7 top destinations for 2017

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Iceland, Myanmar, Marrakech, Portland, Lisbon, Nepal and Oman. Those are our top destinations for 2017 – find out why!



Iceland means being a child again. All you want to do here is run through the lava fields, climb on top of mounds of stone and tell each other about elves and trolls. The breathtakingly beautiful nature – waterfalls, glaciers, volcanoes – makes us have sparkling eyes and mouth agape. Soul and mind, body and head, everything calms down and you refill your energy resources in hot springs and on long hikes. Finding the inner balance and experiencing childlike joy makes Iceland what we dream of and long for!  To find out more check out our travel guides by Local Soulmates.


Myanmar is the colourful melting pot of Southeast Asia. It borders India, Bangladesh, China, Laos and Thailand and unites countless cultures and spiritual orientations. Myanmar's biggest ambition is to preserve as much history of the country as possible while reaching 21st century standards at the same time. Nonetheless the population is still spreading so much calmness and serenity which is at least as valuable as the country's resources in jade and gem. For more information on Myanmar text our adventurous friend Lea Rieck who just went through this beautiful country on her motorbike and check out our interview with her. © Lea Rieck


Marrakech is often called "The red city", but all those little corners and exciting souks are actually more of a whole kaleidoscope. It's the mix of this colourful mess and the medieval charm with super cool designer stores and boutique hotels here and there that makes this city a very special place. The ultimate highlight: standing on one of the countless rooftops watching the blazing sunset and catching sight of the white mountain tops of the Atlas Mountains in the distance. 


Portland is such a cool and winning city at once. The prevailing super laid-back rock 'n' roll, logger and hipster atmosphere causes a strong feeling of wellbeing and cosiness. If nothing else this is also due to the super friendly and communicative residents of Portland. You want to be friends with them instantly and feel more than welcome! There are so many intriguing and wonderful spots to discover, especially in the hip downtown area and the bohemian Northeast neighbourhood. To find out more about Portland check out our road trip travel guide along the US West Coast.


Lisbon excites you with a harmonious combination of modern and cosmopolitan neighbourhoods and enchanting sleepy squares. Grab a typical Portuguese Galão to go and a delicious Pasteis de Nata and stroll through the popular streets of Principe Real. Afterwards sit down at the beautiful viewpoint Miradouro São Pedro de Alcântara and enjoy the priceless view over this jewel of a city! To find out more about Lisbon check out our Local Soulmate's travel guide


Nepal is a fascinating country shaped by impressive mountain scenery and thick jungle. It is a dream come true for all extreme mountain climbers, leisure hikers and culture vultures. The exciting and diversified landscape as well as the historical temple towns make every adventurer's heartbeat skip! Ask Lea Rieck who is circumnavigating the world on her motorbike and just went through this amazing country, also check out our interview with her. © Lea Rieck


Like a fairy tale out of One Thousand and One Nights which is appealing to all senses, this is how a journey through the Oman feels like. The Arabian sultanate bewitches us with deeply rooted traditions on the one hand and modern travelling possibilities on the other. Let it be a visit to one of the world's biggest mosques, a night under the stars in a desert camp or a luxurious hotel on 2000 meters above sea level – every Omani adventure contains numerous exotic treasures for you to reveal!

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