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Carla loves Basel and the countless opportunities you have there. She founded her start-up ‘localholic’ owing to her deep-seated passion for sharing her affection for the Swiss city with others.

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24 Hours in Basel

A perfect day in Basel is a clear-skied summer’s day, which I begin by jogging along the Rhein and letting myself float back in the refreshing water. All you need is a ‘Schwimmfisch’, a bag into which you can put your stuff so it doesn’t get wet, and off you go!

Back in dry clothes and hungry like a bear to boot, I have breakfast at café Huckebein, crossing the Matthäusmarkt to get there – or maybe I go to Avant Gouz, where you can have the most amazing pain au chocolat. Really, the entire Matthäus Quartier district is full of lovely cafés, so you can’t go wrong.

The district is also known for its wealth of boutiques, so after breakfast I head in the direction of the St. Johanniterbrücke to my first stop, the fabulous Marinsel, a little gem of a store where you can find beautiful fashion and accessories. The Spalenberg area is also overflowing with charming boutiques: when I’m looking for Scandinavian interior design, Interiør Butik is where you’ll find me; VIU is where I go for cool sunglasses, Tarzan for getting my hands on some new clothes; when I feel like a new book, I drop by the beautiful Kosmos bookstore. If you’re looking to bring home a souvenir, Basel is home to an extraordinary knifesmith – check it out!

Before my next stop – the flea market, which takes place every Saturday at the square Petersplatz – I treat myself to a little summer snack and have a scoop of ice cream from Glatscharia along the way. When I’m done rummaging around the flea market I feel like more outdoor activity. From the bridge Mittlere Rheinbrücke, a boat, a so-called ‘Rhyschiffli’, takes off from the Schifflände and drops you off again at the Birsköpfli, a huge meadow right by the riverside – this is the perfect place to lie in the sun and go for a swim. When I get peckish, I have a dish of antipasti from one of the ‘Buvetten’, typical Basel locales serving small dishes and wine – Verando Pelicano is a particular favourite of mine.

On such a perfect day in Basel, one thing you really shouldn’t miss out on is playing a round of Kubb, an outdoor game which is very popular locally. Just ask the locals about it, I’m sure they will be more than happy to show you how it’s played.

In the late afternoon I make my way towards the centre of town, passing the wonderful and romantic St. Alban valley with all its small bridges and canals. The beautiful Papiermuseum is also located in this area, where you can learn all about paper. Two other museums I really like are the Cartoonmuseum and the Vitra Design Museum. At the second one, make sure to grab a bite to eat at the lovely Depot Deli.

I hop onto one of the countless ferries going back and forth across the river and in no time am back in Kleinbasel, on the other bank. You can watch a phenomenal sunset here, from the terrace of the Kulturbeiz in the Warteck tower. Afterwards, it’s off to my favourite dinner spot in Basel, the restaurant Roter Bären.

In the summer, a beautiful end to a perfect day can be had with a drink at one of the Buvetten by the water or a concert at Patschifig, Marina or the Kaserne. If it’s raining, the cocktail bar Angels’ Share, the clubs Heimat, Das Viertel and Kaschemme are all options for a good time after dinner. For a really special party experience, you can board the Nordstern .

Last but not least, I have to mention my own start-up, localholic. We also give you the chance to move around town like a local. Experience tailor-made tours operated by Basel residents who love their hometown and are willing to share their knowledge with you.


HuckebeinFeldbergstrasse 72, Basel, Schweiz

Great place for a lovely brunch or lunch!
Avant GouzHammerstrasse 141, Basel, Schweiz

Have a delicious pain au chocolat here if you’re looking to enjoy the city’s French side.
MarinselFeldbergstrasse 10, Basel, Schweiz

Cool accessories by various popular brands.
Interiør ButikNadelberg 41, Basel, Schweiz

A beautiful store, whose Scandinavian interior design will inspire you in your own home.
VIU FlagshipstoreFeldbergstrasse 70, Basel, Schweiz

Cool, unique glasses and sunnies at a reasonable price.
TarzanSpalenberg 39, Basel, Schweiz

An awesome selection of fashion for every occasion.
MesserschmiedeSpalenberg 33, Basel, Schweiz

Self-made knives.
Flea Market PetersplatzPetersplatz, Basel, Schweiz

On Saturdays I like to scour the stalls of this delightful flea market.
GlatschariaPetersgraben 49, Basel, Schweiz

Who doesn’t like ice cream? Especially when it’s this good.
SchiffländeSchifflände, Basel, Schweiz

From the bridge ‘Mittlere Rheinbrücke’ a boat takes you across the river and drops you off at a beautiful sunbathing spot.
BirsköpfliBirsquai 45, 4127 Birsfelden, Schweiz

My favourite summer hangout spot.
Verando PelicanoBirskopfweglein 7, Basel, Schweiz

You can have a snack and a drink between dips in the river here.
PapiermuseumSt. Alban-Tal 37, Basel, Schweiz

Learn everything there is to know about the history of paper. Sometimes you even get the chance to make paper yourself.
CartoonmuseumSt. Alban-Vorstadt 28, Basel, Schweiz

A fun museum, whose exhibitions centre around the art of cartoons.
Vitra CampusCharles-Eames-Straße 2, Weil am Rhein, Deutschland

This stunning design museum is a little outside the city limits, but is well worth visiting.
Kulturbeiz 113Burgweg 15, Basel, Schweiz

Enjoy the incredible view over the river (and perhaps a sundowner) before heading to dinner.
Roter BärenOchsengasse 17, Basel, Schweiz

Delicious food in a friendly, laid-back atmosphere.
PatschifigUferstrasse 40, Basel, Schweiz

Have a beer on the waterfront.
MarinaUferstrasse 100, Basel, Schweiz

Good drinks, good music – come here with friends.
KaserneKlybeckstrasse 1B, Basel, Schweiz

A culture hub, known for its great concerts, plays and dance shows – check their website for their schedule.
Angels’ ShareFeldbergstrasse 51, Basel, Schweiz

An excellent bar all-round, from the cocktails – which are delicious – to the atmosphere – which is very homey.
HeimatErlenstrasse 59, Basel, Schweiz

You’ll feel right at home in this little bar.
Das ViertelMünchensteinerstrasse 81, Basel, Schweiz

You’ll love this if you like industrial style bars, clubs and rooftops – the venue is spectacular.
KaschemmeMuttenzerweg, Basel, Schweiz

From indie concerts to rave parties – this club serves a colourful mix every weekend!
NordsternWestquaistrasse 19, Basel, Schweiz

Hop on board and dance all night long!
KosmosKlybeckstrasse 69, Basel, Schweiz

It really is a wonderful cosmos of literature in here.
Depot DeliMüllheimer Straße 50A, Weil am Rhein, Deutschland

If you’re tired and hungry from taking in art all day, take a seat and enjoy a snack at Depot Deli.
‘In Basel, we’re pretty in sync with the Rhein, calm and steady.’
  • Always great artists exhibiting their work at the Cartoon Museum, such as Christoph Niemann. © Christoph Niemann, Sunday Sketching, Abrams New York 2016
  • Enjoy a little snack at the Depot Deli, right next to the Vitra Design Museum.
  • Before you head to the riverside to relax in the sun, get yourself some new reading matter at the Kosmos book shop.
  • The Vitra Design Museum is something you have to visit when in or near Basel.
  • The district of Spalenberg is full of lovely boutiques and therefore perfect for a little shopping spree.
  • At Kosmos you have a wide selection magazines and the latest in literature.
  • Get inspired at the Vitra Design Museum, get fed at the Depot Deli.
  • Love the Scandinavian designs at Interiør butik.
  • The Cartoonmuseum is a great place on rainy days in Basel. © Cartoonmuseum
  • Sunset and sundowners at the Kulturbeiz.

My thoughts about Basel

What do you love about your destination?

The city’s love for culture is evident – we have forty museums, for example the recently opened Kunst Museum, Tinguely and several galleries. Apart from these, Basel offers so many intriguing locations and hidden places to explore. Several small traditional handcraft businesses have sprung up like mushrooms lately, such as coffee roasteries, leather tanners and beer breweries. This also inspires our nightlife, which is probably more unique than anywhere else in Switzerland. In Basel, we’re pretty in sync with the Rhein (which runs at a pace of ~5km/h), calm and steady.

Which music fits best to your destination?

Easy guitar chords by Zarek Silberschmied and cool RnB, Soul and Blues music by the local band ‘Who is Gina’.

What‘s a "must do" in your destination?

It takes two to float down the Rhein… Well not really, but this is the most fun you can have with a date or your best friend.

A love letter to Basel.

Take a vacation into My life

What’s your background?

As an event coordinator, I’m the person who makes sure your events end up as extraordinary experiences. For four years I’ve been living in Basel and I founded my own start-up, localholic, here. To me, localholic means interesting everyone around me in getting to know local products and people, thereby achieving a different, rewarding perspective of Basel. I absolutely love this city’s diversity and I want to share this passion with as many other people as possible, locals and tourists alike. This is best accomplished by cycling through town, going for a swim and having a chat over a traditional Basel beer.

What is the best moment of the day?

Crossing the bridge from the Großbasel to the Kleinbasel district on my daily run along the river Rhein at sunrise.

What inspires you?

Creative projects, unforgettable places and moments, lovely people.

How would a good friend describe you?

Always looking for the next adventure, walking through Basel with ears and eyes open wide. The city and its inhabitants are very important to her. She gets inspired by innovative and new ideas. Creative projects give her wings. Carla is a doer and always goes for what she wants.

Your lifestyle in 5 words?

Friends, localholic, challenges, culinary, travel.

Which books, newspapers or magazines do you read?

I love the illustration book ‘Sunday Sketching’ by Christoph Niemann. When drinking coffee I often leaf through the creative magazine ‘Flow’. I look for inspiration in ’IDEO’ (International Design and Innovation Consulting) or in the works author Elizabeth Gilbert.

Which films blow your mind?

I’m addicted to the shows ‘The Crown’, ‘Abstract’ and ‘Chef’s Table’.

Person you’d like to sit next to in an airplane?

Tina Roth Eisenberg, a Swiss designer and the founder of ‘Swiss Miss’.

What are your favourite destinations around the globe?

Philippines, Mexico (especially Oaxaca), Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Galapagos, Hamburg, Portugal.

Your life philosophy?

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try!

Suitcase, Backpack or Weekender?

Backpack and suitcase in one. 😉

What else should we know about you?

I love being right in the centre of creative events, getting to know new people and finding new inspiration. I’m hooked on travelling to far away countries, where I always want to learn everything about the people, their values and their country, their culture and their cuisine.

Travelling is…

a great gift!

Life is…

an adventure!

© Andrina Stauffer


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