"Huge fields under the wide Mecklenburg sky, enchanted forests and water as far as the eye can see - the landscape of the Mecklenburg Lake District is simply beautiful. Simply beautiful - that is also what we expect from our manor house, which is in the middle - framed by Plauer See and Müritz im small village Lexow stands. "


A warm and very familiar manor house, which was renovated here by Bettina and her husband with great attention to detail. We look forward to being able to spend a quiet country trip to the Mecklenburg Lake District with our children. A break from wild Berlin. We are lucky and on our first evening there is a large table. The hosts are generous and varied, from crab to roast lamb, everyone talks to everyone like a big family. Total vacation. Before that, the kids and the cook gathered together the herbs and raspberries for dessert from the garden. The garden is everywhere with lovely roses, scattered toys for the children to discover, swings ... everything looks real and good. The rooms range from simple and loving to generously traditional. The renovation of the houses does justice to monument protection and the charm of the history remains. During a walk we get soaked in a sudden rain and dry our clothes on the wood stove in the room. Jonathan is playing with Lego for him for the first time - Bettina's sons are already rough. Country romance!


The Lexow manor is located between Lake Müritzer and Lake Plauer, making it ideal for discovering the Mecklenburg Lake District. During beautiful summer days we go from one lake to the next, swim, eat freshly caught fish, go rowing and look forward to storks and poppies. The region has something strange about it: a lot has fallen into disrepair, seems a bit sad and then you find such wonderful natural places with soul like the Lexow manor. Oh and one more thing: breakfast! Delicious!


+ Strawberry cake in the afternoon

+ long dinner table

+ Collect raspberries in the garden

+ Let the history and changes of the house be explained


A sunny morning, we're looking forward to breakfast and the many great lakes to discover!

Lets see, what the day brings!

The two designers behind the Lexow manor house, who breathed its soul into the house.

The boys are always ready to explore - either in the huge garden of the house or in the surrounding area.

A picturesque landscape.

Back from the lake, go to the garden and collect raspberries

... but it turned into a rain dance.

Back in our apartment, turn on the fireplace and warm up & dry.

Joint dinner with all guests - like with the extended family at the table!

Time to get to know each other and learn about the history of the house!

The food and the long table with all guests and friends from the house was great and absolutely unique!

In the evening a glass of wine in the rose garden in front of the door.

And review your stay.

Many thanks to the two wonderful hosts, we look forward to seeing you again!

Where to find us


Dorfstraße 29 - 30 17209 Walow OT Lexow

Nearest Airport


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