"At no point will you feel bored when staying at The Standard."



Rooms: The Standard High Line Hotel is famous for its huge windows, offering the most amazing views onto the city and the Hudson River. Just lying on your bed and looking outside, you can already feel the city’s exciting vibe. The rooms are well equipped and simply designed, fashionable and functional with a modern twist. Highlights include super soft hooded robes and rain showers where you can still take in the amazing views.


Specials: At no point will you feel bored when staying at The Standard. Downstairs you’ll find a busy, German-inspired Biergarten that’s always crowded, especially when the sun is out. The buzzing atmosphere and the numerous benches make the perfect place for having a beer and making new friends. If you’re hungry, head inside to the Standard Grill, the hotel’s amazing steakhouse. Upstairs you’ll find Le Bain, a very cool club, and the renowned bar the Boom Boom Room, a beautiful space with spectacular views, frequented by locals and tourists alike.





Nothing beats this location. Right in the middle of the eclectic Meatpacking District and above former train lines, which now serve as a public park, the Standard is the perfect spot for New York aficionados. The High Line Park is ideal for lazy strolls, with tons of spots to sit down, read a book, enjoy the sun, or just people watch. Nearby Chelsea Market is also very cool, packed full of different food and garment shops. And when night falls and your inner party animal comes out, this lively district won’t let you down. The club and bar scene around here is remarkable!

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Gaze at the skyline, straight from your bed

Make pictures. Or love. Or both

Go up to the rooftop in the evening and have drinks at the Boom Boom Room

Go for a walk on the High Line Park nearby



2017-04-The-Standard - the-standard-new-york-nectarandpulse-bedroom-15.jpg
  • Where?

  • New York
  • How many rooms?

  • 338 rooms & suites
  • Best of?

  • At the heart of the city!
  • Pricerange?

  • €€ - €€€

Sweet dreams in New York.

2017-04-The-Standard - the-standard-new-york-nectarandpulse-bedroom-14.jpg


2017-04-The-Standard - the-standard-new-york-nectarandpulse-interior-29.jpg

Business never sleeps.

2017-04-The-Standard - the-standard-new-york-nectarandpulse-architecture-21.jpg
2017-04-The-Standard - the-standard-new-york-nectarandpulse-architecture-20.jpg
2017-04-The-Standard - the-standard-new-york-nectarandpulse-welcome-gifts-23.jpg
2017-04-The-Standard - the-standard-new-york-nectarandpulse-entry-17.jpg
2017-04-The-Standard - the-standard-new-york-nectarandpulse-view-13.jpg
2017-04-The-Standard - the-standard-new-york-nectarandpulse-outside-12.jpg

Have a cup of coffee at The Standard Café before you head out for another exciting day in NYC.

2017-04-The-Standard - the-standard-new-york-nectarandpulse-crew-7.jpg

Double trouble!

2017-04-The-Standard - the-standard-new-york-nectarandpulse-view-18.jpg
2017-04-The-Standard - the-standard-new-york-nectarandpulse-bar-4.jpg
2017-04-The-Standard - the-standard-new-york-nectarandpulse-bar-5.jpg
2017-04-The-Standard - the-standard-new-york-nectarandpulse-colours-8.jpg

Mornings with a breathtaking view.

2017-04-The-Standard - the-standard-new-york-nectarandpulse-interior-6.jpg
2017-04-The-Standard - the-standard-new-york-nectarandpulse-business-9.jpg

Tanja <3 Leo

2017-04-The-Standard - the-standard-new-york-nectarandpulse-view-25.jpg

In the same building right next door you find: The Boom Boom Room. Enjoy the view and some champagne.

Where to find us


848 Washington St, New York City, New York, USA

Nearest Airport

John F. Kennedy International Airport
Ca. 45 min by car

Newark Liberty International Airport
Ca. 25 min by car


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What they all have in common is great design, friendly people, and authenticity. We call it the NECTAR & PULSE vibe. It’s that feeling where it’s so comfortable, it almost feels home, but you feel like there’s so much to learn, see, and do. These are the places that make you think to yourself, “there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.” Hotels with Soul are the ultimate destination for curious travellers. Discover their story. Experience their soul.


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