Marianne Kohlmaier-Ecker

  • Italy lover
  • Yogi
  • shop owner

Marianne is a true Innsbruck local and knows the city like the back of her hand. Successfully she combines her passion for the beautiful, the delicate and the charming things in life with a smart business sense.

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My 24 Hours in Innsbruck

A perfect start into a wonderful day for me is to have a hipster coffee at the café Max Standard and, following that, a healthy brunch with lots of freshly squeezed juice and porridge at Tasties. When I’m done here I love to just drift through the city and look for beautiful things. I walk into the alley Pfarrgasse into the direction of the square Domplatz. I hop into my own little store feinheiten… to make sure everything is alright and also stop by the neighbouring store Die Kinderei, where they sell the loveliest, non-flashy children’s clothes.

Right at the Domplatz you’ll also find the Gläserkastl, which is a store specialising in all sorts of glass objects. If you want it to be especially personal, they’ll even engrave it for you.

For some relaxing hours of recreation I make my way to the park Hofgarten, where I sit down on one of the benches by the duck pond, or just on the grass, and rest my legs. In the autumn, my insider tip is the Palmenhaus – an indoor tropical oasis – and look for a bench there. They are the only ones that catch the last rays of the setting sun and, when the wind is blowing through the leaves, it smells like cotton candy. It’s true, cotton candy, because there is a tree called ‘Kuchenbaum’ (cake tree) which emits its sweet odour when losing its leaves.

All this fresh air makes me hungry and so I head to the restaurant Gönndir to treat myself to a vegan bagel for lunch (you can also order it with meat if you like). Tummy now filled, I’m in the mood for some shopping at the magnificent concept store Resort. All their things, from design objects, books, to cosmetic products, are incredibly beautiful, subtle, and elegant. I love shopping here! Then there is Benlevi, which is not to be missed, with its lovely, precious fashion. It’s the perfect store when you’re looking for something fancy to wear. Everything is designed by Vahid Benlevi and made in Europe.

Now that I’ve enriched my home and wardrobe, it’s time to take care of myself. Although I’m a firm believer in inner beauty, sometimes the outside appearance deserves a little attention as well – at Atelier Blanc, which is quite simply the best cosmetic salon in town. Claudia, who works there, is a pro when it comes to eyelash perms and perfect eyebrows. I always feel amazing when I leave this sanctuary of beauty!

And because it’s that time of the year again, my next stop is Wachters, where I always find the perfect gifts for my loved ones.

After a long day in the city I feel like a nice and relaxing yoga class at Antaratma Yoga. My favourite class is with Kira, Tuesdays in the evening, but there are lots of other great instructors and you can do every type of Yoga, from Acro to Aerial to Yin.

When dinnertime rolls around, the burrito restaurant Machete is where I want to be, my all-time favourite place to meet in the evening. Their burritos are too good to be believed and the atmosphere there is always amazing, too. Lots of students, lots of young people, and the staff is super friendly. I never leave without having cake-pops for dessert – yummy!

It’s been a long day so far, but one last drink at Selles to round it off wonderfully won’t hurt. My ex-roommate, Johannes Münsch, is the interior designer of this cool bar with a vintage flair. He always manages to give Innsbruck a little Berlin touch, wherever he works. Upcycling deluxe!

It’s time for bed now, and with my mind on the day I’ve had in Innsbruck, I wander home, smiling and contented.



Max StandardAnichstraße 2, Innsbruck, Österreich

This cool hipster café will wake you up with wonderful coffee from the roastery Wildkaffee.
TastiesMaria-Theresien-Straße 3, Innsbruck, Österreich

Located inside the mall Kaufhaus Tyrol, Tasties serves delicious porridge, freshly pressed juices, and everything else you could possibly want for a good brunch.
DomplatzDomplatz, Innsbruck, Österreich

Marvel at the fascinating baroque Catheral of St. James!
feinheiten...Pfarrgasse 8, Innsbruck, Österreich

My very own store, where I offer you all the things I love and would buy myself, from clothes to interior accessories to stationery.
Die KindereiDomplatz 11, Innsbruck, Österreich

Right next door to my own store. Their clothes for children are absolutely adorable!
GläserkastlDomplatz 4, Innsbruck, Österreich

This is true craftsmanship. They manufacture and design all glass objects themselves and even customise them by request.
HofgartenHofgarten, Innsbruck, Österreich

This is my escape from the concrete. In the autumn, sit down on the benches by the Palmenhaus, where the last rays of the setting sun can be glimpsed.
GönndirBozner Pl., Innsbruck, Österreich

‘Treat yourself’ to a delicious vegan bagel.
ResortErlerstraße 10, Innsbruck, Österreich

A beautiful concept store full of amazing design objects, books and cosmetic products.
BenleviAdamgasse 4, Innsbruck, Österreich

Classy, elegant and very cool fashion can be found here. Dress to impress!
Atelier BlancLeopoldstraße 30, Innsbruck, Österreich

This beauty salon pampers you from head to toe.
WachtersLeopoldstraße 36, Innsbruck, Österreich

You will always find the perfect gift here.
Antaratma YogaAndreas-Hofer-Straße 13, Innsbruck, Österreich

This is where I do yoga, I recommend Tuesday evening sessions with Kira, but the other instructors are great, too.
MacheteAnichstraße 29, Innsbruck, Österreich

I love to eat here: the burritos are amazing, the crowd is young and laid-back, the staff is super friendly, and the interior is just so damn cool.
SellesFürstenweg 5, Innsbruck, Österreich

The owner of Selles is a famous fashion model from Innsbruck and sometimes he hangs out here. What I really like at this bar is the retro interior design and the marvellous drinks!
‘I was born in Innsbruck and have lived here all my life.’
  • The burritos at Machete are crazy delicious! © Charly Schwarz
  • Come and visit me at my store feinheiten...!
  • Wachters is a lovely store full of amazing things you will intend to give as a present but will end up keeping for yourself. © Charly Schwarz
  • © Charly Schwarz
  • The most charming clothes for kids, at Die Kinderei. © Charly Schwarz
  • The Gläserkastl is a store marked by tradition and craftsmanship. © Charly Schwarz
  • Don’t miss out on the delicacies at Machete! © Charly Schwarz
  • Looking for the perfect gift? You might just find it at Wachters. © Charly Schwarz
  • Check out the wonderful kid’s fashion at the store Die Kinderei. © Charly Schwarz
  • Have a healthy and delicious brunch at Tasties! © Charly Schwarz
  • Resort is my favourite concept store, it’s brimming with style and taste. © Charly Schwarz
  • Die Kinderei is right next door. Hello, neighbour! © Charly Schwarz
  • Pimp your home with some stylish things from the concept store Resort. © Charly Schwarz
  • It’s always a warm and delightful atmosphere at the burrito restaurant Machete. © Charly Schwarz
  • Me in front of my store feinheiten..., also check out my online shop: © J. Sermonet
  • Machete is the perfect place for a fun dinner (and drinks) with friends. © Charly Schwarz

My thoughts about Innsbruck

What do you love about your destination?

You have a little bit of everything in Innsbruck: incredible mountains surrounding you, vibrant city atmosphere and the cosiness of a townlet at the same time.

What‘s a "must do" in your destination?

Let yourself drift through the city!

When I couldn’t find the bridesmaid dress I wanted for my own wedding this year, I decided to take the problem into my own hands. Check out my ‘solution’ 😉 at:
Up for a little caffeine fix as you stroll through Innsbruck? Machete’s there for you. © Charly Schwarz
At my store feinheiten... you can find the most refined objects for yourself, for others and for your home!
© Charly Schwarz

Take a vacation into My life

What’s your background?

I was born in Innsbruck and have lived here – excepting my one year of study abroad in Denmark – all my life. I studied economics and afterwards I worked for Swarovski as a product manager. Besides that, I trained to become a yoga teacher and have been giving classes since 2007. After I had worked for Swarovski for three years I wanted to develop further and opened up my own store, feinheiten..., in 2011. It’s a small store in Innsbruck which is all about design, beautiful things, slow movement and well-being. I sell wonderful design objects produced in Austria and Germany – fashion, interior design, gifts, stationery and many more things that will make your surroundings just a little bit more special. I got married this summer and since I was desperately looking for simple but sensational bridesmaid dresses and couldn’t find anything pleasing I decided to solve the problem myself. In September 2016, I started my second project, an online shop for bridesmaid dresses:
The dresses are all made in Europe and, above all, with love.

What is the best moment of the day?

There are lots. When I meditate in the morning, meet pleasant customers in my shop, have a satisfying yoga session in the evening, or cuddle up in bed to fall asleep.

What inspires you?

I love Pinterest, I could spend all day scrolling through all the beautiful and inspiring pictures, especially for my bridesmaid dresses and the whole wedding topic. What also inspires me is travelling to foreign cities and checking out the unique little stores there.

How would a good friend describe you?

A good mix of style: inspired by the 20s, but still looking for a casual look.

Your lifestyle in 5 words?

Clean, Nordic style, vintage accent.

Which books, newspapers or magazines do you read?

On the weekends, I love leafing through the newspaper ‘der Standard’ from the first to the last page. I especially look forward to the supplementary magazine ‘Rondo’. And I love all sorts of interior magazines like ‘Couch’.

Which films blow your mind?

I’m a huge fan of the series ‘Downtown Abbey’. I’m a sucker for intricately decorated and wonderful historical filming.

Person you’d like to sit next to in an airplane?

Armin Wolf, who I feel should not only explain the world to me in the TV show ‘ZIB 2’ every evening.

What are your favourite destinations around the globe?

Italy, always! Every little village has its very own flair and there is always something new to discover. And let me tell you about the food… it’s just grand! For city trips I really love to go to Berlin and Vienna. You just find the coolest restaurants and the most amazing stores in those places.

Your life philosophy?

Be present, be yourself, be kind and enjoy every second.

Suitcase, Backpack or Weekender?

Backpack, it’s simply the most convenient.

Travelling is…

always exciting and a brilliant mix of inspiration and recreation.

Life is…


Photos by Charly Schwarz, @charlsblck


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