Gift guide for the urban traveller

Scenting metropolis air is pure happiness to you, the concrete jungle is where you feel at home and you love to capture your big city adventures on camera?  This NECTAR & PULSE gift guide full of elegant as well as handy travel items will make you very happy! 



1. Hand glazed ceramic mug with a T for traveller, W for wanderlust or N&P for well NECTAR & PULSE. 

2. The Raden A22 Carry for light travelling.

3. Eau de Parfum Rose of No Man's Land by Byredo for leaving a waft of elegance. 

4. Larsson & Jennings Norse Gold Milanese Watch to never miss your plane, train, date...

5. Leica M240 Camera for capturing short-lived moments in urban jungles.

6. The Voyager TB Ace for keeping your cool in a busy city.  

7.  Diorific Mat – Holiday 2016 Limited Edition for not missing one single kiss in the holiday season.

8. Reality Studio Cable Socks for not having to interrupt the shopping tour because of cold feet and for those freezing airplanes.

9. Permanents Beanie for not getting lost in a snow storm, also your travel mate will always find you in the crowds. 

10. Objektiv-Kit for smartphones for high-definition documenting 24/7.

11. Bridle Duffle Travel Bag for the stylish frequent flyer. 

12. Kaweco Brass Sport Fountain Pen for signing golden contracts and writing down your own personal hotspots. 

13. Czech & Speake Leather-Bound Manicure Set for fascinating handshakes.


Happy shopping, happy travelling.  


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