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Jennifer is an eyewear blogger living in the mountainous state of Vorarlberg in Austria, specifically Lech and Bludenz, where she enjoys life and speeds down the slopes in winter.

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My 24 Hours in Lech

My perfect 24 hours start with a sensational breakfast at Baristro, with a delicious smoothie, a bowl of porridge, some fresh bread and an avocado toast with poached egg. This place is not only very laid-back, it’s also located right in the centre of Lech, a perfect starting point for a day of skiing, or just strolling through the streets.

If I decide to go skiing for the day, I honestly always have a hard time deciding which ski slope to choose. I don’t know of any other skiing area that offers so many great slopes, ski lifts and generally just this much space. If you’re into winter sports, Lech is the place where you want to be because everything is of great quality and it’s just a lot of fun here. The Rud Alpe is my place to go when I only want to have a small bite between bouts of skiing. They serve succulent salads and I love to eat outside when the sun is shining. If it’s a really cold day, I stop at the Kriegeralpe for a hot drink. A must-visit for all gourmets is the restaurant Schlegelkopf, which serves amazing sushi, steaks and oysters at 1800 metres above sea level. A favourite secret spot of mine to watch the sunset from is the Balmalp. Every time I come here I’m torn between sentimentality and astonishment at the surreal beauty of nature. Back in the valley and having a successful skiing day behind me I sometimes like to go for a drink at the Krone Bar. My personal way of Aprés Ski.

If, rather than skiing, I should feel more like taking it easy after breakfast, I like to stroll around and stop by the stores in Lech. One of my all-time favourites is the fashion store Strolz. It’s five levels full of accessories and fashion for every age and style, no matter if it’s high fashion or traditional clothes. There is a café inside as well which is great when you need a little break from shopping. I like to head to Sagmeister afterwards, a small and very lovely boutique with wonderful French brands like Chloé. C.R.A.F.T Store is your address for fashion casual-chic. Their jeans are all designed and produced in Portugal and as soon as you enter the store you can feel this certain bohemian atmosphere. I also love their interior design, with all the beautiful black and white photographs on the wall, underlining their style.

For a major break from shopping, look for the gondola which takes you to the little village Oberlech, where you can best spend the sunny hours at the terrace of the Hotel Mohnenfluh. Get yourself a sun chair, a nice drink and a small delicacy and enjoy the view. Two hours of lounging on their terrace feels like two days of holiday. The gondola is the only way to get up there, which makes this little hideaway even more exciting, and the view over Lech is equally wonderful during the night and during the day.

When it comes to dinner, I love to go to the pizzeria Schneggarei in Lech, which is a great place to unwind after the heated Aprés-Ski atmosphere. The Ambrosiusstube is where I go when I want a casual dinner in a cosy atmosphere. For those who want to try something new, I recommend the exquisite fusion of Asian specialities and Western essences at FUX.

I’m definitely up for drinks after dinner, so it’s off to the Krone Lounge again, which is just super warm and welcoming, with its open fireplace and great atmosphere. A night out is best spent at the Hotel Krone’s very own, or Vernissage in the nearby village of Zürs. Both clubs play cool music and are open long enough to satisfy true night owls. For all visitors of Lech and the area, I always recommend staying at the Circle Chalets in Zug or the Hotel Bergkristall in Oberlech. Lech is no low-budget town – which I must admit at this point – but for me, there is no other ski resort that holds so much magic.

Since I don’t live directly in Lech myself, my perfect day ends back in my home village of Bludenz, which has some gems to offer too, like the restaurant Mizzitant, which might just be my favourite place to eat in the world. My husband owns the optician store Bitsche Optik  in Bludenz and this is where I, as an eyewear blogger, always look for new inspiration. Bäsa und Meh has amazing homeware accessories in their store and, last but not least, I always stop by at Jacki’s Blumen for the most wonderful flowers.


BaristroDorf 229, Lech, Österreich

Great breakfast for meat lovers as well as vegans (and anything in-between).
Rud AlpeTannberg 185, Lech, Österreich

A quaint mountain hut with a classy style, which is also noticeable within their menu.
KriegeralpeGrosserbenalpweg, Österreich

The best place to take a break while skiing, as it’s located right by the slopes.
SchlegelkopfrestaurantSchlegelkopf - Oberlech, Österreich

A culinary hot spot, 1800 metres above sea level.
BalmalpZug 353, Lech, Österreich

The modern ski lodge offers both hearty or healthy food – whichever you feel like. You can enjoy the sunset from their heated après-ski bar afterwards!
Hotel KroneDorf 13, Lech, Österreich

Après-ski deluxe, with the best drinks. Enjoy yourself at the bar, by the cosy fireplace in the lounge or in the hotel’s high-class
Strolz ModegeschäftDorf 116, Lech, Österreich

This one-of-a-kind fashion store is set up over multiple levels, and the service is great and very friendly.
SagmeisterDorf 11, Lech, Österreich

Sagmeister has your back if you’re looking for something special to wear.
C.R.A.F.T StoreDorf 199, 6764 Lech, Österreich

Fashionable casual-chic with a light bohemian touch. I love the black and white photography in the store.
Hotel MohnenfluhOberlech 507, Lech, Österreich

The perfect place to enjoy the sparkling wintry scenery – unforgettable moments.
SchneggareiTannberg 629, Lech, Österreich

Especially worth trying: delicious pizza from their wood-fired oven.
AmbrosiusstubeLech 229, Österreich

Great food in a central location.
FUXOmesberg 587, Lech, Österreich

Fantastic Asian fusion cuisine.
VernissageZürs 82, Lech, Österreich

The parties at Vernissage are always a bit artsy, which I like.
Circle ChaletsZug 710, Lech, Österreich

Small but mighty, very mighty!
Hotel BergkristallOberlech 382, Lech, Österreich

This is where design and tradition meet. Their spa is heaven, very chic, and has a fantastic view.
MizzitantHerrengasse 1, Bludenz, Österreich

I love to go to Mizzitant and treat myself to their mouth-watering food – a true gourmet experience.
Bitsche OptikBahnhofstraße 4, Bludenz, Österreich

The biggest optician around, with a huge selection, including all the latest trends.
bäsa und mehWerdenbergerstraße 21, Bludenz, Österreich

Where you’ll always find the perfect gift.
Jacki’s BlumenMühlgasse 9, Bludenz, Österreich

A delightful little flower shop.
‘Everything we’ve got here is high-quality and there’s a gem hidden around every corner. This is why I love my homeland!’
  • Rent your skis at Strolz and off you go to the slopes!
  • The C.R.A.F.T Store has everything I want in fashion: casual, but still chic.
  • The quality of life in Lech is exceptional.
  • When it’s cold outside you need vitamins to keep you sound – I recommend a juice or smoothie at Baristro.
  • The fashion store Strolz has five levels altogether – you’ll find everything you could want here.
  • The mountains, the snow, the sun... It doesn’t take much to make me happy.
  • Baristro’s famous avocado toast.
  • Get your hands on all the popular fashion brands here at Sagmeister.
  • Have a nourishing, delicious breakfast at Baristro and start your day on the right foot.

My thoughts about Lech

What do you love about your destination?

It feels like we’ve got it all here. Mountains and lakes, hot summers and cold winters. The most stunning nature is just outside the door and the city is just around the corner. We are patriots, we love our ‘Ländle’ Vorarlberg, which can keep up with any big city in terms of design and architecture. In the end, it’s the nature though which is most impressive here. Being outside means everything to us, we have a lot of jazz festivals, street-food festivals and more cultural highlights like the lake stage in the nearby Bregenz, and Lech as a luxury winter destination. Everything we’ve got here is high-quality and there’s a gem hidden around every corner. This is why I love my homeland! And when I do feel wanderlust from time to time, Zurich, Munich and even Milan are just a train or car ride away.

What‘s a "must do" in your destination?

Enjoying Käsknöpfle (a delicious local dish) and spending the day at a lake or on the slopes.

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Take a vacation into My life

What’s your background?

I am a marketing person with a passion for eyewear. I love everything related to fashion, photography and jazz music and I am always looking for the extraordinary.

What is the best moment of the day?

Probably dinnertime, when I have the best conversations with my husband, family and friends. A good glass of red wine makes it even better.

What inspires you?

Travelling and Photography. I can’t get enough of either.

How would a good friend describe you?

Creative and cheerful with a lot of ideas.

Your lifestyle in 5 words?

Keep it simple, keep it honest, keep it you.

Which books, newspapers or magazines do you read?

Everything eyewear-related, and I adore photography books. But that’s not really reading 😉 . Also Harper’s Bazaar, Brand Eins, Kinfolk and Cereal are at the top of my list.

Which films blow your mind?

I really like series Suits, White Collar and Prison Break. I get addicted to series pretty quickly.

Person you’d like to sit next to in an airplane?

Günther Jauch. He’s a German television host and I think he is really smart. And if I had to choose a more popular one, I think I would love to sit next to Alexa Chung.

What are your favourite destinations around the globe?

California, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Singapore.

Your life philosophy?

Just be yourself.

Suitcase, Backpack or Weekender?

Suitcase, for sure.

What else should we know about you?

I love playing my saxophone, trying out crazy, healthy meals and I really would like to be a good painter. But obviously I’m not. 😉

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