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Erik recently moved to Berlin to start his studies in fashion management and further his career as one of the most influential German fashion bloggers of his age.

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My 24 Hours in Berlin

I live in the Moabit district of Berlin and get up every day at around 7 am. I start answering a few emails first, alongside a fresh cup of coffee. Then it’s time to head to class, where I spend the next hours until lunch. I’m currently studying fashion management at the BBW Hochschule in Charlottenburg. Afterwards, I usually make my way to the Mitte or Prenzlauer Berg districts for meetings and that’s why I pop into St. Oberholz for coffee on a regular basis. This is a good place to sit down and work because they serve great coffee and the internet connection is good as well – an important fact indeed! One of my favourite lunch places, next to the amazing Shiso Burger joint or The Store Berlin, is the Vietnamese restaurant Fam Dang at the square Rosenthalerplatz. It’s delicious and quite reasonably priced. More cafés in the area I love are East & Eden and Superfoods & Organic Liquids.

When I’m done here I go back to Moabit to work off more emails and slip into another outfit. My good friend Nina, who I met at the ‘Germany’s New Influencer’ event and who came in second, is already waiting for me at the café Garcia, where we often meet, so I make my way there quickly. This is our creative hub, where we talk about projects, answer emails and take care of university stuff. It’s either that or the café Spontan: Coffee & Stuff, which I also like a lot.

Now it’s time for a little photo shoot and I always love to go to the Bundestag for this, as it’s quite simply great scenery. The Berlin Upper Eastside street Friedrichstraße is another fantastic shooting location because the vibe here feels very New York-esque to me. And then there is of course the riverside of the Spree, which is always suitable for taking a cool picture. Last but not least, one of my all-time favourite spots is the Museumsinsel, which is full of beautiful little corners where you can sit and relax when it’s nice and sunny outside. Honestly, Berlin has so many of these corners to offer, but some specific spots where I personally love to go for a good coffee, fantastic brunch or just to hang out with friends are the cafés A never ending love story, What do you fancy love, Roamers and La Tazza.

When we want to party, Avenue is a cool hip-hop club we like to go to, as is the House of Weekend, where you can enjoy drinks with friends on their amazing rooftop terrace.

Obviously, I go shopping a lot and when I get coffee at Kaffeemitte, I rummage around the area of the Hackescher Markt or look for stuff in the Schönhauser Allee. My current love piece is a grey coat that I found at the Weekday store. I just love coats and jackets, I probably have about 40–50 in my closet! Everybody can have a bad fashion day but as soon as you put on a cool coat everything will be alright. But at the end of the day, the most amazing thing about Berlin is that everybody can unleash the inner freak and just be themselves!


BBW HochschuleLeibnizstraße 11-13, Berlin, Deutschland

My university, where I currently study fashion management.
St. OberholzRosenthaler Str. 72A, Berlin, Deutschland

Great coffee and speedy WiFi –the perfect place to get some work done.
Shiso BurgerAuguststraße 29C, Berlin, Deutschland

I just love their Asian burgers – they serve great dishes with and without meat!
The Store BerlinTorstraße 1, Berlin, Deutschland

These two floors of the Soho House in Berlin are full of exciting fashion, furniture, music, art and books. When you’re done exploring, have lunch here and enjoy Cecconi’s and The Store Kitchen’s delicious food.
Fam DangTorstraße 125, Berlin, Deutschland

My all-time favourite lunch spot.
East & EdenTorstraße 141, Berlin, Deutschland

Treat yourself to one of the best avocado sandwiches in town and a super yummy piece of cake – now also open on Sundays.
Superfoods & Organic LiquidsWeinbergsweg 23, Berlin, Deutschland

This is your healthy food place for a delicious, feelgood weekend brunch.
GarciaWaldstraße 5, Berlin, Deutschland

We are definitely regulars at this café, and we love to exchange ideas over coffee here.
Spontan: Coffee & StuffGotzkowskystraße 29, Berlin, Deutschland

Get yourself some coffee here, have a look at the wonderful jewellery of Marie Schmitz or borrow a board game.
BundestagPlatz der Republik, 10557, Berlin, Deutschland

I always enjoy the impressive atmosphere around the Reichstag building and it’s a great location for photo shoots as well.
Upper EastsideFriedrichstraße, Berlin, Deutschland

This is downtown Berlin, and the very heart of the city when you’re looking for culture, high-end shopping and entertainment.
MuseumsinselMuseumsinsel, Berlin, Deutschland

The Museumsinsel is a beautiful place I highly recommend strolling around when in Berlin.
A never ending love storyBleibtreustraße 5, Berlin, Deutschland

Everything at this cosy brunch place is made with love and passion.
What do you fancy loveKnesebeckstraße 68/69, Berlin, Deutschland

Start your day right, with freshly prepared bagel and juice at this lovely café.
RoamersPannierstraße 64, Berlin, Deutschland

Roamers is beautiful and I love their food, coffee and interior – very unique!
La TazzaHufelandstraße 18, Berlin, Deutschland

A good place to get a solid breakfast.
AvenueKarl-Marx-Allee 34, Berlin, Deutschland

A stylish club that plays good hip-hop.
House of WeekendAlexanderstraße 7, Berlin, Deutschland

Warm summer nights are best spent here, with a drink in your hand and a fantastic view over the city.
KaffeemitteWeinmeisterstraße 9A, Berlin, Deutschland

Get your caffeine kick before your shopping spree at Kaffeemitte!
Hackescher MarktHackescher Markt, Berlin, Deutschland

A good starting point for an extensive shopping tour.
Schönhauser AlleeSchönhauser Allee, Berlin, Deutschland

A true fashion avenue – lots to see here, have fun!
‘The blog is my way of fulfilling my dreams.’
  • What do you fancy love? serves everything I fancy and love for breakfast.
  • Looking for healthy and delicious food and juices? Check out the Superfood & Organic Liquids café.
  • The Asian burgers from Shiso Burger are a great way to subdue a rumbling stomach after long meetings or study sessions.
  • Roamers is one of the most beautiful cafés I know, even their food always looks picture perfect.
  • La Tazza is always a nice place to meet for a big brunch and a good talk.
  • The Vietnamese restaurant Fam Dang is my all-time favourite lunch spot, make sure to check it out.
  • The name of the coffee place ‘A never ending love story’ speaks for itself, it really does!
  • Studying Fashion Management gives me the opportunity to combine my love for fashion with the curiosity for business.
  • Having a good time in Berlin, my new home.
  • St. Oberholz is where I often come to sit and get work done. They have everything I need: great coffee and fast internet.
  • When my good friend Nina aren’t at café Garcia, our second regular hangout is the café Spontan: Coffee & Stuff.

My thoughts about Berlin

What do you love about your destination?

The major contrasts, for example between Kreuzberg and the Upper East Side; I love how many different faces Berlin has.

Which music fits best to your destination?

The new album by The XX.

Good times and great food at The Store Berlin!

Take a vacation into My life

What’s your background?

I was born in Saxony, in a little village with a population of around forty people. I was happy there, but I always felt that I stood out and that people were laughing at what I was doing, just because I dressed differently and pictures of mine were starting to be shared online in 2014 – here in Berlin this is nothing unusual! My love for fashion grew bigger and bigger and – I must admit – its origin is watching ‘Germany’s next Topmodel’. Later I started watching international fashion weeks on Youtube and buying GQ’s magazine GQ Style. After graduating from school, I worked in engineering for two months – something completely different, but it was fun. That was the time when I saw the campaign of Grazia and H&M, where they were looking for ‘Germany’s New Influencer’. I applied and was invited to the award show in Cologne, where I ended up taking first place. After the show, I went to London straight away to visit the Fashion Week there and, when I came back home, I moved to Berlin immediately. Everything went pretty quickly! In Berlin I started studying fashion management at the university BBW Hochschule in Charlottenburg and I started blogging a lot more. Now I really have the time to do it all; I have my own flat and I can totally be myself. Berlin is where I feel at home, where I can act out my style and where people encourage and support me in what I’m doing. Regarding my style: it’s always dependent on how my day is going. Often, I like it casual, all black everything. But mostly, I prefer my outfit to be chic, classy and dapper with modern elements. Less is more. But it really differs from day to day. If I had a ton of money, I’d shop at Gucci all the time; for now, Zara and Asos will have to do, but they are pretty good in their own right. It’s usually possible to find some cool statement pieces and patches there.
What I really want to achieve with my blog is to make a mark in the fashion world and inspire others, especially boys and men who are prone to thinking only women can wear striking outfits. The blog is my way of fulfilling my dreams!

What is the best moment of the day?

The most creative phase of my day begins after 5 pm – this is when I’m full of motivation and inspiration. But really the best moments are when I receive positive feedback from my followers, for example when a picture blows up and gets a lot of comments. This is when all the work of communicating with people feels like it’s paying off.

What inspires you?

Other bloggers inspire me a lot. When it comes to men’s blogs, I really like Carlo Sestini. With regards to women's blogs, the whole German blogger elite are doing a great job.

Person you’d like to sit next to in an airplane?

A few years ago, I would have said Miley Cyrus. She used to be my biggest idol and her courageous change and transition impressed me a lot. Today I would say it’s Kristina Bazan. I’ve been following her for a long, long time now and, since I have feel like I know here inside out, I would love to meet and get to know her in person.

What are your favourite destinations around the globe?

It’s a classic: New York. Even if I only spent five days here, this city has mesmerised me like no other city. I always woke up super early and went for a walk around 6 am just to watch this huge city waking up. This energy, the vibration and pureness of living you experience there is very impressive.

Your life philosophy?

To live and let live.

Suitcase, Backpack or Weekender?


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Life is…

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