"Hobo is a place to live, create and play together."


A few weeks ago we were invited to visit two newly opened hotels in Stockholm. Having missed Sweden for a while now we were thrilled to go. Next to At Six Hotel you find the young, hip little brother Hobo. A modern, unconventional hotel where creative functionalism meets local ingenuity. Designed by internationally acclaimed Werner Aisslinger from Berlin and brought to life in collaboration with local brands like Teenage Engineering, Velosophy and Flyte. The bathrooms are all beautifully equipped with hansgrohe fixtures. After a busy day exploring the city, a shower under the classic Raindance shower is just what we needed. The plastic lighting designed by Aisslinger was produced by Swedish company Wästberg. Hobo aims to form a holistic, casual experience for the urban traveller and to be a meeting place where people can express themselves and be creative. It's located in the same brutalistic building from the 1970's as At Six. On two floors you find social spaces. Everything is colorful, vibrant, open-minded, boho-ish,...Guests can experience the city on two wheels right from the hotel. Next to the reception you find a green and natural contrast to all tech innovations through an extensive hydroponic system for urban farming, where herbs and other produce for Hobo's restaurant will be grown. We love sustainable, green ideas like that in hotels! All social spaces feel very welcoming and invite you to network, "hang around", do some work or meet friends. From early morning to late evening. Make sure to enjoy the view and some unusual drinks from roof top bar Tak. In the rooms you find little surprises and gadgets either useful or entertaining, like the water pistol in the bathrooms. All in all it is dynamic, radiates optimism and cultivates a casual style. Targeting a younger crowd.



Both HOBO and At Six are part of a bigger project: to reactivate the spirit of centrally located Brunkebergstorg. A part of Stockholm rich in history and a bit forgotten in recent decades. Check out our Stockholm city guides for the best places around.




2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-4.jpg
  • Where?

  • Sweden, Stockholm
  • How many rooms?

  • 200
  • Best of?

  • Boho vibe, young, fun meeting place.
  • Pricerange?

  • from 120€ upward


2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-43.jpg

A mix of materials, such as stone and wood, natural hues, colourful accents and warm lighting create a pleasant, informal ambience.

2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-2.jpg
2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-18.jpg
2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-23.jpg
2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-3.jpg

Local products to shop in the lobby.

2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-15.jpg
2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-9.jpg
2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-16.jpg

Pop-up space where young artists can display their work.

2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-12.jpg
2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-11.jpg
2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-14.jpg
2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-13.jpg
2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-25.jpg

Home-grown greens for the kitchen.

2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-27.jpg

Attracting a young hip crowd.

2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-7.jpg
2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-26.jpg
2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-6.jpg
2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-22.jpg

Plants, plants, plants...

2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - HOBO_Room_and-_Bathroom.jpg

Optimum use of space: even in the smaller rooms.

2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-29.jpg

Rain shower: yes please!

2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-35.jpg

2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-31.jpg

Stunning city views right from the bed.

2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-33.jpg
2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-44.jpg
2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-36.jpg


2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - HOBO_Washbasin-and-Shower_-Patricia-Parinejad.jpg
2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-51.jpg
2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-45.jpg


2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-30.jpg
2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-48.jpg
2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-39.jpg

Reactivating a forgotten area: Brunkebergstorg.

2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-41.jpg

Meet, work, talk, mingle: on repeat.

2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-53.jpg

Stockholm from above: visit the new rooftop bar TAK.

2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-56.jpg

Skillful material mixes wherever you go.

2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-57.jpg

Enjoy a Nordic-Japanese menu together with a stunning view.

2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-59.jpg

2017-08-Hobo-Stockholm - 20170809-hotel-hobo-stockholm-sweden-nectarandpulse-49.jpg

Goodbye Hobo – we will be back.

Where to find us


Hobo Hotel, Brunkebergstorg, Stockholm, Schweden

Nearest Airport

Arlanda, Stockholm, Sweden

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