“The doors are wide open, rays of sun dance through the windows. A light breeze blows through the house. It's green outside. Palms, pines, poplars. An espresso in hand, the stories of yesterday still have an effect. Upstairs someone is showering, the house and all of its residents wake up. A new day. A good life."

Style icon Tyler Brûlé lived in this charming villa in the heart of Merano and made it his refuge. Patterned fabrics, retro lamps and design classics, textured wallpapers and wild plants, photographs and paintings - everything fits together like a puzzle with no part missing. Ultimately, the result is a picture of the current zeitgeist that is second to none.


Today the villa belongs to the hotelier couple Klaus and Carmen from our beloved Boutique Hotel Miramonti. The two of them have kept Villa Fluggi in the broadest sense as Tyler has furnished it and make it available to guests. With 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, the villa offers enough space for up to 10 people and is therefore also ideal for families (smaller kids will find a fully equipped playroom here!).


The villa is located in the heart of Merano. You can find the personal favorite tips from your hosts Klaus & Carmen for Merano and the region HERE. But the villa offers everything you need not to leave the house for a few days: a Finnish sauna, a lush garden with palm, orange and olive trees, a wine cellar and a well-stocked honesty bar. The perfect place to come together for an aperitif, enjoy the evening sun and welcome the night in an elegant way.


In the afternoon the sun falls wonderfully golden in this perfect setting

The modern esthete is happy about the many details that magically add up to a perfect style composition

Design and humor go hand in hand: piggy photographs hang over the bed

And our boys even discover a fully furnished children's room - toys included

The party takes place in the kitchen

from here you can also get directly into the lush garden of the villa

The Mediterranean vegetation is a particular delight in South Tyrol, palm trees grow next to orange trees

Even the stairwell becomes an experience thanks to the multitude of plants and pictures

On your marks, get set, go...

The garden offers enough space for the kids to let off steam

The passionate owner behind Villa Fluggi and its big sister hotel Miramonit: Klaus Alber (and Carmen Kruselberger)

Where to find us


Fluggigasse, 18, 39012 Meran, Südtirol, Italien

Nearest Airport


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