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My 24 Hours in Vienna

On Saturdays I love to start my day with a nice walk to the market. There are several organic markets in Vienna and one of my favourites is just around the corner of my flat, in the 8th district in the Lange Gasse. I always buy fruit and veggies for the week there. Luckily my favoured cheese shop called Jumi is close by. They offer their cheese in beautiful wooden humidors and you can taste everything before you decide what to buy. This shop has a fun atmosphere, they play music and a mirror ball blinks above your head while the owner tells you all about his cheese.

When I want to have breakfast outside my apartment, Joseph Brot is where I go to start my day in a delicious and healthy way. I savour their terrific bread and pastries while sitting in the wonderful light of an Ingo Maurer lustre. The Koko Chanel drink (a refreshing coconut boost) along with a healthy breakfast consisting of whole-grain bread, salmon, eggs and a sweet chia vanilla pudding makes me very happy.

Afterwards I leisurely stroll from the 3rd district into the 1st district. I pass by a great new cheese shop and restaurant called Lingenhel. Their products and dishes are amazing and so is the interior; well-chosen and conductive to a pleasant atmosphere. I stop for a short visit at the MAK – the museum of applied arts – for some contemporary art inspirations. Check out the impressive main hall of the building, hang around for a while and take in the effect of this spaciousness. The museum shop is worth visiting, too.

Now I wander along the ancient buildings of the city centre and pop into Marco Simonis Bastei for a glass of crémant and some crunchy saffron-curry nuts to go. For some sophisticated fashion finds I head to the concept store called Song in the 2nd district, close to the Danube river. Ringing the bell here before entering always allows you a special welcome. Selected high fashion articles and several luxurious leather goods, creative perfumes and candles are presented throughout the store and a beautiful gallery completes this extraordinary shopping experience.

For the best coffee in town I walk into the coffee shop Balthasar which takes me five minutes walking, coming from Song. These guys work with a very unique machine and fulfil all your coffee wishes in a perfect manner.

I simply love roaming the streets of Vienna, especially because of the stunning architecture everywhere. It might be lunchtime by now and for that I highly recommend the Israeli bistro Miznon in the 1st district. A vibrant restaurant where you order with self-service and they shout out your name through the whole place as soon as your meal is ready. The atmosphere in there is very pleasant and amusing. Most of the time I end up having the grilled and very tasty cauliflower or broccoli dish. The stuffed pita breads I also like a lot.

For a little timeout after lunch, I like to relax in the wonderful Burggarten. I lie down in the grass and read a book or I just watch the clouds passing by in the sky. If it is already late afternoon, I meet with friends and we have a glass of wine leaning on the balustrade of Palmenhaus. Sometimes I also take a walk through the nearby Volksgarten which is just another fantastic park in the city. When I stroll through this park I like walking around the ancient Theseustempel which is surrounded by thousands of rose bushes gleaming in different colours. Sometimes you even see and hear skilled guitar players in front of the temple – an unforgettable moment, every time!

For a special view over the city I drive to the 16th district (reachable by bus), where I walk up the hill Gallitzinberg to the castle Schloss Wilhelminenberg. Be amazed by this exceptional view of the Viennese downtown! On your way up or down the hill, stop at the romantic Villa Aurora for a cool drink and a little snack.

Back in the city, I’m heading to one of my favourite stores in Vienna. Habari sells exceptionally manufactured story-telling goods. You can find all sorts of unique interior products, textiles and accessories produced in traditional workshops, hailing mostly from Africa but also Japan, France and the UK. Especially the lower floor provides a special atmosphere if you feel like escaping into another world from time to time. Near Habari you can find a very charming old staircase called Fillgraderstiege. Built around 1905, this staircase bridges the gap between different levels of the 6th district. If you keep on walking you will get to one of Vienna’s landmarks, the Naschmarkt, within minutes. Besides all the other fantastic food stalls, there is the most authentic Japanese kitchen bistro called Kuishimbo. It’s very small but lovely for lunch or a snack in between. I love the spinach sesame salad as well as the different Ongiri or Takoyaki – a Japanese speciality with octopus.

Slowly but steadily moving towards my neighbourhood I stop for a delectable scoop of ice cream at Veganista which has the best vegan ice cream in town. Try “matcha” or something even more fancy like black sesame which will give you a natural high because of its intense flavor. It’s also this corner of Vienna, around St. Ulrichsplatz, where some of my favourite shops are located. There is Burggasse 24, a very cool secondhand shop (as well as café) offering brands of international and Austrian fashion designers. Close by, Sous-Bois is selling the most fabulous stationery items made by prestigious brands and designers like Kaweco, Nomess Copenhagen, Midori and many more. Sometimes they even offer arts and crafts workshops. At the fashion store Mala I always try on the latest Scandinavian collections by Munthe or Filippa K. On the opposite side of the street you can find SU jewelry. I adore their unconventional and distinct handmade necklaces, rings and bracelets by designers from Istanbul. Now I’m in my beloved neighbourhood which never gives me a big city feel and I really appreciate this cosy and snugly atmosphere.

Sometimes I feel like squeezing in an art exhibition on my little shopping tour whereby I prefer to go to  the Leopold Museum in the Museumsquartier. Especially on Thursday evenings (extended opening hours to 9 pm) I like joining the curator-guided tours. The museum shows a great collection of the artworks of Egon Schiele and some famous Klimt paintings, too. The museum Albertina is another favourite spot of mine for enjoying some beautiful art that is exhibited in an iconic classical building.

Now that I’m up to date regarding fashion and art, I like to go to ERICH for a laid-back dinner. It is a modern bistro located in front of St. Ulrich’s church with a cosy outdoor area. They also know how to prepare lovely gin cocktails.

For a real gourmet dinner, I recommend booking a table at Shiki which is a Japanese fine dining brasserie and bar in the city centre, close to the Staatsoper. The restaurant was opened by the famous conductor and violinist Joji Hattori. Honestly, I have never had such good sushi before in my life. The tasting menus are simply amazing but the single dishes are also nothing to scoff at. I personally cannot leave without having had the Wagyu Beef carpaccio.

After this flavourful delight a rooftop drink rounds off the day perfectly. Therefore I like to go to Le Loft, situated in the hotel Sofitel. From here you have the best view over the heart of Vienna while sipping a Jungle Bird or French75, sitting on elegant furniture from Jean Nouvel underneath the glowing ceiling designed by Pipilotti Rist. My perfect day ends with some cool beats and drinks at the fly bar Kleinod.


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Organic MarketLange Gasse, Wien, Österreich

Organic products from local farmers.
Jumi KäseLange G. 29, Wien, Österreich

Buy the most delicious cheeses while dancing beneath the mirror ball in this funky shop.
Joseph BrotLandstraßer Hauptstraße 4, Wien, Österreich

You have to taste the crusty loaves of bread and all the other good stuff they sell here.
LingenhelLandstraßer Hauptstraße 74, Wien, Österreich

A wonderful cheese shop and lovely bistro all in one place.
MAKStubenring 5, Wien, Österreich

Be inspired by these amazing contemporary art exhibitions!
Marco Simonis BasteiDominikanerbastei 10, Wien, Österreich

A beautiful delicatessen shop.
SongPraterstraße 11-13, Wien, Österreich

A very appealing presentation of high-class fashion and design objects.
Balthasar Kaffee BarPraterstraße 38, Wien, Österreich

This is where you get the best coffee in Vienna.
MiznonSchulerstraße 4, Wien, Österreich

A down-to-earth place place serving amazing Israeli food.
BurggartenBurggarten, Josefsplatz, Wien, Österreich

Stroll around, lie in the grass, relax - an oasis of green in the busy city centre.
PalmenhausHanuschgasse, 1010 Wien, Österreich

Have a glass of wine or a piece of cake on this fantastic terrace.
VolksgartenVolksgarten, Wien, Österreich

Feel the sublime, regal atmosphere when walking through the picturesque Volksgarten.
TheseustempelTheseus Temple, 1010 Wien, Österreich

A classical building, wonderful to look at.
Schloss WilhelminenbergSavoyenstraße 3, 1170 Wien, Österreich

From up here you have an amazing panoramic view of downtown Vienna.
Villa AuroraSavoyenstraße 5, 1170 Wien, Österreich

Grab a little snack or refreshment on your way up the hill.
HabariTheobaldgasse 16, Wien, Österreich

I love their great interior pieces, fabrics and accessories. A great place to get a gift for yourself or your family and friends.
FillgraderstiegeFillgradergasse 5, 1060 Wien, Österreich

You might think it’s only a staircase but this is a special one. I love the details and the colouring of the casting parts; the Art Nouveau architecture is over one hundred years old. From here it is only a few minutes until you reach the famous Naschmarkt.
KuishimboLinke Wienzeile 40, Wien, Österreich

Authentic and delicious Japanese kitchen. This place is tiny but they also do takeaway.
VeganistaNeustiftgasse 23, Wien, Österreich

Veganista treats you to seasonal inspired flavours and ice cream classics - all vegan, all natural.
Burggasse 24Burggasse 24, Wien, Österreich

Lovely second-hand shop!
Sous-BoisNeustiftgasse 33, Wien, Österreich

Here you’ll find the coolest and most stylish stationery. Pimp your office!
MalaJosefstädter Straße 17, Wien, Österreich

Shop the latest, high-class, Scandinavian fashion here!
SU jewelryJosefstädter Straße 20/4, Wien, Österreich

Handmade Turkish jewelry.
Leopold MuseumMuseumsplatz 1, Wien, Österreich

I love coming here in the evenings when they offer various guided tours of the museum.
ERICHNeustiftgasse 27, Wien, Österreich

A cool bistro with a nice outdoor area.
ShikiKrugerstraße 3, Wien, Österreich

This Japanese fine dining brasserie serves you the best sushi in town (maybe even in Austria)!
Le Loft / SofitelPraterstraße 1, Wien, Österreich

A stylish rooftop bar with a stunning view over the heart of Vienna.
KleinodSingerstraße 7, Wien, Österreich

A cool, hidden bar that serves great drinks and plays excellent music.
NaschmarktNaschmarkt, Wien, Österreich

This market with permanent stalls is every foodie’s dream!
AlbertinaAlbertinaplatz 1, Wien, Österreich

The museum is renowned for its eclectic and extraordinary collections of art.
‘I love Vienna for its high standard of living as well as for the cosiness of the city.’
  • Enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee at the Balthasar café. © Nicky Webb
  • This petite square is where the restaurant ERICH treats you to excellent food and gin tonics. © ERICH
  • This is the view you want to have of a city. The Loft Bar makes it possible. © Rafaela Proell
  • The café Balthasar is a perfect place for working, reading, chatting or simply having great coffee. © Nicky Webb
  • The restaurant ERICH presents to you a table full of joy! © ERICH
  • Take a break on a romantic park bench in one of the many beautiful parks of Vienna.
  • The bakery Joseph Brot serves very delicious and healthy breakfast as well. © Joseph Brot
  • Visit the museum MAK and be awed by its impressive main hall and the wonderful art, of course!
  • We love having lunch at the authentic Japanese bistro Kuishimbo.
  • © Joseph Brot
  • Take a little souvenir home with you and get a Balthasar coffee bag. © Nicky Webb
  • Have a look at the beautiful and luxurious articles sold at the concept store Song.
  • Treat yourself to these sweet little cakes at Joseph Brot. Delicious! © Joseph Brot
  • The good vibes at the restaurant ERICH can be recognised in the whole concept. I love it! © ERICH
  • Just looking at these crusty loaves of bread is making me hungry - head to Joseph Brot straight away! © Joseph Brot
  • One of my favourite interior stores: Habari
  • Café ERICH knows what’s good.
  • Do your grocery shopping at the fabulous organic market at Lange Gasse.
  • Visit the museum Albertina for its great art collections.
  • Watch a breathtaking sunset while having a drink at the Loft Bar of the Sofitel Hotel. © Rafaela Proell

My thoughts about Vienna

What do you love about your destination?

I love the mixture of ancient raconteur buildings and the great accessibility of all those special places in the centre of Vienna. Also, being spoilt for choice when it comes to international cuisine and distinctive vibes in every district is something I really appreciate. Many cultural events take place on the well-known stages like Staatsoper or Burgtheater, and many music festivals are held regularly all over the city. It is great to have so many parks and green corners in the city and vineyards nearby. Then there are the beautiful typical Austrian taverns with a wine garden, called “Heuriger”. If you like to go swimming in natural water in the summertime the Danube river is close by. If you enjoy the surfer scene, a short drive (45 min) to Neusiedel lake is another option. For more outdoor activities Lower Austria offers quite a few nice spots like Hohe Wand in the South or the Wachau northwest of Vienna. I love Vienna for its high standard of living as well as for the cosiness of the city.

Which music fits best to your destination?

A mix of Parov Stelar and Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” (both originating from Vienna).

"I simply love roaming the streets of Vienna, especially because of the stunning architecture everywhere."
Get your hands on some unique fashion articles at the wonderful secondhand shop Burggasse 24.
Pop in for a quick lunch at Kuishimbo and you'll be on your way with a smile on your face.
I love watching the guitar players in front of the Theseustempel in the Volksgarten.

Take a vacation into My life

What’s your background?

I work as a Design Manager & Coach in Vienna and I love exploring the world. As a bon vivant I appreciate discovering new soulful spots and their culinary specialities wherever I go. I am fascinated by the power of inspiring places and enjoy looking at aesthetically designed objects. Born in the countryside, I like the balance of feeling nature’s spirit and living in an urban setting at the same time.

What is the best moment of the day?

There is no best moment; each day, I enjoy different moments, also depending on the current season. At the moment I really like the time before sunset when the sunlight fades out and the sky glows in such a special shade of blue.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by meeting people who love what they do and express themselves in an appropriate and authentic way. Moreover, well-designed places really captivate me. Places where you forget your current location and dip into another scenery.

How would a good friend describe you?

Soulful aesthete who loves hosting people. Curious about new prospects and constantly driven by "Entdeckerlust," the lust to discover. Analytical and virtuosic.

Your lifestyle in 5 words?

In motion, pulsating, straightforward.

Which books, newspapers or magazines do you read?

TCM books, Die Zeit, Monocle, several architectural magazines such as AD, Coté, Places of Spirit and more.

Which films blow your mind?

A Beautiful Mind, House of Cards, National Geographic.

Person you’d like to sit next to in an airplane?

Coco Chanel – but unfortunately it’s too late for that.

What are your favourite destinations around the globe?

South Africa, Stockholm, Berlin, South Tyrol, Vienna.

Your life philosophy?

Life is too short for a "maybe".

Suitcase, Backpack or Weekender?

A suitcase and a car.

Travelling is…


Life is…

a playground deluxe.


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