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It's fall. It's 7 years since NECTAR & PULSE started with printed travel guides. Many things happened. Read more about it here. We have many plans and it's great if you join us on our journey. 

For those who don't know us: We are Chris and Tanja  In love since 2011. Happily married since 2013. Amazed and enchanted parents since 2013/2015. Inspired owner of NECTAR & PULSE for about 3 months. And official business partner for about 1 month. What will be new on NECTAR & PULSE?


As you know, NECTAR & PULSE is a successful online travel & lifestyle magazine with the best addresses around the world! Hotels, restaurants, cafés, boutiques, bars, clubs, beaches, hikes, lakes... playgrounds for big and small. By now we feature over 60 destinations and more than 90 Perfect 24 hour guides, roadtrip guides, top 10 guides,... All recommended by us and our network of Local Soulmates. People who love to travel, know the destinations for which they write very well and are full of life. We recommend the Authentic, Beautiful, Tasty, High-quality, Exceptional, Culinary, Hidden places. WITH SOUL. Even more, we love sharing our discoveries with you. Like-minded people who appreciate the quality and trust our curation. So what will be new? We aim for featuring many more inspiring people and places. All over the globe. All guides can be downloaded for free! To your maps.me or google maps app. This is very useful when you are on the go and want to find the best spots close by. Try it. You will love it. See all spots marked in our own MAP.  

See some of our latest guides to Bad Gastein, Berlin, Kos, Vienna, or Basel ... 

Because we still love printed goods we soon offer a new printed travel guide series together with a partner. 

Thank you for all your overwhelming feedback using our recommendations. Reading and seeing, you are having a great time with our guides makes us soooooooooooo happy! Our community is growing with people who travel and write for us. Get in touch if you want to become one of them: hello@nectarandpulse.com


As you know, we love great hotels! Find some of the best in our personal curated COLLECTION OF HOTELS WITH SOUL. Houses, where we stayed ourselves, which we love and value. What they all have in common is great design, friendly people and authenticity. We call it the NECTAR & PULSE vibe. It’s that feeling when it's so comfortable, it almost feels home, but you know there’s so much to learn, see, and do. These are the places that make you think to yourself, “there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.” Hotels with Soul are the ultimate destination for curious traveller. Some serve the strongest coffee we’ve ever tasted. Some have the comfiest beds. There are some with a sauna in the woods and delicious home-made jams. Others have a butler available 24/7 or the best yoga teacher. One has a library where you’ll want to while away the hours, another one a kitchen stocked with the best midnight snacks. We regularly add new houses to our collection. If you have one in mind which you think is missing on our list please get in touch! Or if you want to test hotels for us in the future, please apply: hello@nectarandpulse.com 

See where we have lately been: Casa Cook Kos, At Six, Hobo, New Haus, Alila Uluwatu, Haus Hirt...


Here you will find much more content related to travel & lifestyle. Playlists, personal stories, travel outfits and accessories, interesting links, insights into driving a business together as a couple, travel as a family, transformative and sustainable travel. We also plan on offering our content and interviews with inspiring people in form of podcasts and more videos. Stay tuned! 


As some of you might know we also drive a creative agency called N&P Agency. We offer services for hotels and companies from the travel and lifestyle segment. Mostly design, photography, film, content production, marketing and consulting. We are looking forward if you have a project for which we could fit. hello@nectarandpulse.com And see some of our references here


And probably the biggest NEWS: Since today, we offer all our content in German and English. Yeah! Clap your hands. 


Those who follow us, know that we call Berlin our home since almost 1 year. End of October we will go on a worldtrip as a family and you can follow our trip here and on Instagram

For us, life is an inspiring journey. With highs and lows. Contrasts and insights. With joy, adventure, beauty, transformation and love. Find all this here! Have fun exploring our wonderful world. ps.: If you are missing a destination, want to become a Local Soulmate or work with us in any other way. Say hello! hello@nectarandpulse.com

Taste the Nectar. Feel the Pulse.
With love, 
Chris & Tanja

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