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What would a perfect holiday be without a gripping, entertaining, stylish or inspirational book? Prepare yourself  for diving into the world of travel and for starting a journey in your head – the NECTAR & PULSE gift guide for the travel bookworm shows you some truly magical printed goods. 


1. The Great Wide Open – A compilation of photographs that capture and celebrate the new desire for outdoor adventure.

2. The Monocle Guide to Cosy Homes – Inspirational homes around the globe.

3. The Travel Episodes – Geschichten von Fernweh und Freiheit  – The most fascinating travel stories. 

4. 100 Getaways – A collection of some of the most beautiful and magnificent hotels around the world in one book. Itchy feet guaranteed!

5. Vågorna – A lovestory about waves. 

6. Edible Selby – Todd Selby focusing his lens on kitchens, gardens, homes, and restaurants of more than 40 creative heads.

7.  The Journey: The Fine Art of Traveling by Train – For train travel enthusiasts. 

8. The Fernweh  – An inspiring quaterly travel magazine. 

9. Off the Road – Rein ins Auto, raus in die Welt. Das Buch "Off the Road" stellt Menschen vor, die ihr Leben auf unbestimmte Zeit gegen ein Abenteuer auf Rädern tauschten. Abseits der üblichen Klischees. Und ganz anders als erwartet. (Spiegel) A most inspiring book to just leave the daily routine behind and take off for discovering the world by car!

10. Kinfolk – In love with the aesthetic content of these magazines.

11. The Hinterland – Located on mountain tops, nestled in villages, or ensconced in lush forests, ‘The Hinterland' showcases homey hide-outs and charming cabins from shelter to domicile.

12. Love Style Life – ‘The guardian of all style' (The New York Times Magazine)

13. Surf Odyssey – The culture of wave riding.

14. How to be Parisian – Gorgeous, witty guide to Parisienne savoir faire.

15.  Where Chefs Eat – Listing their favourite places to eat from neighbourhood eateries to high-end restaurants, ‘Where Chefs Eat' is the ultimate guide to the world's best food.

16. Hide and Seek – The architecture book ‘Hide and Seek' showcases a range of charming and elegant hideouts that satisfy your longing for simplicity, clarity and retreat.

17. Lost in Amsterdam – We love to get Lost In series of cityguides. 

18. Kunst des Reisen – Few activities seem to promise us as much happiness as going travelling: taking off for somewhere else, somewhere far from home, a place with more interesting weather, customs and landscapes. But although we are inundated with advice on where to travel to, we seldom ask why we go and how we might become more fulfilled by doing so.

19. Berlin mit Kind 2017 – A great guide by Himbeer Magazin if you travel to Berlin or live here with kids. 

20. Berlin N°2 – By cee cee Berlin  ...great spots in BERLIN - the city of our new NECTAR & PULSE office. 


Happy shopping, happy travelling.  


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