‘A family-friendly design hotel which feels like a home away from home.’



About: Having heard a great many good things about it, Haus Hirt has been at the top of our to-visit list for a while. Living in Berlin now, with our two children (aged three and one) and missing the mountains and fresh alpine air, it seemed like the perfect moment for a week in Bad Gastein. Haus Hirt calls itself a ‘family-friendly design hotel’ – and that’s pretty much what we found. In one week we met so many inspiring and lovely families here. Jonathan, our three-year-old son, made heaps of friends, some of which we’re definitely going to meet again. The hotel is wonderfully hidden away in the heart of the Alps and is an ongoing, ever-changing project by the free-spirited Ike and Evelyn Ikrath, who are well known in Bad Gastein for also running the Miramonte and the Alpenlofts. Evelyn herself grew up in the Haus Hirt, which once belonged to her parents. Together with her husband Ike, a talented architect, they’ve managed to create a place which attracts modern freethinkers and people looking for something personal, intimate, and beautiful. Something bursting with positive energy. A home away from home. We, as very sensitive people immediately, felt a connection to the house and the hosts. They share our view on aesthetics and the beautiful things in life and have a natural knowledge on what hospitality should be. Evelyn has a certain knack for making you want things you didn’t know you wanted before. Like tasting the ‘Apfelstrudel’ or having an Ayurveda massage which will warm you from the inside out. They are passionate hosts from the bottom of their hearts.


The Arrival:
When we arrived on a Sunday, the spaces felt very ‘clean’. When so many people are coming and going in a hotel, it brings together all kind of (good and bad) energies. Every Sunday they let Pedro come by, who ‘cleans’ the whole house with his very own incense materials. 

The Design:
Bright and daring colours, from orange to pink. A creative mix of modern and classic design – from the 30s to the future. It feels like a large private country house, welcoming you the minute you step in. It was once a hideaway of famous artists and writers like Thomas Mann and Stefan Zweig. 

The Food:
Mostly local, organic, fresh and carefully selected. Delicious Austrian wines. Sweet surprises. 

The SPA:
Don’t expect a huge, highly modern SPA area. It's small and simple (which we often prefer). Sauna, bathing in the snow, yoga and a good read. The pool is mainly for the kids, not really for swimming. Tanja enjoyed an Ayurveda Abhyanga oil massage by Bruni, which was fantastic. 





Bad Gastein, a picturesque village, pure mythology. A feast for the senses. The mysterious power of water, where dreams are deep, and come true. Bad Gastein is special… we’ll show you what it’s all about. Bizarre Belle Époque architecture and venerable Grand Hotels harmonise with examples of the Zeitgeist. Wonderful hot springs with thermal water and an intoxicating landscape.

Check out the Bad Gastein travel guide by our Local Soulmate Nadin Brendel. 




Morning yoga session


A walk to the Bad Gastein waterfall along the Kaiser-Wilhelm Promenade so you can see all the pretty Belle Époque buildings and the beautiful mountain range


Walk the other direction into the Kötschachtal


A ski-guide tour


Do all the things from our Bad Gastein travel guide



2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-view-92.jpg
  • Where?

  • Bad Gastein
  • How many rooms?

  • 30
  • Best of?

  • Great vibe, family-friendly, thoughtful design.
  • Pricerange?

  • €€

Bad Gastein – bizarre, mysterious, healing, glamorous and full of history.

Ready to explore some hidden gems. Photo: Patrick Langwallner

2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-architecture-spa-105.jpg
2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-breakfast-53.jpg
2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-breakfast-59.jpg

Fuelling up for a long day of skiing.

2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-breakfast-62.jpg
2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-breakfast-56.jpg
2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-kids-50.jpg


2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-102.jbreakfast-.jpg
2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-breakfast-55.jpg
2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-kids-46.jpg



Bad Gastein, a picturesque village, pure mythology. A feast for the senses. The mysterious power of water, where dreams are deep, and come true. Bad Gastein is special… we’ll show you what it’s all about. Bizarre Belle Époque architecture and venerable Grand Hotels harmonise with examples of the Zeitgeist. Wonderful hot springs with thermal water and an intoxicating landscape.


2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-town-89.jpg
2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-family-87.jpg

I want to show...

2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-family-88.jpg

the world to my children.

2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-interior-1.jpg
2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-interior-94.jpg

Well curated.

2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-room-117.jpg

Good morning, dear world!

2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-kids-118.jpg
2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-kids-116.jpg
2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-nature-30.jpg

Hello paradise!

2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-skiing-20.jpg

Pedro, our free-ride guide.

2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-skiing-22.jpg
2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-skiing-26.jpg

With my new friend: Alex.

2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-skiing-23.jpg
2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-skiing-31.jpg

pow pow

2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-interior-70.jpg
2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-coffee-table-73.jpg
2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-interior-74.jpg
2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-view-63.jpg
2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-kids-93.jpg
2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-spa-6.jpg

Time for sauna, massages and yoga.

2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-spa-5.jpg
2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-view-67.jpg
2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-yoga-44.jpg
2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-yoga-43.jpg

Brigitte – a wonderful person and yoga teacher.

2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-spa-7.jpg
2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-spa-8.jpg
2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-view-10.jpg

This view!

2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-spa-48.jpg

Inhaling the crisp mountain air.

2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-nature-78.jpg

The woods will clear your mind.

2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-nature-76.jpg
2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-nature-80.jpg

Hello, little friend.

2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-nature-75.jpg
2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-nature-82.jpg

Collecting precious childhood memories.

2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-bridge-35.jpg

The Skywalk on top of Stubnerkogel.

2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-snow-34.jpg
2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-bridge-38.jpg

The sky...

2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-mountains-32.jpg

is not the limit.

When a talented photographer captures your son’s personality.

by Patrick Langwallner (click for link)

Sweet childhood.

2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-view-91.jpg
2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-view-95.jpg

So happy in the mountains.

2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-hotel-owner-113.jpg

Good talks and lovely dinner with the soul of HAUS HIRT: Evelyn Ikrath.

2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-bar-15.jpg
2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-bar-18.jpg

We love passionate people.

2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-bar-19.jpg

Cocktail creation with algea and red pepper.

2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-bar-16.jpg
2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-view-12.jpg

Howling for you, oh you crazy town.

2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-view-14.jpg

2017-04-Haus-Hirt photo

2017-04-Haus-Hirt - haus-hirt-bad-gastein-nectarandpulse-view-41.jpg

Goodbye, Haus Hirt. Thank you for an amazing week! We will be back for sure.

© All photos by NECTAR & PULSE and the talented Mr. Patrick Langwallner from BOL  – Thank you!

Where to find us


Kaiserhofstraße 14, Bad Gastein, Österreich

Nearest Airport

Salzburg Airport
1h 15min by car

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