Isabell Stolt

  • Water lover
  • activist
  • rap talent

Isabell used to be a professional dancer and still moves through life in a powerful and elegant way.

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My 24 Hours in Stockholm

My perfect day is a day off during the summertime with dinner plans already in place.

After getting up and going to Långholmen or Reimersholme for a good morning dip in the water, a breakfast smoothie is waiting for me at Squeezed Up. On my way home I pass by some great secondhand stores like Myrorna and Stockholms Stadsmission. “Diggin’ in the crates” is what  I like. I used to love shopping for records and this feels kind of the same.

Then I might meet a friend for a Swedish fika at Rival or Gildas Rum, or maybe for lunch at Babas Burgers in Högdalen where I live.

Afterwards I go home, scroll through my social media feeds and take a nap (probably). Then I get ready for the evening and meet up with friends for dinner at Grill or B.A.R.. For some good music our next stop will be a venue like Fasching, Marie Laveau, Slakthuset or Landet. Late at night those places turn into bars/clubs.

There’s a club called Natten (“The Night”) which plays only power ballads and people spend the whole night slow dancing or singing (actually screaming) along with all the classic hits. Sometimes the club owners host short but passionate speeches about how love will save the day – it sounds crazy but it’s lovely every time. It’s held in a beautiful arena called Färgfabriken and it has grown to an enormous success – tickets to their clubs are sold out every time.

I also recommend keeping an eye open for clubs operated by the Mamarazzi collective ( or the alternative culture house Cyklopen (, which runs events outside the city core.

Last but not least we buy a midnight snack and go for a night dip off a pier somewhere in the city.


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Långholmen/ReimersholmeLångholmen, Stockholm, Schweden

Beautiful little islands next to Hornstull where you can easily jump into the water and admire the wooden cottages with their gardens at Långholmen.
Squeezed UpRiddargatan 12D, 114 35 Stockholm, Schweden

I really recommend the "After Workout" smoothie.
MyrornaHornsgatan 96, Stockholm, Schweden

Here you'll find great treasures like clothes, jewelry, books, and records.
Stockholms StadsmissionHornsgatan 58, Stockholm, Schweden

Secondhand clothes and furniture.
RivalMariatorget 3, Stockholm, Schweden

They have a terrace outdoors which is a great spot for people watching. This place is also owned by one of the ABBA members (if you're a fan). I recommend it for lunch, fika, and bar nights.
Babas BurgersHögdalsgången 20, Bandhagen, Schweden

Cozy little burger joint.
GrillDrottninggatan 89, Stockholm, Schweden

This place is worth a visit - every room is decorated in a different theme and they serve great grilled food.
B.A.R.Blasieholmsgatan 4A, Stockholm, Schweden

Great fish restaurant and awesome staff!
FaschingKungsgatan 63, Stockholm, Schweden

Jazz club that hosts a lot of soul and hip hop concerts as well and is a perfect club performance venue. The operators own more cool clubs like "SOUL", Raw Fusion" and "Devotion". They obviously understood the simple concept of booking great DJs to make sure the crowd is dancing and rocking the place.
Marie LaveauHornsgatan 66, Stockholm, Schweden

Dancefloor downstairs by night, amazing brunch place by day.
SlakthusetSlakthusgatan 6, Johanneshov, Schweden

I wish we had more rooftop clubs like this. Go there, buy a bottle of cava for 200 SEK and enjoy the view over the meatpacking district.
LandetLm Ericssons väg 27, Hägersten, Schweden

A mix between a restaurant and a club. Hip hop and karaoke nights are the best!
FärgfabrikenLövholmsbrinken 1, Stockholm, Schweden

The area where you can find the weird but awesome club "Natten."
Gildas RumSkånegatan 79, Stockholm, Schweden

Very welcoming interior and nice spot if you need a break during your shopping tour through Södermalm. The salads are great!
‘At the age of 70 I want to own a house, maybe a cabin in the north of Sweden.’
  • Café Rival (at Hotel Rival) is always a great spot for breakfast or meeting a friend for Swedish "fika".
  • When you need a break between your shopping tour in Södermalm, Gildas Rum is your go to. Great salads, good coffee, and sweet treats in a cozy surrounding.
  • Stockholm is a wonderful place for vintage hunting. Some of my favourite shops are Myrorna and Stockholms Stadsmission.
  • Time to get on the dance floor baby! Shake your hips at Marie Laveau!

My thoughts about Stockholm

What do you love about your destination?

It’s a great city in the summertime, since you have water almost everywhere and you can take a dip from anywhere in the central parts of town. I love water and swimming, especially during summertime.

Which music fits best to your destination?

I would say Aurelia Day, Silvana Imam and Gnucci!

Keep an eye open for parties and clubs operated by the collective Klubb Mamarazzi or the alternative culture house Cyklopen.
Swedish people love to be outside to soak up every ray of sun to "survive" the harsh winter. Seize every moment under the blue sky.

Take a vacation into My life

What’s your background?

Dancer. Sister. Feminist. Activist.

What is the best moment of the day?

Going to the gym or meeting up with a friend after work. Repainting my nails. Reading in bed at night.

What inspires you?

Acts of kindness. Fashion. Beautiful scenery indoors and outdoors. Art, such as photographs and dance. People who stand up against racism and sexism even though it "destroys the mood". People who have an interesting style and/or story, usually people who grew up in another generation than me (younger/older).

How would a good friend describe you?

Funny and a bit pretentious I think, haha.

Your lifestyle in 5 words?

Depends on the season.

Which books, newspapers or magazines do you read?

Authors I really admire are Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi, Haruki Murakami, Jenny Jägerfeldt and Jonas Hassen Khemiri.
I really like comic books and Sweden has a great scene for series right now. If you can read Swedish I recommend anything by Ellen Ekman, Liv Strömquist, Martin Kellerman, Lina Neidestam and Stina Hjelm.

Which films blow your mind?

Series: Sopranos, Mad Men, Orange is the New Black
Films: I'm really more of a series woman since the episodes are only about 20-40 min long, but I usually like movies about gangsters.

Person you’d like to sit next to in an airplane?

Someone who is entertaining but also senses when I want to sleep. Someone who has the right pills to put me to sleep and who can tell outrageous stories about groupies when we eat our air plane meals - I think Snoop Dogg is perfect. Too bad the Swedish cops were horrible when he was here.

What are your favourite destinations around the globe?

Paris and the Swedish island of Gotland.

Your life philosophy?

If you can't stop thinking about it - do it.

Suitcase, Backpack or Weekender?


What else should we know about you?

I know a lot of lyrics to a lot of rap songs and I can do the splits. Both are great party tricks.

Travelling is…

I like the quote "Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer", since I think that's true in many ways but of course also depends on how you choose to travel.

Life is…

quite nice actually. Sometimes I just wish I had more money, but don't we all?

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