Janne & Julian Rönsberg

  • Parents
  • Earring entrepreneurs
  • nature lovers

Janne and Julian are two entrepreneur souls. She is the creative head and he the executive hand. It's a perfect match!

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Our 24 Hours in Berlin

Wake up early on a beautiful (summer) day, grab the kids and drive – still hungry – to the Winterfeldt Markt, Berlin’s best farmers’ market, where you can buy anything your heart desires: organic fruits and vegetables from local farms, wild herbs and edible flowers, freshly baked bread, homemade jams or beautiful bouquets of wild flowers. Look for the longest queue in the middle of the market – the tiramisu sold there by a friendly Italian woman is worth every minute of waiting. Enjoy this small taste of happiness together with a nice strong espresso or a hot chocolate for the little ones!

Grab a delicious falafel at Habibi and a few other items for a picnic, then head out of the city. Rent bikes at Wannsee station and cycle to the Liebermann Villa (a small exhibition with nice gardens), then follow the small path along the Wannsee to the landing pier of the Pfaueninsel, where you’ll take the ferry onto a little island. Alternatively, take a bus tour through a beautiful forest to the Pfaueninsel. The Pfaueninsel is the perfect spot for a family picnic with castle ruins, beautiful peacocks, and great views of the lake.

If you still have some time for a side trip, visit one of the most idyllic cafés in Berlin – The Mutter Fourage. Situated in a little (and often sunny) courtyard, this is a spot where you can enjoy superb organic salads or excellent cakes. Kids can roam around and right next to the café is a little farm shop with seasonal fruits and vegetables which are lovingly displayed. It really feels like a trip down memory lane.

At night, meet some friends at Café Schlacht, a cozy restaurant near Schlachtensee where they have the best wiener schnitzel outside of Vienna, and other Austrian delicacies (the Kaiserschmarrn is absolutely mouth watering). Ask for the table at the window – on a nice summer night, your kids can sleep in the buggy just on the other side of the window pane while you enjoy your dinner. After a beautiful day outdoors, the S1 train takes you directly back into the heart of the city.

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Winterfeldt MarktWinterfeldtmarkt, Winterfeldtstraße, Berlin, Deutschland

A local farmers' market.
HabibiGoltzstraße 24, Berlin, Deutschland

Best spot for delicious falafel.
Wannsee BahnhofBerlin Wannsee, Wannsee, Deutschland

Rent bikes here.
Liebermann VillaColomierstraße 3, Berlin, Deutschland

Small exhibitions and beautiful gardens.
PfaueninselPfaueninsel, Wannsee, Deutschland

Perfect little getaway from the city.
Mutter FourageChausseestraße 15A, Berlin, Deutschland

Nice location and yummy organic snacks.
Café SchlachtBreisgauer Str. 2, Berlin, Deutschland

Austrian-inspired cuisine.
‘Inspiration can be anywhere.’
  • The Winterfeldt Markt offers a wide range of delicious goods. © Ashley Ludaescher Photography
  • The best way to start the day - looking at the people you love. © Ashley Ludaescher Photography
  • © Ashley Ludaescher Photography
  • The Mutter Fourage, one of Berlin's most idyllic cafés. © Ashley Ludaescher Photography
  • The magnificent peacocks on Pfaueninsel. © Ashley Ludaescher Photography
  • Freshly cut flowers are often a source of inspiration for me. © Ashley Ludaescher Photography
  • At the Winterfeldt Markt you will get the freshest vegetables from local farmers. © Ashley Ludaescher Photography

Our thoughts about Berlin

What do you love about your destination?

Berlin’s diversity – inspiring galleries, fancy restaurants and trendy clubs in the urban areas and stunning forests, hidden castles and wonderful lakes in the surrounding countryside – paired with a lot of history.

What‘s a "must do" in your destination?

There are so many “must dos” in Berlin – if you love food and nature, then just start with our perfect 24hrs.

Being a parent is the most exciting journey we've ever travelled. © Ashley Ludaescher Photography
© Ashley Ludaescher Photography

Take a vacation into Our life

What’s your background?

We are a loving couple and parents of two adventurous sons, Franziskus and Antonius. Coming from Hamburg and Munich we moved to Berlin together. The wide spectrum of fast, modern and unconventional living in the centre of Berlin to the bohemian suburbs never fails to fascinate us. Janne's love and passion for statement earrings inspired us to launch our own online business - SchwesterSchwester - selling stylish and colorful earrings to likeminded jewelry addicts.

What is the best moment of the day?

A wonderful, long, delicious breakfast enjoyed with people you love.

What inspires you?

Inspiration can be anywhere - people who love what they do, authentic people, brave people, laughter with friends, a walk alone in the forest, a delicious meal, the smell of freshly cut flowers ...life is full of so many precious little moments that spark the imagination.

How would a good friend describe you?

Lovers of food and life, crazy about earrings, inspiring, living their dreams, brave.

Your lifestyle in 5 words?

Loving, inspirational, open-minded, classic, adventurous.

Which books, newspapers or magazines do you read?

Die Zeit, SZ magazine, Vogue, addicted to various fashion and lifestyle magazines, TED talks on the iPhone, Happinez mag, Emotion mag, British detective novels by Reginald Hill.

Which films blow your mind?

Downton Abbey, Mad Men, Matchpoint, Sesamstraße and many, many more.

Person you’d like to sit next to in an airplane?

Next to each other.

What are your favourite destinations around the globe?

Gargnano, Lago di Garda, Amsterdam, Stellenbosch, St. Andrews and of course Berlin.

Your life philosophy?

Live, love, shine.

Suitcase, Backpack or Weekender?

Janne: Definitely a suitcase to fit in all my earrings and dresses.

Julian: Weekender.

Travelling is…

learning – about yourself, other people and cultures. Truly inspiring!

Life is…

valuing the present moment and allowing the magic to unfold.

Photos by Ashley Ludaescher Photography

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