A handpicked collection of exceptional beds and spaces around the globe. We at Nectar & Pulse love outstanding hotels and the stories that are written there. We love contrasts. From small hidden rustic ones to posh luxury spa heavens. From stone cottages to the best water villas. From tents in the desert to unique rooms overlooking the skyline.


Soulful Hotels by NECTAR & PULSE have different characteristics. Some serve the strongest coffee we’ve ever tasted. Some have the comfiest beds. There are some with a sauna in the woods and delicious home-made jams. Others have a butler available 24/7 or a hunter ready to take you on a hunt. One has a library where you’ll want to while away the hours, another one a kitchen stocked with the best midnight snacks.

What they all have in common is great design, friendly people, and authenticity. We call it the NECTAR & PULSE vibe. It’s that feeling where it’s so comfortable, it almost feels familiar, but you feel like there’s so much to learn, see, and do. These are the places that make you think to yourself, “there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.” Soulful Hotels are the ultimate destination for curious travellers. Discover their story. Experience their soul.


Being a NECTAR & PULSE Soulful Hotel means you run your hotel with heart, soul, and passion and with a sparkle in your eyes. You love to serve your guests. You stand behind your philosophy. You have stories to tell. Heartfelt hosting is your second name. If you think you’ve got what it takes, get in touch at