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Tanja is Austrian and Chris comes from the North Sea coast. The mountains are natural for us and impressive strangers at the same time. We love hiking so much because you are in complete seclusion in nature. Far from any everyday thoughts. The mountains are surround with a special aura: we are clear, fulfilled and part of something bigger.

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Perfect 24 hours Saalfelden Leogang

The mountains around Leogang-Saalfelden are an absolute hiking paradise! We would like to recommend you three beautiful routes that have given us a lot of pleasure:

1. Sunrise-hike to the Grießner Almen.

2. Easy hike to the hermitage – the way of silence.

3. Steep hike to the Peter-Wiechenthaler hut for sunset.

We start our hiking day before sunrise around 5 o’clock and make our way to the Grießner Almen followed by breakfast on the Tödlingalm (there are also guided tours, best way is to ask Kathi at Saalfelden-Leogang tourismus) – here’s the profile of the route. You can go by car directly to a trail parking lot and then make your way. Of course it is also great with the mountain bike or even better with the E-bike, which is much faster and then in the morning there is still time for breakfast and a round in the pool. We love the Naturhotel Forsthofgut. A family run and very child friendly hotel with a fantastic wellness area! The story goes back 400 years, started as a forestry business today an excellent hotel, led by Christina & Christoph Schmuck. From the 25 meter long pool you can see directly on the Leogang Steinberge. More about the hotel HERE.

On foot, it takes about an hour through the dense forest to the Tödlingalm, until a clearing opens up and the full mountain panorama can be seen for the first time. We are just arriving at the little chapel as the first sun beams illuminate the tree tops and rolling hills. We sit on the Tödlingsalm and enjoy the sunshine and warm up with a cup of coffee, before it goes back on the way.

We arrive at 9 o’clock in the Bio Hotel Rupertus, where we can enjoy a delicious breakfast. With a lot of love and care Nadja has consistently transformed BIO into a philosophy of life. The products come ALL from the region and together with the suppliers, they have always developed new products. Definitely try the goat cheese with fresh herbs, this is nowhere as good as here!

We enjoy the early afternoon with wellness at Hotel Puradies. The recently remodeled and newly opened hotel we find great – HERE you will find more impressions of it. The bar, the lounge with library and the great spa area are the highlights for us! Then we are drawn back to nature: this time to the lonely hermit on the hermitage. The hike is quite easy (HERE the hiking route in profile) – this is also feasible with kids, but not with a buggy though. At the beginning get your hiking gear at the “Steckensharing” (offered by the tourism region Saalfelden-Leogang): especially the way back is much easier with those wooden hiking sticks. The “Path of Silence” leads you up to a small white chapel with a small plateau from where you have a magnificent view over the valley. The hermit – a very open-minded and now no longer so lonely hermit with his dog welcomes us above. It is the last inhabited hermitage in Europe. Locals and visitors appreciate the hermitage as a place of rest and as a “resting place of the soul”. Even at sunset it is perfect here and above all, nice and quiet. Depending on the time, the Gasthof Hubertus is then highly recommended to eat. The in-house brewery has always new beers that want to be tasted.

For ambitious hikers or as a sportier we recommend the hike to the Peter-Wiechenthaler hut for sunset – HERE is the profile of the route with more information. The challenge is definately worth it! It took us about 2 1/2 hours to hike and we left at 16:00 for the sunset at the parking lot. At the top, the wind was a bit rougher and we enjoyed an excellent soup and heated up at the tile stove. As photo enthusiasts, we make some shots during the “blue hour” while the lights of Saalfelden Leogang begin to light up. Warmed up and tired it goes back downhill with the wooden sticks from the Steckensharing. We sink into our bed, dream deeply and look forward to the next day with mountain biking on the Asitz and wellness in the Hotel ForsthofgutHotel Puradies or Forsthofalm.


Einsiedelei am PalfenBachwinkl 12, 5760 Saalfelden am Steinernen Meer, Österreich

The hermitage has been around since the 16th century. and is a great hiking destination with children. Perfect for a sunset too.
Gasthof HubertusBachwinkl 23, 5760 Saalfelden am Steinernen Meer, Österreich

A delicious inn with in-house brewery!
Peter Wiechenthaler Hütte47.463717, 12.875722

The steep hike to Peter-Wiechenthaler for sunset is rewarded with a view over Saalfelden and a delicious supper. If you want more, you can continue the via ferrata to the summit.
Grießner Almen mit Tödlingalm47.440819, 12.647440

Great energy place for the sunrise. At the small chapel you feel in the sun as in the spotlight of nature!
Hotel PURADIESRain 9, 5771 Leogang, Österreich

The recently remodeled and newly opened hotel we find great! The bar, the lounge with library and the great spa area are the absolute highlights for us! (Oh yeah, but pssst ... the cigar lounge!)
Bio-Hotel RUPERTUSHütten 40, 5771 Leogang Land Salzburg - Österreich

Here is an exquisite breakfast! With great love and care, Nadja and XY have consistently and beautifully implemented the concept of biology here. Not only are all the products from the region, but together with the suppliers, something completely new is created: be sure to try the unique goat cheese!
Naturhotel ForsthofgutHütten 2 5771 Leogang, Österreich

One of our favorite hotels here - especially with children, but also without! The spa is fantastic, the service & vibe are excellent and welcoming, the food is great!
"Finally back in the mountains! Tanja's eyes are shining, she is facing the sunrise. Far away from the everyday life back home, being part of something bigger."
Existing for 400 years. Started as a forestry business, today a luxury wellness hotel
Fresh, delicious breakfast in Forsthofgut.
Good Morning World!
A perfect place at a perfect time.
Feeling alive at Griessner Almen.
Warming up in the morning sun at Trödlingalm.
Short break on the way to the Peter-Wiechenthaler hut.
Listen to the tree tops.
  • The first sun beams lighten up the tree tops and the rolling hills at Griessner Almen.
  • We are photo enthusiasts and here you can find so many places to capture the beauty of nature.
  • Morning coffee is morning glory.
  • Mountain panorama at Griessner Almen - you can do this hike also with a E-Bike on this road through the forest.
  • On our way to the hermitage on the "path of silence".
  • The hermit and his dog welcome you very kindly.
  • This white chapel is the last hermitage in Europe.
  • Enjoying golden autumn days.
  • The Peter Wiechenthaler hut is THE place for an impressive sunset.
  • All the hiking tracks and mountainbike trails are very well prepared by the Saalfelden-Leogang tourismus comapny.

Our thoughts about Saalfelden Leogang

We stayed for a long weekend without our kids in Saalfelden-Leogang and had a beautiful golden autumn. We’ll be back soon with our kids and continue to conquer the most beautiful “places with soul”. The special thing about the region for us was how much love and passion every local contributes to create a place with a soul. The walking routes and destinations, the mountain bike guides and trails, the hotels and restaurants and also the many regional shops and producers. Everyone finds their own expression here and has created something special. Especially because everyone here does what he does best, loves to do and what he likes most! The hermit in the hermitage, who likes to live in quiet solitude; Nadja as host at the Bio Hotel Rupertus, who fulfills the idea of ​​sustainability with passion and consistency; the hostel manager at the Peter-Wiechenthaler Hütte, who welcomes us as family members; Michael at the new Hotel Puradies, who renews a family history here and adds a great SPA and a unique bar to the hotel. The Schmuck family in the Hotel Forsthofgut, who have created a symbiosis of tradition and modernity, where families as well as loving couples or sports enthusiasts can spend a wonderful time. The region is characterized by so many people, it is a lot of fun to relax and to be here: to power up and then strengthen yourself again with regional organic delicacies. To enjoy and to meet new people, who live here enthusiastically and invite you with open arms into their home. Have fun with our guides: mountain biking or E-Bike tour with regional shops. Taste the NECTAR. Feel the PULSE.

Getting up at 5 o'clock is really tough, but it is worth it to see the sunrise here!
This steep hike to the Peter Wiechenthaler is quiet a chellenge, but fantastic spot for sunsets...
... and some warm soup in front of a tiled stove.
Light up the darkness.
Highly recommended: take a swim in the natural lake at Hotel Forsthofgut and then heat up at the wondeful sauna with a view on the Leogang Steinberge.
Oh this view!
We love the interior of the Wellness area at Hotel Forsthofgut.
This is the place to be for the afternoon: the library of Hotel PURADIES. The Bar here is a Must See in Leogang!
Tanja is enjoying a heavy red wine after the hike to Griessner Almen.
This bar is just stunning!

Take a vacation into Our life

Tanja is Austrian and Chris comes from the North Sea coast. The mountains are natural for us and impressive strangers at the same time. We love hiking so much because you are in complete seclusion in nature. Far from any everyday thoughts. The mountains are surround with a special aura: we are clear, fulfilled and part of something bigger.

Alle Bilder von NECTAR & PULSE.

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