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The two founders, Tanja (left) and Carina.

In 2010, almost seven years ago, we started Nectar & Pulse with nothing but a suitcase full of ideas and each other. Soooo many things have happened since then. We’ve had our ups and downs. Wonders and success. We’ve travelled the world and met so many inspiring Local Soulmates. In the next few days we’re gonna travel back in time, showing you some highlights, behind-the-scenes footage and lessons we’ve learned as entrepreneurs, before we launch our completely new website. Thanks for coming along and following us! There’s lots of new amazing things to come.

—Tanja & Carina


NECTAR & PULSE was founded in 2010 by Carina Schichl & Tanja Roos. The two creative dynamos met in 2004 while studying (Design- and Product Management) at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg, Austria. They became flatmates, instant travel companions, and close friends based on their shared passion for wanderlust and outstanding design. Together they’ve lived in Kuchl (close to Salzburg), Vienna, Hamburg, London, New York, Stockholm, and Munich. Countless journeys, stays abroad, and shared flats have deepened their relationship as soulmates and business partners.

From the first time they met, Carina and Tanja dreamt of running a creative business together. In 2010 they turned their dream into reality and NECTAR & PULSE was born.

The idea for NECTAR & PULSE was based on Tanja’s university thesis. After graduation Tanja, the business visionary, went on a road trip through California, hitting the open road and wondering what she was going to do with her life. Her final project (which was to become NECTAR & PULSE) was never far from her mind. She called Carina to see if she was interested in teaming up and Carina, ever the spontaneous and adventurous one, said: ‘I have a few things coming up but give me a week and I’m on board’. They packed their bags, booked a one-way ticket to Stockholm, and found a place nestled in the woods where they could hibernate and concentrate on launching their dream startup, working tirelessly for the next year and a half. 

They took on loans, gathered every available euro, found an investor, and worked day and night to create their pioneering travel guide. The first version was a printed cloth-bound 6-ring binder, filled with interviews and insider tips from Local Soulmates.

Today the ring binder travel guide has evolved to suit 21st century lifestyle and travel needs. NECTAR & PULSE now lives mainly online, on this very site, as an exciting hub of travel tips and city guides, constantly updated by a network of Soulmates around the world.

NECTAR & PULSE brings together all of Tanja and Carina’s greatest loves: people, travel, design, fashion, photography, music, culinary delights, and authentic places. These two passionate bon vivants are hungry for life and invite you along to experience their world of exciting places, intense flavours, and memorable experiences. Bon voyage! 

P.S.: Thanks to everyone for your many inquiries, but our printed heritage guide is unfortunately sold out. We are focusing all our efforts on the digital portal to feed your wanderlust on a daily basis, so keep coming back for new additions, entries, and updates.

Behind the scenes.


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