Anna Westerlund

  • Ceramic designer
  • Mom
  • City explorer

Anna was born in Portugal but also feels a strong connection to her other half of origin, Sweden.

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My 24 Hours in Lisbon

It starts with an easy breakfast at Lx Factory at Wish Coffee House, then I take the tram to the big market Mercado da Ribeira to buy flowers (the tram can take a while, which can be an advantage because by the time you arrive at the market you have an excuse to eat ice cream at Santini’s before lunch).

Afterwards I like to walk to Chiado, the heart of Lisbon. Here I find some of my favourite shops like Vintage Bazaar. I love having lunch in this busy part of town, especially at a tiny little restaurant called Taberna das Flores and the best part is, it’s near Landeau, a spot with the best chocolate cake. Naturally I go there for dessert.

I like to walk so from here I head up to Principe Real, a neighbourhood that’s becoming very trendy and has a really nice park. On the way up, there’s a beautiful view over the castle from the lookout point Miradouro de S.Pedro de Alcantara, which is also a nice garden to sit down for a while and relax your feet.

Then I might do some shopping. Organii in the shopping gallery Embaixada is one of my favourite spots for beauty products because everything is organic. In Principe Real I always visit This&That and Quer – I love their beautiful stuff for kids.

My perfect day ends with some theatre or a dance performance. There are usually great options in Chiado. As a good Portuguese I love to go for a late dinner and Mini Bar is my favourite spot. Even more perfect, but not that easy with three kids and a baby on the way, would be if I still had the energy to go out dancing at Lux!


LX FactoryR. Rodrigues de Faria 103, Lissabon, Portugal

Best place for the first coffee of the day: Wish Coffee House!
Mercado da RibeiraAv. 24 de Julho 49, Lissabon, Portugal

Lisbon's biggest indoor market with lots of nice food and small shops.
SantiniR. do Carmo 9, 1200-093 Lisboa, Portugal

One of the oldest ice cream makers in Lisbon and of course a family business.
ChiadoChiado, Lissabon, Portugal

The heart of Lisbon.
Vintage BazaarLargo da Academia Nacional de Belas Artes 6, Lissabon, Portugal

Boho-inspired clothes and accessories.
Taberna das FloresRua das Flores 103, Lissabon, Portugal

A small restaurant owned by a young chef who cooks with seasonal ingredients from the market.
LandeauRua das Flores 70, Lissabon, Portugal

The best chocolate cake served in a cozy and beautiful atmosphere.
Principe RealPríncipe Real, Lissabon, Portugal

An up-and-coming district of Lisbon.
Miradouro de S. Pedro de AlcantaraRua São Pedro de Alcântara, Lissabon, Portugal

Lookout over the city's castle 'St. George's Castle'.
OrganiiPraça do Príncipe Real 26, Lissabon, Portugal

Organic beauty products sold by two very inspiring sisters.
This&ThatR. Ferragial 3, Lissabon, Portugal

A fun little shop with such nice things, you won't leave without buying something.
QuerRua da Escola Politécnica 82B, Lissabon, Portugal

The most inspiring shop for kids toys.
Mini BarR. António Maria Cardoso 58, Lissabon, Portugal

Molecular food owned by one of the most awarded chefs in Portugal.
LuxAv. Infante Dom Henrique 73B, 1100 Lisboa, Portugal

Exciting nightclub!
‘Travelling makes you fall in love with the world.’
  • Delicious Portuguese pastry.
  • Time for some shopping at Vintage Bazaar.
  • Start the day with breakfast at Wish Coffee House inside LXFactory.
  • Mercado da Ribeira is the place to buy the most beautiful flowers.
  • LXFactory has plenty of nice shops if you're in need of inspiration.
  • Eat your way through Portugal at the big market, Mercado da Ribeira.
  • Stroll through the streets and feel the pulse of Lisbon.

My thoughts about Lisbon

What do you love about your destination?

Lisbon is inspiring because it is a mixture of a modern urban city with a traditional village feeling.

Which music fits best to your destination?

Something jazzy.

As a mother of (soon) four kids, I have established my own atelier where I can work at home as a ceramic designer.
Our home is full of love, with beautiful details in every corner.
Creative space.
Art is a big part of my life.

Take a vacation into My life

What is the best moment of the day?

When I pick up my kids at school.

What inspires you?

I love going to the theatre, to dance performances, and other artistic events; that's a big inspiration. Honestly I'm so passionate about my work that I'm always working even when I'm not, so at any moment I can be inspired to have a new idea.

How would a good friend describe you?

Hopefully they would say that I am careful and generous.

Your lifestyle in 5 words?

Busy, relaxed, passionate, watchful, and happy.

Which books, newspapers or magazines do you read?

I am addicted to good magazines. I like Living, Elle Deco UK, Kinfolk, Milk etc.

Which films blow your mind?

I don't watch much TV but I like good movies, especially movies inspired by true stories.

Person you’d like to sit next to in an airplane?

Tricia Guild.

What are your favourite destinations around the globe?

I love to visit cities with a lot of cultural activity going on.

Your life philosophy?

Dreams don't work unless you get active.

Suitcase, Backpack or Weekender?

Backpack when exploring nature. Suitcase when exploring cities .

What else should we know about you?

That I love being half Swedish and half Portuguese - I feel like I have the whole world inside me :-)

Travelling is…

discovering yourself and falling in love with the world.

Life is…


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