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Hi lovely people!

After an intense re-organisation we are now fully back! What happened? 

Things changed, we turned 360°, put everything in question, put the strings back together and transformed our business and ourselves.

There are theories that state that life goes in 7-year-cycles. According to my personal experience I can only confirm that theory. After 7 years, you often find yourself on crossroads, have to decide a new, especially if you want to move on, a major change occurs...Each beginning a spell. Each end a farewell.

This year my mother died 14 years ago. My dad took his life 7 years ago ...

I started the business NECTAR & PULSE together with Carina in the same year 2010. Now, 2017 – 7 years later she left the company and a new life episode starts for all of us! If you run a company together for so long, the separation is, in spite of everything, like a divorce...connected with disputes, disappointments, misunderstandings, fear, anger, negotiations, grief, curiosity, anticipation and breakthroughs. In the end, what predominates for me is being thankful. For the intensive sharing of an exciting path. For all that was, what I learned, the great projects, for the personal development and not at least the fun. We respect Carina's decision to leave NECTAR & PULSE and wish Carina and her family all the best.

What does that mean for us?
My beloved husband Chris and I continue to run NECTAR & PULSE together. Wohoooo!

Chris has already quit at BMW last year and dares to work with something completely different. For him it was clear that the existence as a mechanical engineer is no longer 100% expression of what he wants to do. Somehow, it was always clear to me that we would work together sooner or later. Only with what and the time was unclear. Now with our move to Berlin, our 2 Kids, Chris parental leave and Carina's exit there was no better time to make a common cause! Again put everything on a card. Risk!

But I too had to decide this year. Do I want to continue NECTAR & PULSE? After a long and sometimes rocky path, am I committing myself for this again? Full risk? Now even as a couple and family? 100% Investing? Money, wo+man-power, time, energy... Or do we want to do something completely different? A hotel, a fashion label, a consulting company, politics, saving the world 😉 ?...If I can choose again, what will it be?

If, NECTAR & PULSE what do we want to change? Which customers do we want? Which difference do we wanna make? How do we imagine our new life in Berlin? Is it the "right" thing to do for Chris...A whole new field? He has a doctor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. He belongs to the absolute world-wide peak in his area. There are maybe 2, 3 people worldwide who have similar special knowledge in the field of Laser Innovation. Can we be responsible for the fact that he is now entering a company and earning a lot less in the beginning? Is it an expression of our fulfillment? 

Questions over questions.

As you can imagine, there was a lot to dissolve and clarify. And so much "old" to clean up ... A change. A departure. In between, the absolute chaos. Emotional and business wise. 

NECTAR & PULSE was like my anchor after the deaths of my parents. My light. I could distract myself with it, sink into it, hold on to it and gain new lust for life. Until this year it would not have been ok for me to do something different. At times it felt like my baby. To close or sell the company would have been unthinkable. For the first time this year, I was now ready to close or sell the company and I think that "coolness" is what is needed to be enthusiastically productive, to enlarge and to gain championship in the field. 

We have recognized that it has always been a great vision and dream to work together and produce wonderful results. After all spending each day with the person you love most is an absolute privilege. To make a difference together. YES!

And NECTAR & PULSE connects exactly that. All our passions! So the decision in the end was clear: 100% N&P. All in. We love this company! 

We tell people, you, about the best spots around the world. Connect people. Inspire to explore this wonderful planet. And empower people to enjoy their life, celebrate it, savour it and see the beauty of it. Sounds like a checkpot! 

Of course, it is also challenging in between. We have 2 small children, both Chris and me can be quite dominant... If you work together as a couple everything which doesn't work in the relationship shows up. Every old break. In our current life phase to expand a company is certainly not the easiest way. At the end of the day you can only be honest with yourself. What is it worth going for? What is worth, investing your life in?

At the end of this text and the beginning of our new life chapter, there is only one thing left to say:
"Christian, you are the love of my life, my co-parent, my best friend, and now also my business partner!
Haha we really want to know! – Thanks for this crazy trip.
I thank you sooooo much, for your courage to quit your promising (well paid) career and to go with me on this way.
Thank you for your strength to clear all the old stuff and build a new boat where we can sail out into the adventurous world.
Thanks for our wonderful marriage and family, which surpasses all my expectations.
Thank you for looking after the kids sooooooo much the last 2 years to create the foundation for our vision.
Thank you, for your success and your analytical sharp mind.
Thank you for your love and empathy to go also through with me the dark periods of sadness.
Thank you, for creating the most beautiful life with me every day a new." 

I love you. 

Thank you! for using NECTAR & PULSE and recommending it to your friends etc..Thank you for the many enthusiastic messages while travelling and having a great time visiting our spots. Thanks for reading ... I felt a need to share these lines with you. You who have travelled with us for so long and empower us. 

NECTAR & PULSE is back to life. And we have some surprises along the way.

What will be new? Read about our plans here...
Chris version of the story (coming soon)

Happy Monday!

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