"Lankanfushi Island puts you in a trance of sublime relaxation."



Rooms: With only a few (45) wooden villas placed over the waters of the Indian Ocean, every suite at Gili Lankanfushi feels like a water palace, offering guests absolute privacy. But take note! This is eco-friendly luxury done right. Every part of the property, from bedrooms to bathrooms, from the dining area to the sun deck to the rooftop terrace, spreading over 250 square metres, is built for sustainability. The environmental kick isn’t at the expense of good design however. Large windows create spaces with abundant natural light and incredible panoramic views on the beautiful ocean, shimmering in a thousand shades of blue. From morning to night, the sundeck and the terrace are the perfect places to chill out and take it all in. Sun, sea, ocean breeze – Gili Lankanfushi is heaven sent.


Specials: It’s hard to choose just one special highlight of the resort. The friendly, service-orientated staff is just the start of an entire slate of extraordinary experiences. From the moment you step foot on the island, you’re welcomed by your personal concierge, Mr. Friday (referring of course to the famous character in Robinson Crusoe), who will ensure that every moment of your time at Gili Lankanfushi is unforgettable. If you want to go snorkelling (a must-do!), or are keen on any other activity, the concierge will make it happen. And at some point, when you step away from the sun and sea, there are two incredible restaurants, serving up creative and mouth-watering dishes every day.




Close your eyes and imagine the sound of the sea, the sun warming your skin, and the feel of the salty air breeze across the water. Your pulse slows down, you deepen your breath, and your soul is suddenly at peace. Lankanfushi Island puts you in a trance of sublime relaxation. Don’t worry about meeting people, making small talk, or being “on” - there will be another time and place for that! At Gili Lankanfushi it’s all about feeding your soul and catering to your own desires. It’s all about you.

If you want to find out more about the Maldives and the capital Malé check out our Local Soulmate's travel guide.




Enjoy every single minute in your spectacular villa sitting over the ocean.
Let Mr. Friday take care of everything for you - sit back and relax
Swim with the little sharks that appear under your villa (Don’t worry, they’re not hungry!)
Enjoy the fantastic food at every meal
Watch a movie at the outdoor cinema



  • Where?

  • The Maldives
  • How many rooms?

  • 45 water villas
  • Best of?

  • Mr Friday knows all your wishes!
  • Pricerange?

  • €€€€

Walkway leading to the beautiful water villas.

The jetty to an unforgettable holiday experience!

The food is delicious at the Gili Lankanfushi resort.

The panorama window front of the water villa.

Boost you energy levels with fresh fruit from the Maledives!

Listen to the wind rustling in the palm trees, enjoy the view over the ocean and watch all your stress and negativity disappear.

Banana pancakes, oh yes!

The bikes (come with every water villa) will take you all over the island.

You might want to have some of these delicious bites in between bouts of swimming, snorkelling, cycling or just hanging at the beach.

The "Mr/s. Friday Service" is referring of course to the famous character in Robinson Crusoe.

NECTAR & PULSE - Queens of the Maldives!

We could not have asked for a better Mr. Friday!

Look around you and you will be able to see the wonderful ocean in every direction.

Beach breakfast!

Where to find us


Gili Lankanfushi Maldives, Kaafu, North Central Province, Malediven

Nearest Airport

Velana International Airport


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