7 Orte für Weihnachten

von in Lebensstil


Who said that there is only one time a year where you can get presents?
Treat yourself with a little pre-Christmas trip to one of those vibrant seven NECTAR & PULSE destinations: Warsaw, Paris, Stockholm, Salzburg, New York, Lisbon, Vienna. You decide where to go and we give you the perfect travel guide by Local Soulmates on top! 

 #1 Warsaw

Keen on a more unusual Christmas excursion? Discover Warsaw, its most beautiful winter markets and all the beautiful traditions of the holidays. Stroll through the Lazienki Park, listen to Chopin concerts and munch away on typical Polish gingerbread, Piernik. Warszawa Wschodnia is where you should have dinner and make plans for the next day in this charming city. Your Local Soulmate Ewa gives you the best tips in her NECTAR & PULSE travel guide.

 #2 Paris

Spending a few days in sparkling Paris before Christmas will enchant even the grumpiest Grinch. Stroll wrapped up well over vintage flea markets, indulge in French wine and cheese at Le Pas Sage and dance closely entangled in the jazz cave Le Caveau de la Huchette. Make this trip to the ville de l‘amour your pre-Christmas gift to each other! Check out the NECTAR & PULSE Paris travel guides by your Local Soulmates Anne and Alex and Josipa.

 #3 Stockholm

Munching a cinnamon bun from the bakery Saturnus while ice skating on the lake Brunnsviken with snowflakes falling on your nose literally screams ‘Christmas (Jul) is coming’! Why not go there around the 13th which is the day of the ‘Luciafest’, celebrated to symbolically lighten the darker days of wintertime and for getting into a festive pre-Christmas mood. Enjoy Swedish cosyness all the way with the NECTAR & PULSE Stockholm travel guide by Hanna or check out the wilder version with the Piroth sisters, who are the Dj duo LOKATT.

 #4 Salzburg

This Austrian treasure is well-known for its fairy-tale like Christmas fairs in the historic part of the city.  Good to know, too: you feel like you had too many Mozart balls and hot wine? Head into the mountains in only a few minutes and go skiing, snow hiking or simply enjoy this unreal beauty of nature walking around lake Fuschl or any other picturesque lake of the area. Find out about the most fascinating hot spots in and around Salzburg in the NECTAR & PULSE travel guide by your Local Soulmates Nina and Patrick.  

 #5 New York

Got a big fat work bonus at the end of the year? That’s great! Take the next flight to New York and blow it all for things you love: fashion, food, drinks, presents for the family or whatever comes to your mind. It will feel so good, especially because there are already four NECTAR & PULSE New York travel guides on the website. Find out about Carly’s latest dinner must-dos, Stacy’s insider tips for standing a round at the bar, Nele’s best brunch places to cure hangovers and the ultimate NECTAR & PULSE shopping list.

 #6 Lisbon

Lisbon is always a good idea. Burn off some energy in this exciting city before driving home for Christmas and being stuffed with family love, roast and gingerbread. Walk from Chiado to Principe Real, enjoy the view at Miradouro de S.Pedro de Alcantara and after having a typical late dinner dance through the night. Watch the sun rise and hit repeat! For a detailed route through Lisbon check out the NECTAR & PULSE Lisbon travel guide by your Local Soulmate Anna.

 #7 Vienna

Vienna is a dream come true in the time before Christmas. Sparkling lights fill the little cobblestone streets and cute Christmas fairs with a magical glow and all the fantastic restaurants, cafés and bars of the historical city welcome you when your feet get too cold. The NECTAR & PULSE Vienna travel guides will accompany you with whatever you are looking for: cool fashion, vintage treasures, excellent dining or extensive clubbing.  

Photo credits:

Warsaw © Veronica Ilchenko https://www.instagram.com/godsend_v/

Paris © Flora Panarioux http://happyflousing.com/

Salzburg © Patrick Langwallner http://www.becauseoflight.com/


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