"Here you feel like the adventurer you were born to be! Eleven Experience sets new standards in transformative travel. Unparalleled adventures and authentic experiences are the focus of every trip."
  • Where?

  • Iceland (North), Peninsula of trolls
  • How many rooms?

  • 13 Suites
  • Best of?

  • Transformation & exclusive experiences, luxury and intimacy
  • Pricerange?

  • from 1.500EUR

A lonely gravel road leads to the far north of Iceland, to the Troll Peninsula, where the Deplar Farm fits into the scenery between lakes, mountains and rivers.


The Deplar Farm is one of the most exclusive and, in a special way, most luxurious hide-aways in the world. Also one of the most expensive with a price of € 2,000 per night. But the concept and the soul of the house are unique and as a guest you will have unforgettable experiences that will definitely shape your life. It is a magical place of longing that the founder Chad Pike created here. Chad is an extremely adventurous American investment executive and luxury and exclusivity is celebrated here on such a large scale. You will see yourself as the adventurer you were born to be. You will receive knowledge that allows you to understand and appreciate the whole beauty of Iceland.


Deplar Farm is located in the most remote and therefore most pristine part of Iceland, namely in the far north - on the troll peninsula! The authentic architecture in traditional Viking style impresses from afar. The grass-covered peat roofs and the black wooden facade give the farm, which originally dates back to the 18th century, a mystical essence. Except for the farm there is no reason to come to this remote part of the island. But that is exactly what makes the hide-away so attractive. Upon entering, we are greeted with a pleasant feeling of happiness. The ambience is a mix of aristocratic English country house style and modern Scandinavian design. The large lounge with the phenomenal bar is the center of the ground floor and the beginning of many wild nights at Deplar Farm. During our stay there was a legendary costume party, where all guests could choose crazy costumes. Drums, electric guitars and all kinds of instruments were available for free and the drinks are legendary! In addition, don't try the fermented fish! Other highlights in the house are the Viking sauna hidden under a grass mound, the outdoor pool with integrated bar, personal yoga lessons with a breathtaking view and the Icelandic hot pool! The rooms are completely in the English style, incredibly comfortable and after a day in the rough Icelandic nature just the thing to reflect on what you have experienced and to store it in each cell for eternity.


The Deplar Farm has raised the subject of transformative travel and adventure travel to a new level. Every day you as a guest will be provided with a personal guide who will be at your side with advice and action. They are highly experienced and enthusiastic guides who will open up a new world for you. During a supposed walk you will learn impressive knowledge about the geological nature of the area, about the plants and the history of the island that you would not find anywhere else. Only when you recognize the essence of things can you grasp and appreciate their full beauty. According to this motto you explore nature. In addition, there are lifelong unforgettable experiences such as heli-skiing in winter or salmon / fly fishing in summer. Each activity was designed exclusively by the guides and takes place in a very personal setting. River walks, via ferratas, cliff jumping, kayaking tours and whale watching. You always feel like you are the first to ever do this activity here. Pure Adventure.


The exclusive hide-away is hidden somewhere in the middle of nowhere

The very surprising guide to the Deplar farm

The path leads past sheep farms, waterfalls and magical mountain panoramas

The Deplar-Farm only has 12 suites, so you can usually enjoy the silence and seclusion in the hot pool all to yourself

Outside the rough weather of Iceland and inside a feeling of hygge: cozy interior like from an aristocratic English country house and stylish Scandinavian design are combined

The chef's dishes on the Deplar farm are fresh, local and creative

International cuisine with strong regional influences is served

Of course, luxury is always a wonderful thing, but impressive experiences always put the biggest smile on our faces

Complete silence. Except for the raindrops that patter on the lonely lake. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains and a magical aura

Our guide Griff is Canadian and has lived in Iceland for years. He is our personal guide during the stay

A happy day: after half an hour I was able to catch this arctic char!

Griff told me later that evening that the fish was around 30 years old, which added to my appreciation for the experience

Soaked in the rain, the cosiness of the room, a warm shower and the view of the lake can be enjoyed all the more

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and the chef himself prepared my catch as sushi!

Wow! Unforgettable ...

Then you go for a round in the hot pool, but the best time of day is the night when you can marvel at the rich starry sky

The Viking sauna is a special experience! After that, jumping into the ice pool is mandatory!

A dream in every season

The bar is the wonderful heart of the lounge. Drinks and regional delicacies are served in an intimate and personal atmosphere. Musical instruments are also available, from drums to electric guitars: we are encouraged to "just go"!

An absolute insider tip are the waves on the north coast of the peninsula, which are excellent for surfing. The Deplar Farm team packs the boards and thick neos on the jeep and off we go

The absolute highlight among the winter activities is heli-skiing!

Virgin powder runs as far as the eye can see!

You can find our favorite tips in our "Glücklich in Island" Reiseführer!

Our Iceland travel guide, which we publish with the Süddeutsche Zeitung, should definitely not be missing in your luggage.

Lots of insider tips: excursions, restaurants, cafes, hikes, breweries and other highlights

Happy travels in Iceland!

Where to find us


570 Fljót, Ólafsfjörður, Island

Nearest Airport

Flughafen Reykjavík

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