Karin Kaswurm & Georg Teigl

  • Sports addicts
  • globetrotters
  • lovers

Karin and Georg both grew up in rural areas of Austria. When they found each other they decided to follow their dreams together.

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Our 24 Hours in Leipzig

I usually run to our favorite breakfast place, which is about 7km one way from Johannapark in Leipzig downtown, while Georg is taking the car.

We then meet at Brot & Kees in Markleeberg where everything is homemade and they only use regional products. After breakfast, we take a walk down to Cospudener Lake, just a few minutes away. If the weather is nice Georg takes our SUP boards with him – we love paddling on the lake in the tranquility and pure nature. We are almost always the only people out there.

For a late lunch I usually run back into town and we meet at Hotel Seeblick (Südvorstadt) for some pancakes, or at Liebes Frollein – a tiny new coffee place in town – for a delicious piece of cake. Café BAU BAU is another favourite café of ours, it’s close to Johannapark and inside the Gallery of Contemporary Art.

The restaurant Max Enk is a very nice place for lunch – they have an awesome lunch menu that’s great value for your money. We would most probably just grab a quick bite from Vleischerei, a vegan bistro.

For dinner we’d either have a BBQ with friends at home on our terrace, or head over to the “Musikerviertel” district to the restaurant B10. The owner is from New Zealand and you can tell he has been all over the world. The food is different from any other restaurant in town and it really has its own flair. A MUST if you are in Leipzig! I absolutely love their tuna tartare and Georg can’t leave without having a slice of their heavenly chocolate cake.

More places to stuff your faces are Sakura (tasty sushi) and the Westin Hotel’s restaurant Falco (fine dining). The best place for dinner with a great view is at the Panorama Tower which houses a restaurant and a bar.

For something more laid back we suggest grabbing a burger at “Burger am Kreuz” – the variety there is huge! Even if you prefer your burger vegan style, this is the place to be. And the sweet potato fries are too good to be true.

On weekends we like to have a few drinks at the Chocolate bar, which has a nice dance floor downstairs and is located in the city centre. The club Elipamanoke is perfect for electro music lovers like us! If you’re not in the mood to hit the clubs, then check out Moritzbastei where they offer all sorts of events, stand-up comedy, and much more.


Brot & KeesAm Wolfswinkel 70, 04277 Leipzig, Deutschland

Lovely place for a tasty breakfast.
Hotel SeeblickKarl-Liebknecht-Straße 125, Leipzig, Deutschland

Pancake heaven.
Mein Liebes FrolleinFichtestraße 15, Leipzig, Deutschland

Best cakes in town.
B10Beethovenstraße 10, Leipzig, Deutschland

Fine dining in a special atmosphere.
Curry Süd - Burger am KreuzKochstraße 134, Leipzig, Deutschland

Huge selection of delicious burgers and the best sweet potato fries.
Café Bau BauKarl-Tauchnitz-Straße 9-11, Leipzig, Deutschland

The café's interior is based on designs by the artist Céline Condorelli.
VleischereiZschochersche Str. 23, Leipzig, Deutschland

They serve tasty vegan kebabs and burgers.
SakuraBosestraße 4, Leipzig, Deutschland

This is a nice place to have some delicious sushi.
Panorama TowerAugustusplatz 9, Leipzig, Deutschland

At the top you have a spectacular view over Leipzig and the restaurant is pretty good too.
Falco RestaurantGerberstraße 15, Leipzig, Deutschland

Located inside the Westin Hotel, Falco restaurant is the perfect place for fine dining.
Max EnkNeumarkt 9, Leipzig, Deutschland

Awesome lunch menu where you get 3-4 course meals for about 15-20 euro.
ElipamanokeMarkranstädter Str. 4, Leipzig, Deutschland

A cool club promoting electro music, arts, and fun.
Chocolate barBarfußgäßchen 12, Leipzig, Deutschland

This is a bar, restaurant, and club all in one. The concept is successful in a nice location with a good vibe.
MoritzbasteiUniversitätsstraße 9, Leipzig, Deutschland

This used to be a place visited mostly by students but developed into a cultural centre offering a lot of cool events.
‘When wanderlust and love come together.’
  • Buy yourself some flowers!
  • The café Liebes Frollein offers delicious cakes and pancakes.
  • The B10 has to be on everybody's bucket list for Leipzig. Great food, great owner, great atmosphere!
  • Warm summer nights are made for BBQs on the balcony.
  • Vleischerei makes vegans happy.
  • For a late lunch we usually meet at Hotel Seeblick (Südvorstadt) for some pancakes. Yummy!
  • Have breakfast in Markkleeberg at Brot & Kees.
  • At Brot & Kees in Markleeberg everything is homemade and they only use regional products. After enjoying our breakfast, we take a walk down to Cospudener Lake which is only a few minutes away.

Our thoughts about Leipzig

What do you love about your destination?

Leipzig is very green! The people are friendly and outgoing and you always feel welcome.

Which music fits best to your destination?

The album “Reisedrang” von “Pischinger & Dermota”.

Georg loves to take our SUP board with him and enjoy the tranquility and pure nature on Cospudener Lake.
Moritzbastei is the centre for culture and youth in Leipzig.
We love "Mein liebes Frollein" - such a pretty café.
Enjoy the tasty burgers at "Burger am Kreuz".

Take a vacation into Our life

What’s your background?

Karin: I grew up in the mountains in a small village called Wagrain. When I turned 21 I knew something had to change and I decided to travel the world- that decision changed everything!

Georg: I grew up in lower Austria near Vienna. My dream of becoming a professional footballer affected my life at an early age. Nowadays I'm living this dream and the football decides where I have to go.

What is the best moment of the day?

Karin: Waking up next to Georg and the moment after I finish my daily morning workout.

Georg: Coming home to Karin after a good training session or game.

What inspires you?

Karin: Travelling no matter if I explore new cities or climb another mountain.

Georg: Football and seeing the world.

Your lifestyle in 5 words?

Karin: Sports, fashion, travelling, best friends, ordinary but special moments.

Georg: Football, music, wanderlust, chilling, ambition.

Which films blow your mind?

Karin: We used to love watching Gossip Girl.

Georg: Inception, Blow.

Person you’d like to sit next to in an airplane?

Karin: Bobby Dekheyser (founder of DEDON) or Steve Jobs (if he was still alive).

Georg: The Wolf of Wall Street or Albert Einstein.

Your life philosophy?

Karin: Dream it, wish it, do it.

Georg: Go for it 100% or don't go at all. There is nothing in between.

Suitcase, Backpack or Weekender?

Karin: Suitcase.

Georg: Weekender.

What else should we know about you?

Karin: I'm a sports addict.

Georg: When I'm mad, all I need is two Snickers bars and a bed.

Travelling is…

Karin: my drug of choice.

Georg: meeting people, exploring new cultures. Those memories never fade or get lost, they are always present in my mind.

Life is…

Karin: pretty good the way it is.

Georg: my chance to express who I am.

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