so beautiful I could spend all day here before I have to head home to get ready for dinner. Speaking of which, I can assure you that there are more amazing dinner spots in this city than you can imagine. I have over 200 that I could recommend just off the top of my head, but let me boil it down to just three of my favourites for you:

The excellent Dessance is housed in a 17th-century mansion and calls itself an all-dessert restaurant. Every dish is an absolute delight and an explosion of tastes and flavours. And even though these are desserts, you won’t feel sugar intoxicated at the end of the meal – the plates start with very subtle flavours, with a base of fruit and vegetables, and gradually progress to the real sweet notes. It’s a new and unique interpretation of preparing food, and I love it!

Then there is Gentle Gourmet, a mind-blowing vegan restaurant that never fails to surprise me. Most of what makes up their plant-based cuisine they grow themselves, and their menu changes accordingly to adapt to the current season. Not only is their menu delicious, it is also guilt-free, both ecologically and with regards to your body.

Having saved the best for last, I’d like to present you with one of my latest discoveries: Restaurant Louis. This place will definitely be a permanent member of my favourite places list. The interior is cosy, but still elegant, and chef Stéphane Pitre has worked for several renowned restaurants before embarking on the solo journey of opening up his own restaurant. The combination of a fantastic menu, charming interior, and high quality for a reasonable price guarantees that this will become a regular haunt of mine.

It’s Saturday night and that’s why I’m definitely up for a drink after dinner. Titty Twister, L’arc or YEELS club are perfect to round off a wonderful day in Paris with a delicious cocktail, great music and a vibrant atmosphere.

Wandering home afterwards I’m already looking forward to tomorrow’s breakfast haha.


Pont d’IénaPont d'Iéna, Quai Branly, Paris, France

From here to the Île Saint-Louis, along the Seine, it’s almost 6km one way, a perfect route for running – and so beautiful, too!
Wild & The Moon55 Rue Charlot, Paris, France

A cool place for an awesome breakfast. Everything is very healthy, too.
Ob-La-Di54 Rue de Saintonge, Paris, France

Their avocado toast is simply divine.
Café Oberkampf3 Rue Neuve Popincourt, Paris, France

Good choice for breakfast. Remarkable for its great coffee and delicious avocado toast.
Fragments76 Rue des Tournelles, Paris, France

A very cute little café – I love to come here at any time of day.
BigLove Caffè30 Rue Debelleyme, Paris, France

I have a lot of love for this place. Whether it’s pancakes or pizza, everything is delicious!
HolyBelly19 Rue Lucien Sampaix, Paris, France

Come here on your cheat day and gorge yourself on their famous pancakes with fried eggs, bacon, housemade Bourbon butter and maple syrup.
Bol Porridge Bar76 Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, Paris, France

If you’re as big a fan of granola and porridge as I am, this will be your happy place too.
Grand Palais3 Avenue du Général Eisenhower, Paris, France

One of my favourite museums. I could (and usually do) stay for hours upon hours.
Les Arts Décoratifs107 Rue de Rivoli, Paris, France

This is art interpreted in a modern way, with the mission ‘to keep alive in France the culture of the arts which seek to make useful things beautiful’.
Musée des Arts et Métiers60 Rue Réaumur, Paris, France

This outstanding museum focuses on the works of inventors and pioneers – très cool!
Palais Galliera10 Avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie, Paris, France

A wonderful hommage to haute couture!
Fondation Louis Vuitton8 Avenue du Mahatma Gandhi, Paris, France

The Fondation Louis Vuitton is an art museum and cultural center located inside the park Bois de Boulogne and is always worth a visit.
Petit PalaisAvenue Winston Churchill, Paris, France

There is a café inside where I love to sit down, process all the beautiful art I have seen and enjoy a cup of coffee along with some typical French pastries. A perfect hour spent lazily in the afternoon.
Dessance74 Rue des Archives, Paris, France

If you’re up for something new, let yourself be surprised by the highly unique fine dining experience that Dessance has to offer.
Gentle Gourmet24 Boulevard de la Bastille, Paris, France

Vegan restaurant where every dish is a treat for eye and palate.
Restaurant Louis23 Rue de la Victoire, Paris, France

Celebrate your stay in Paris the right way and treat yourself to this fantastic restaurant.
Titty Twister5 Rue de Berri, Paris, France

A very unique bar where the vibe is definitely always hot. Jump into your party outfit and let the night begin!
L'arc12 Rue de Presbourg, Paris, France

If you’re looking for an unforgettable party with the most beautiful people, some celebrity spotting and hot beats? L’arc is where you have to go!
YEEELS club24 Avenue George V, Paris, France

Good drinks, cool people and always a very fun atmosphere – the perfect mix for a long night out.
‘I love this city for its special rhythm, for the many places to see, the urban vibes, the walking-friendly districts and calm countryside-like areas and, of course, the art and design everywhere.’
  • One of my happy places. © Biglove Caffè
  • My breakfast desires are always satiated at Café Oberkampf! © Molly SJ Lowe
  • Bol Porridge Bar is the Parisian Mecca of porridge and granola. © Bol Porridge Bar
  • Enjoy the breakfast at Fragments. The avocado toast in particular is excellent.
  • The gates of pancake heaven. © Holybelly
  • The Louis restaurant is my current number one when it comes to dinner.
  • Holybelly serves the best soul food around. © Holybelly
  • Get your coffee to go at Café Oberkampf and stroll through the streets of Paris. © Molly SJ Lowe
  • So many Sunday mornings spent here. © Wild & The Moon
  • Fragments is such a welcoming and lovely place, which I love coming to either by myself or with friends.
  • The Biglove Caffè’s entire menu is just phenomenal. © Biglove Caffè
  • Dessance is not only located in a beautiful building, the food they serve is always outstanding as well.
  • Have a delightful cup of coffee to go with your toast at Fragments.
  • Have yourself a healthy, balanced breakfast. © Bol Porridge Bar
  • I’m a regular at Café Oberkampf, their coffee is just great! © Molly SJ Lowe

My thoughts about Paris

What do you love about your destination?

I love this city for its special rhythm, for the many places to see, the urban vibes, the walking-friendly districts and calm countryside-like areas and, of course, the art and design everywhere.

Which music fits best to your destination?

Depends on the mood I’m in but often it’s a little bit of piano, Ed Sheeran, Brian Crain, James Blunt, Jessie J, Sam Smith and smashing pop sounds for my morning run.

What‘s a "must do" in your destination?

Walk along the Seine, see the sunset from the Arc de Triomphe, try at least five restaurants – the food scene here is outstanding –  see a fashion show and visit one of the Palaces.

Café Oberkampf © Molly SJ Lowe

Take a vacation into My life

What’s your background?

I moved to Paris five years ago, after having finished my Masters in International Business back in Moscow. I‘d also been working as a photographer on the side, with any free time I had.

Once I moved to Paris, I tried to find the right place for my favourite weekend ritual: starting the day in a café, with the perfect cup of cappuccino, continuing to do so all day long, while meeting friends here and there. My biggest ‘problem‘ back then, in 2011, was that there were precisely three places in the whole city that fit my criteria for the ‘perfect cappuccino’. For that reason I set out on my intense research project to determine which places served the best coffee and were also the best to spend time at on the weekends – and so my Parisian foodie adventure began.

Since I started this list, five years ago, it’s got a little bit longer now… well... a lot longer. The last time I checked, it had 87 spots on it. So if you’re looking for the best coffee in town – I’m your guy! I mean girl. Anyway, ask away!

What is the best moment of the day?

Breakfast! Especially on weekends, when you can really take your time and have a great cup of cappuccino and pancakes, or an Acai bowl, or porridge, or avocado toast. Whatever I end up going with, breakfast is definitely the best time.

What inspires you?

Springtime, sun, classic literature and beauty in general.

How would a good friend describe you?

She never stops and knows it all. She is a big bold crazy, but in a good way. She is always in a search of new, curious and unique. And she smiles all the time.

Your lifestyle in 5 words?

Sneakers on, high heels in the backpack.

Which books, newspapers or magazines do you read?

World classics, food magazines, chess study books, quantum physics books, website programming books.

Which films blow your mind?

‘Silicon Valley’, ‘Sherlock’, ‘Suits’ (all before Season 4, haha), the movie ‘21’…There are just too many.

Person you’d like to sit next to in an airplane?

Elon Musk.

What are your favourite destinations around the globe?

Japan, Bali, Italy.

Your life philosophy?

I’ve got a few: Live a life that’s worth writing a book about; always say YES to opportunities and adventures; even the worst thing happens for a good reason; life is a beautiful adventure; behind every hill there is a stunning view.

Suitcase, Backpack or Weekender?

Suitcase, I like to have options. Always.

Travelling is…

A thousand new stories and countless new pictures from every new place.

Life is…

an exciting adventure.

Hero Image © Wild & The Moon



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