"The intimate feel of the resort on this island of paradise will leave you with a feeling of total luxury and complete privacy."



Rooms: When we stayed at Velassaru our luxurious 112- square metre Water Villa sat perched atop the shimmering lagoon and included a private terrace with direct access into its turquoise waters. The king-size bed draped in sheer linen and silk, the freestanding tub, and the espresso machine all provided the perfect breaks in between snorkeling sessions (with the espresso machine giving us a caffeine boost). Everywhere beauty surrounded us, with hotel design inspired by local architecture and landscapes. Natural materials of teak, stone, and palm features throughout, providing a calm background with the occasional pop of vivid turquoise, sunny yellow, or bright green.


Specials: Water is the star of the show around here. In addition to the spectacular Indian Ocean that surrounds you, there are private pools and plunge pools attached to many of the villas. If you secretly always wanted to be a mermaid, you’ll love every second! Speaking of fins, watching tropical fish through glass floors from the comfort of your king-size bed is quite the experience. And don’t miss the lobby where holiday mode begins immediately with the feel of soft island sand underfoot.





Since you’re on an island (a tiny one at that!) you might think activities are limited, but you’d be way off the mark! Swimming. Snorkelling. Sunbathing. Exploring. There is so much to do and see. The beautiful beach calls out for romantic candlelit dinners and dreamy strolls. The resort also offers sunset cruises where you can watch dolphins jump around the boat. Feeling hungry? Visit one of the five fabulous restaurants scattered around the island. The intimate feel of the resort on this island of paradise will leave you with a feeling of total luxury and complete privacy. The recipe for a perfect trip.

If you want to find out more about the Maldives and the capital Malé check out our Local Soulmate's travel guide.





Go on a sunset cruise for romantic kisses and dolphin watching

Eat at every restaurant at least once


Watch tropical fish through glass floors from the comfort of your king-size bed



  • Where?

  • Maledives
  • How many rooms?

  • 123 villas & bungalows
  • Best of?

  • Jumping into the ocean from your private terrace!
  • Pricerange?

  • €€€€

Ready for snorkelling.

Heading to breakfast,

and chill afterwards.

We loved our beautiful water villa!

Experience postcard sunsets.

We could do this all day: watching the ocean and imprinting the view into your memory!

Walking over sand in the Velassaru Resort’s lobby.

Little Jonathan travelling with us.

Velassaru Island is a place of peace and happiness.

Make sure you go on a boat cruise!

Fulfilled and totally relaxed, soaking up the world’s beauty.

Where to find us


Velassaru, Kaafu, North Central Province, Malediven

Nearest Airport

Ibrahim Nasir International Airport

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