The joys of travelling New Zealand with a camper van

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New Zealand is a stunning country and you want to experience it as close as possible – travel with a camper van!

#1 Great flexibility: decide spontaneously and independently where you want to go, every day anew. There is always a spot available on one of the many, many camp sites around. Just call and book a site slightly in advance. A good app to check conditions and read reviews from other campers is Rankers Camping NZ.

#2 Nature overdose: When the weather is fine you are basically outside all day from waking up by the bird's twitter to crawling back into the van at night. Open up the tent and the first thing you see, smell and breath in the morning is New Zealand’s overwhelming nature – can it get any better?

#3 Money saving: Look for a good camper van deal, make sure you’re equipped well for cooking and you can save a lot when it comes to accommodation and food. Especially for families it's a good way to do a lot and not spend a fortune. Besides, your kids will love that way of travelling. Classic Campers does not only offer very unique camper vans they are also your best bet for getting a fair price.

#4 Making friends: Getting to know your fellow travellers and their stories is so much easier and immediate than mumbling a heartless ‘hi’ on the hotel corridors. The community of campers is also shaped by great helpfulness from which everybody profits. For kids it’s even more fun, meeting new playmates and having a whole camping site as a playground.

#5 Unforgettable experience: Travelling New Zealand with a camper van is a journey you will always remember. The incredible nature sights, driving the hilly and bendy roads through no-man’s-land for hours, learning how to most efficiently set up your camp at night, feeling very much bohemian – it’s just grand! For travelling like a local, book a camper van from Classic Campers. Their vans are neither branded nor do they have a funny colour, their cool look and the roof top tent makes you the star on every camp site. Promise!

Beautiful calm driving.

The Kaiori Lodge near Raglan is a magic spot to stay with your camper van. You will feel like sleeping in a jungle!

One of the few camp sites right at the beach, the Oakura Beach Holiday Park. Our personal number one!

Driving through New Zealand will make you experience so many different landscapes, it's mind-blowing!

Grab a beer and a warm blanket, switch off all lights and enjoy the most impressive starlit skies.

On our way to the Bay of Islands. #sunsetlove

Traveling by camper van makes it possible to choose where to park for having the best view on the sun falling into the ocean.

Read more about road tripping in New Zealand by checking out our travel guide.

Photos © Matthias Kern

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